Ok some of you might now me from my other story 8 Months. Well here is a new one that I just HAD to write! This story is very different from 8 Months and I hope you all like it.

This starts out about a month or so after Date With the Night.

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Jude was sitting in Studio C writing a new song. This song was also about him, but unlike the others this song wasn't a sad song or a love song. No this song was about moving on. Which is something she has been having a hard time doing this last month.

But Jude had finally realized something. Tommy left her and he had no trouble doing so. He told her he was leaving and might not being coming back. Then after leaving he doesn't even answer his phone or return one of her hundreds of messages. It seemed like he didn't ever really care about her like she did him.

So now a month later Jude has decided that if he can give up on her that easily, then she can too. Which is why she was sitting here in Studio C writing and singing.

Here's the thing we started off friends
It was cool but it was all pretend
Yeah yeah
Since you've been gone

You dedicated you took the time
Wasn't long till I called you mine
Yeah Yeah
Since you've been gone

And all you'd ever hear me say
Is how I pictured me with you
That's all you'd ever hear me say

But since you've been gone...

But before Jude could continue she heard someone clapping from behind in the doorway. Turnin around she saw Darius smiling. Rolling her eyes Jude sets down her guitar and stands up. "Hey D, what's up?"

"Oh nothing really I just needed to talk to you and when I went to find you in Studio A with Kwest, where you were suppose to be." Darius says giving Jude a what am I going to do with you look. "He said that you had found inspiration and had to go work with it and that I would probably find you here in Studio C."

"Oh yeah sorry Darius, but you know how I've been lately. So when I got this song in my head I knew that I needed to run with it before I lost it." Jude says shrugging while sitting down on the soundboard.

"Oh it's fine. I just need to talk to you before you go home for the day."

"Well whats up Darius? Why are you acting all worried? What's wrong?" Jude asks sitting up a little straighter.

"Well nothing is really wrong. I just thought I should warn you before he got here tomorrow." Darius says while looking at the floor.

"Before who get's here? Darius what's the big deal? Is Tommy coming back? Because if he is I'm am so ready for him. Couldn't you tell from my song?" Jude asks laughing.

"Jude I liked the song and I'm happy you're moving on from Tommy. But he isn't the one who's coming to G-Major." Darius says looking Jude right in the eye. "Jude. Shay is coming back to record his next album. And you and him will be sharing Kwest and possibly working together." Darius says while quicky looking away. Knowing that Jude was going to freak out.

"What! Darius, why is he coming back here! He has no reason to be here!" Jude says jumping up.

"Jude he's just going to be here to record his next album. That should be no more than 3 to 4 months tops. I think you can handle that." Darius says walking over to Jude so he's standing right in front of her. "I know you haven't seen or talked to him since he offered you to go on his tour and that you haven't forgiven him for what happened on you 16th birthday." Jude tries to interupt Darius but he holds his hands up to stop her. "Now I don't blame you and I want you to know I'm on your side in all of this. So don't worry."

"Fine Darius. I don't really have a choice in the matter. But I'm not going to forgive him and act like he's the king of music. I don't care if you take me of the label." Jude says turning to leave. "And Darius I'm warning you right now, that when little Shay Shay gets here I will not be Ms. little nice girl for him." And with that she walks out of Studio C to go find SME and Kwest.

"Trust me Jude I know." Darius says while laughing and following Jude out of Studio C. He just hopes that he doesn't have to make any emergency trips to the ER while Shay is here.


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