Cataracta's Notes: My first venture into Shaman King fandom. Hurrah! I'm terribly sorry if there's any OOC-ness throughout this drabble, I hope you enjoy!

Someone Else

"To tell the truth, she is a little afraid of him dying. Anna X Yoh"

If she was someone else, Anna thinks she might be able to tell him. But she is not someone else, she is Anna, future wife of the Shaman King, itako, and she will never tell him. She will never tell Yoh that every time he enters a battle, that her heart beats just a little faster, that she unconsciously clutches her beads closer, that something makes her breath catch in her throat. Because she is Anna.

So she calmly, even coldly, dismisses him every time he comes to tell her goodbye, he's off to a fight, that silly smile of his still in place. She turns away and tells him to make sure he doesn't get himself killed, because she is Anna, future wife of the Shaman King. And she can't be the Shaman King's wife if he goes and gets himself killed.

At least, that's what she tries to convince herself. She's not really sure if it works, because every now and then when Yoh goes off to fight her heart beats just a little faster. But she stubbornly insists that she is not afraid for him, but for his future. Her future. Their future. She also refuses to admit that her heart beats just little faster when she thinks that. Their future.

Anna instead gives Yoh a disinterested glance, folds her arms across her chest, and turns her head away. She gives him her usual warning, about not getting killed and why he can't, and he smiles his silly smile and life goes on. And when he turns around to walk away, Anna is fairly certain that he hasn't realized it yet, that, to tell the truth, she is a little afraid of him dying.

Except that she knows he does, that his silly smile knows it, and so do those content eyes. And really, she knows that Yoh himself realized it a long time ago, that he chooses not to say anything because she doesn't want to hear it. Because that's the way Yoh is.

To tell the truth, Anna is a little afraid of Yoh dying.

.:maybe for a few minutes, we can be someone else:.

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