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Chapter 8

Last time: But something was wrong, she bumped into something, or someone rather.

She blinked and slowly looked up at the intruder, she couldn't really make out who it was in the dark.

The person spoke "Do not worry.." a soft male voice said..

Sakura looked up at the tall figure, she was still sitting down at the moment and the person was looking down at her, it made her feel somewhat uneasy..

She scooted forwards a bit and the figure partially stepped into the light, revealing his legs, orange clothing..

Sakura sighed, recognizing the trousers "Naruto.. What the hell are you doing..? Sneaking up on a girl like that.." She scolded him, causing the fox boy to pout and lower himself on his knees, studying the girl before him.

She looked back at the boy, it was easy to recognize him now seeing as the light fell on the boy's face now.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan.." Was Naruto's response, he emitted a small smile as he sat down completely now, crossing his arms in the process.

Sakura turned back to look at the falling rain, glancing up at the sky ever so often as it lit up, being followed by loud trembling noises.

Naruto just watched her as she continued glancing up at the sky, he smiled genuinly although somewhat sad.

Sakura closed her eyes, breathing in the cold air "What's wrong?" She asked as she released her breath, causing Naruto to look at her questioningly.

"What makes you think there's anything wrong with me..?" He asked as he softly bit his lip, something was indeed troubling him but he wasn't quite sure if he should share his thoughts with Sakura or not..

"You're too quiet.." Sakura said with a smile, Naruto chuckled lightly at the comment.. "Yes, I am.." He replied, looking down at his hands which were laying in his lap.

Sakura opened her emerald eyes, facing Naruto now, Blue meeting green.

"The Naruto I know is always hyper and has something to talk about" She stated, shifting her body to look at the boy.

"Usually you talk about ramen twentyfour-seven" She said with a slight giggle in her voice causing Naruto to grin that sly fox grin of his.

"Ghehe, Yeah, But ramen is the best, believe it!" He said loudly, Sakura chuckled lightly in response "Yeah, that's the Naruto I know" She said with a smirk, before turning her eyes back on the sky.

For some reason she liked to watch the rain, it was somewhat refreshing to her.

Naruto cleared his throat and Sakura's eyes glided back over to his posture and the girl sweared she saw a redish teint on Naruto's cheeks..

She rolled her eyes inwardly, Sakura knew of Naruto's crush on her and she figured he was here to talk to her about this person she had recently developed feelings for..

"S-sakura.." He started, glancing up at her momentarily 'Here it comes..' Sakura thought as she turned to face Naruto again.

"Yes?" She asked, studying the boy's expression as she awaited his response.

"I.. I was wondering.. Well.. Uh.. Who is it..?" He inquired, finally gathering the courage to look up at her and directly in the eyes.

"Huh..?" Sakura tilted her head, half confused, she wasn't sure if he was asking her to tell him who it was that she had developed these affectionate feelings for or that the boy was inquiring about something else.

"You know.. The one you like.." He added, noticing her confusion, Naruto was starting to fidget now as Sakura observed him, her gaze made him feel somewhat uneasy.

The girl opened her mouth to speak "Uhm, Well—" But she was cut off when Lee opened the door, looking at the two with curiosity.

Naruto grimaced as he noticed bushy brow staring at them, he'd missed his chance to be alone with Sakura-chan because of him!

He stood up "Nevermind, we'll talk about it later, Okay Sakura-chan?" He said, pacing towards the bedroom again.

"I guess.." Sakura said, somewhat relieved but also feeling awkward because of the fact that Lee caught her and Naruto together, what if he thought the wrong thing..?

Naruto stopped next to Lee for a moment "You're lucky, bushy brow..." He whispered, Sakura heard the faint mumbles but she wasn't able to hear what they were saying. Not that she really cared anyway..

Her breathing was a bit more uncontrolled now, feeling a bit nervous as the boys talked to eachother.

"What do you mean, Naruto-kun..?" Lee asked, slightly raising a brow as a sign of his confusion.

Naruto just shook his head and nodded at Sakura, then joined the others, they still hadn't decided who was going to do the next dare..

Sakura turned for a moment, looking at Ino as she poked Sasuke and chuckled slightly at the sight of it "Silly Ino.." She mumbled, watching the door being closed by Lee..

She didn't look at him, she just didn't have the confidence to do it.. Instead she just gazed up at the sky again.

Sakura felt Lee's eyes on her, he was studying her it seemed.

She looked back at him and frowned lightly, he just smiled at her as he leant back into the wall, his arms crossed over eachother.

It made her feel somewhat intimidated and she frowned lightly at his position, biting her lip and letting her eyes glide across the building again.

"Sakura.." Lee whispered, his voice was soft and soothing as he spoke, quite different from how it usually sounded.

It was more affectionate in a way and Sakura smiled lightly at it, feeling butterflies flutter around in her stomach.

