Amsterdam And The Old Boss

By Eppie Black

No copywright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1:Tweed Arrested

It seemed impossible that Tweed could have possibly been arrested. Amsterdam received the news from Benjy Murphy who was practically hysterical Amsterdam asked Murphy to repeat himself. Then he and Benjy went out to gather the papers. It was then that he realized the newsboys on every corner were crying out "Extra" The words were on everyone's lips. The old boss was going down.

He'd been in trouble sure, but actually arrested? Unbelievable.

"Go get me Sheriff Brennan." Amsterdam said to Murphy as he spread out the newspapers in a pile on a table and began pouring over them. "I need to hear the story from the horses mouth. Make a meeting."

Mentally he was making a list of operations that might be affected by Tweed's downfall.

Benjy left to see if Brennan was at his saloon, or at his downtown office.

Amsterdam started on the papers. Pouring over all coverage of the arrest. Jotting down names as he went. Jimmy, being the observant boy that he was had his ears open but at least still pretended to be studying. Finally the list done, Amsterdam interrupted him officially.

"Jim, go get these captains." Amsterdam said and the boy ran off.

As those invited to the meeting trickled into the Sword and Cross, either by Jimmy's summons or of their own accord Amsterdam worked on drafting a letter to one of his most important advisors - Abraham Van Leer Huysmanns. He'd decided not to invite Abraham to this meeting - it was gang business and that wasn't the old lawyer's arena. But he would have to talk to him soon, to ensure that the Inwood project would not be affected. He was confident though, Huysmanns always knew how to bury their tracks, even if Tweed's holding companies became known and the land had been involved in any of the dirty dealings - his holding companies would be air tight and untraceable. Huysmanns was a master - he'd certainly been doing this sort of thing since Tweed was in diapers.

Still it would be no sin to check. He sent the letter with Art Larkin. Then he decided there was just enough time to talk to Jenny. The whole day had passed monstrously quickly and now it was actually suppertime.

"Where's Jimmy?" she said.

Kate and her older sister, Lize, were already setting the table. Amsterdam made sure to smile in greeting to Lize when she looked up at him, since the teenager was an infrequent presence in the house.

"I've sent him to gather some of the captains." Amsterdam said.

"To discuss Tweed?" She replied.

"You guessed it. Do you want in on the meeting?" He said, then paused noticing the tiny dark haired toddler who was gnawing on a piece of bread while sitting on the couch. It was getting somewhat crumby in the process.

"Who's that?" Amsterdam asked.

"Her name's Kwi. By the way, that reminds me, you have a letter from Sing Lin Cho. His son's wife ran off - back to her folks in Ohio. He says the Irish are welcome to keep his granddaughter - Kwi." then she added regarding, Tweed. Do you think it affects the girls; I'm kind of busy right now? "

The toddler had the charming habit of repeating her own name whenever it was mentioned.

"Yeah, I can see that," Amsterdam said, "Just remind them that they can't count on any help or protection from Tammany. I don't think it affects them much just a little more discretion - especially the girls on the street."

"Right, well, send Jim up to his supper when he gets in." She said, "and don't forget to eat something yourself. "

"Sure." He said and added pointing at the toddler "and Jen, you do know that most men get a bit of advance warning, right?"

"Since when are you most men?" she said.

After all, he was smiling when he said it.