Description: Lately, I've been in a song fic mood so this fic is full of songs from the public and songs from musicals. This one is from Rent. It was originally 'Your eyes'. This is very Stanton Serena. It takes place after book 12.

Dedication: To anyone who can tell me if this is on tune or no. hint: I will work hard to get the one I want.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rent, 'Your eyes', those belong to the world, Jonathan Larson and crew or DOTM which belongs to Lynne Ewing. Please Review.

Your Eyes

"Who do you think you are? Leaving me alone with my heart? Hold on there's something you should hear. It isn't much but it took a few years." Stanton sang in a sort of prayer to Serena--where ever she might be in Nafandas.

"You guys, as you said your goodbyes. Can't get you out of my mind…and I can't hide from your eyes. The ones that took me by surprise. That night you came into my life. Where there's moonlight I see your eyes."

He seemed to now blame himself. He moved himself to the window where he could see the stars and most importantly, the moon.

"How'd I let you slip away? I'm longing so to hold you. Now I'd die for one more day, 'cause there's something I should have told you. Yeah. There's something I should have told you. When I looked into your eyes-- oh why does distance make us wise? You were the one all along, and before this one dies--"

Stanton seemed to now truly believe she could hear his words. That they now crossed worlds. "I should tell you, I should tell you…I have always loved you! You can see it in my eyes!" The belief was fleeting. He now seemed to be praying to the one goddess he believed could save them.