"Yes..?" She replied as she lifted herself back up on her feet, her hand grasping the support beam, but she didn't fully turn to face Lee.

"Why are you out here?" Lee asked, a trickle of concern was heard in his voice as he took a step towards her before continueing "Is something wrong?" He asked, taking another step in her direction "Are you alright..?" He asked finally, Lee was only three feet away from Sakura now, yet she hadn't noticed he had approached her.

"Just wanted to be alone for a while.. To think about someo--.. Something.." She muttered, turning fully to face him.

She now noticed how close he was, and she leaned into the wooden pole behind her in an attempt to increase the distance between them, even though she knew it was rather useless to try..

Lee smiled a bit nervously at her now, although it was hard to tell since there wasn't much light outside, she could still see the sparkle in his eyes.

Sakura fidgetted nervously as Lee looked at her, she glanced up at him momentarily then gazed at her hand as she pushed her index fingers together "Mm.. You could say that... I'm fine though.. I just.. Need some time to think.. I guess.." She said, somewhat unsure of herself now.

She felt him take her hand in his and squeazing it lightly, trying to reassure her "If there is something you want to talk about, please do not hesitate to speak with me about it.." He said, smiling and kissing the girl's hand.

She felt dizzy and confused, though she knew Lee ment well and that he would always be there for her when she needed a friend, she still couldn't talk to him that easily about her feelings for him..

"Th—Thank you.. Lee.." She spoke with a nervous smile on her face as Lee looked her in the eyes again, those black pools of his gazing softly at her as he tried to comfort her..

Lee bowed slightly "It's alright, Sakura-san.." He said, tugging at her hand "Come, it is cold outside and I do not want you to get a fever.." Lee said softly, Sakura meerly nodded and followed obediently.

Ino had a huge smile on her face when she saw Sakura and Lee entering the room again, and he was holding her hand aswell!

She jumped up, stopping her game of poking Sasuke for now and ran towards Sakura "Sorry Lee, I gotta steal her from you now." She said with a grin, pulling Sakura with her.

Lee just blinked and frowned lightly, he liked to hold Sakura's hand, and now Ino just went and pulled her away from him.. He bit his lip and went back to his seat, ah well, Sakura would return soon enough and he would be able to talk with her again..

The pink haired girl glared at the blonde one "Why'd you do that?" She asked, a slight hiss tone heard in her voice as she spoke.

"..Cause I have to ask you something..?" Ino said sarcastically "You were outside with Lee, alone, So did you tell him?" She finished, giving the kunoichi a questioning look.

Sakura blinked and slapped her forehead lightly "Argh.. No.. I.. forgot.." She said honestly but Ino didn't believe her and scowled at her.

"Well you know what you promised, besides, I heard Neji say that the storm might not be over for a while so there's a chance we'll be here for the next day aswell.." Said Ino, now receiving a questioned look in return from her friend.

"Wh.. Wha..? Why..?" Sakura asked, frowning, it hadn't been that bad when she was outside.. Okay it was rumbling all the time outside and all but she didn't think it was that bad..

Ino shrugged "That's what Neji said, he said he heard it in the weather report on the radio.. A minor hurricane or something, people are advised to stay indoors bla bla bla.." She said uncaringly, Ino didn't mind that much to stay longer and neither did Sakura.

After all it gave them the chance to be with all their friends longer and it was better than having to sit at home, alone and bored.

"Mm.. So be it then.." Sakura said as Ino paced back to Sasuke and continued her game.

The pink haired girl chuckled slightly and sat down next to Ino, joining her in her little game, oh how Sakura loved to tease Sasuke.

They heard a faint howl in the distance, it seemed to come from somewhere in the forest surrounding Konoha.

"Ookami..?" Sakura mumbled, as far as she knew there weren't any wolves in this region of the Fire country.

"Kiba?" She asked, looking over at Kiba's spot where he was mere seconds ago, but now he was standing near the window and looking outside, as if searching for something.

Akamaru seemed to be rather restless aswell, the little pup whimpered and tried to look out of the window too, but he was unable to do so because he was simply too small.

Kiba picked up the little mutt and stroked his head "Are you thinking what I'm thinking buddy?" He asked as the pup licked his hand, Akamaru whined lightly in response to his question.

"Yeah.. I'm thinking the same thing.." He mumbeled, staring outside and then shrugging and moving back to his seat.

Sakura was confused, Kiba was somehow familiar with that howl and he knew something about it she thought.

Ah well, it wasn't that important anyway. After all it wasn't like there were any wolves in the village anyway, the guards made sure of that.

"So.." Ino started, finally finished with her 'poke Sasuke' game and standing up "Who's next, Kiba?" She asked, looking at the dog boy.

He seemed to be lost in deep thought but soon snapped out of it as Akamaru nudged his hand "H-huh? Oh.. Sorry.. I er.. Nevermind.." He stuttered, somewhat embarressed.

"Okay, the next person for a dare is.."


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