Side Two, Merge

by Bluemoonalto

The damn instructions are right there on the frame of the damn Ghost Catcher, but when does he ever take the time to read instructions? He's my impulsive side. Reckless, even. The side of my personality with the hero complex.

I was still very new to my powers when he made that stupid mistake. It was that same day when I discovered my ability to fire ectoplasmic blasts from my hands, although I didn't know what they were at the time. Understanding, control and aim would come with practice, lots of practice, but I didn't get to stick around for that. No, since that day I have only existed as a silent shadow.

Six months have passed and I can tell that I am gradually losing my mind. Huge swathes of my memories have already faded, although I can still remember my last few hours of corporeal existence with crystal clarity. I had saved Dash without even breaking a sweat. I was riding high, self-satisfied and full of confidence. I never even gave a moment's thought to Tucker, still stuck at the football game in the Raven mascot costume. Nor did I think about Sam, suffering in the bleachers with her horrible head cold. If I had stayed at the game, I might still be with them. If only, if only, if only.

If only my parents hadn't left the Ghost Catcher standing in that exact spot. If only I had noticed it before I floated through the damn thing. My last physical experience was the impact as I fell to the floor, my breath knocked out of me as I was rudely reacquainted with the laws of gravity that hadn't applied to me for almost two months.

I looked up at me, at my ghost-self, who was looking back down at me, my human-self. Our expressions were mirrors of each other: astonishment and horror in black and white, blue and green. And I almost had enough time to form a coherent thought, to open my mouth and speak, but he acted without hesitation.

He overshadowed me.


Author's Note: It's freaky how the plot fairy will sometimes hit me over the head with her magic two-by-four. This one came to me in a flash today while I was thinking about nitpicks for my episode reviews. Read more about this twisted theory on my site (remove the spaces from the URL): www. geocities. com/ bluemoonalto/ soapbox .