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The Jump

It was just an ordinary day in the lives of the people at the Jeffersonian Institute of Washington D.C. Ordinary for everyone but dr Temperance Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Dr Brennan and FBI Agent Booth were not even at the Jeffersonian, they were out in the bush somewhere where they'd been dropped by their "so called" friends, at least that's what they thought at the time.


It was the morning of a beautiful fall day in september. The leaves were shifting colors to red, yellow and brown. The wind was clear and crisp and the city of Washington D.C. was preparing for the coming winter. At the Jeffersonian Institute however, the weather was everything but cool. It was hot. The heat came from Brennan and Booth, but not in a way that were friendly, quite the opposite. They were arguing, just like they had for the past month or two and frankly their co-workers were plain tired of it. Angela, Hodgins, Zach and even mr Goodman had sat down in Goodmans office to discuss what to do. It was then that Goodman along with Angela came up with a brilliant idea, they should put Brennan and Booth in a place where they had to talk and cooperate to get away from it. To make them both come with them, Hodgins had asked a friend of his if they could use his plane and do some skydiving, at least that's what Booth and Brennan thought.

How they had gotten both Brennan and Booth to participate in this, Hodgins had no idea, but here they were now, in the plane, wearing overalls and backpacks with parachutes.

"You jump first, Agent Booth" Hodgins screamed to the muscular guy who once had been in the Army.

Booth jumped and soon they saw the parachute come up like a giant ball or something.

"Now it's your turn sweetie" Angela screamed to Brennan.

She nodded as a sign that she understood and jumped out of the plane with the parachute unfolding to catch her.

"Alright, I hope this works Angela" Hodgins screamed to the blackhaired woman standing beside him dressed in an overall and a backpack that contained a parachute.

"If this doesn't work, they should not be working together at all, never see each other again" she screamed back.

"How are they going to get back?" Zach screamed his question.

"I put a message and some stuff in Booths backpack" Angela screamed back her answer to Brennans nervous but somewhat cute assistent.

They took of their backpacks of parachutes and closed the door at the back of the plane and went up to the cockpit and told the pilot to fly home again.

They turned around to where they came from and flew home. They had only flown a few miles, but it was enough to be out in the bush with no accessories or running water, or a toilet or whatever. They were about to experience a very primitive living in order to get home.