Okaaaay Chapter three! Phew! Haha, this story is really fun to write though, even though I'm so slow! Veirzehung!


"You want us all to come to your house, Azriel-chan?" Mana asked, a slightly confused look on her face.

"That's right! You see, I live with a young darklore and I've been telling him stories about you all," she explained, "The other day Isshin-senpai had a little accident and got knocked out, so I took him to my place, and now my little friend wants to meet all of you."

"And he wants to meet us knowing I'm a mind breaker?" Mana asked, and Azriel seemed genuinely amused.

"Don't worry about him," she told Mana, "As far as I know, the kid can't be mind breaked."

"Yeah, he's too loyal to this--" Isshin was cut of as Azriel hit him.

"He is really loyal, but first impressions are everything with him. If he likes you at first he can become totally devoted, but if he dislikes you, then, chances are, he'll always hate you. Don't worry though, he's promised to be on his best behavior if you come."

"Okay then, I'll come!" Mana decided.

"I'm in," Kaname said, knowing he couldn't trust Mana to stay safe alone.

"Eh, I have the day off from my part-time job," Naoya said, "So I guess I'll come."

"Which means I'll tag along," Haruna smiled.

"I'd like to see your house," Tsukasa commented.

"I don't have a choice. If I don't go the kid'll think he's won," Isshin nodded.

"And I'll go to keep the rest in line," Tomonori decided, but everyone knew that he just didn't want to leave Tsukasa alone in the midst of so many loonies.

"Great!" Azriel smiled, "After school then!"


"So many people!" Ansett exclaimed as the seven guests sat down in the living room. Azriel smiled.

"Don't be rude; introduce yourself."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, and hoped down from the chair he had been curled up in. He bowed before them. "Hello, my name is Ansett. I am, obviously, a darklore, and I like cake."

"Oh, he's so cute!" Mana exclaimed, kneeling down to hug the young darklore. "You didn't tell us he was so adorable!"

"Be careful, Master, he's a lap cat when he really starts to like you," Azriel cautioned, but it was too late, Mana was already sitting down and the tiny darklore was curled on her lap, purring. "That's Mana Kirihara, Ansett, now let the others speak to you before you get too comfortable." Obediently, Ansett sat up, his purring almost inaudible, opened his eyes and kept alert to hear what might be said next.

"This is Kaname Kusakabe, the darklore I was telling you about," Azriel said, patting Kaname's shoulder, she then moved between Naoya and Haruna, "This is Haruna and Naoya Itsuki, twins, and E.G.O., Then there's Tsukasa Amou, who I've mentioned to you, I'm sure, as Israfel, Eraser, and Tomonori Nakaura Sensei, Tsukasa's guardian, and of Wiz-dom. And, of course, you already know Isshin-senpai."

"A pleasure," Ansett said, bowing again, without standing, "It is truly an honor meeting you all." He shot a dirty look at Isshin, "Although I'm not sure why that thing is here. I didn't say I wanted him to come back."

"You're special, Ansett, but I can still invite who I please to my house," Azriel said, and Isshin could see how careful she was being with her tone.

"Yes, Ma'am," Ansett smiled, "Now, may I relax for a bit?"

"Of course," Azriel nodded, and Ansett smiled wider, purring much louder as he curled up once more. They all sat and talked for a while, before Mana finally asked to see Azriel's room. After agreeing, Azriel kindly asked Ansett to get off of Mana's lap and go make some cakes for them all. He nodded happily and did some acrobatics to get to the kitchen.

"Follow me," Azriel smiled, and led them up a flight of stairs to the second floor. She quickly showed them a few other rooms, the bathroom, an exercise room (which Isshin approved of whole heartedly), and a spare room, which she said was meant to be 'Ansett's den', but he slept anywhere he wanted, anytime he wanted, so it was hardly ever used and became a spare room. Then, finally, she led them into her room, which seemed oddest of all to them. The walls were a mellow green, not bright, but certainly not dark, and there wasn't really much in there. A bed, a wardrobe and a small table was all their was, nothing out, everything was neat. (Apparently, they expected it to be a jungle.)

"What are all these pictures on the walls?" Naoya asked, "They're mostly of you. Why?"

"Oh," Azriel blushed, "The pictures are Ansett's, he spends quite a bit of time in here when I'm off at school, so I let him decorate the walls how he likes."

"I see," Itsuki mumbled, and then Ansett called them down for cake.


"A heart for Azri-chan, a star for Mana-chan, a bell for Haruna," Ansett said, serving the shaped strawberry cakes to the girls first, then he moved on to the boys, "A 'Mana-chan' for Kaname-kun," he winked, and Kaname blushed slightly, while Itsuki chuckled, "A swimsuit model for Kaoya-kun."

"I love this kid!" Kaoya exclaimed, staring at his cake, the frosting done perfectly to look exactly like a swimsuit model, "This is genius!"

"Thank you," Ansett bowed, then moved on, "A cross for Tomonori-san, a set of wings for Tsukasa-kun…" He glared at Isshin for a moment, then thrust a plate into his hands, "Here." He then moved to sit down and eat his own yarn ball shaped cake while Isshin stared dumbstruck at the exact replica of what he had been served before.

"Hmm," Azriel said, sitting her plate down, "your cake looks yummy, Isshin, mind if I take a bite?" Immediately, a blur ran through and grabbed Isshin's plate.

"Er, it seems I made a mistake with this one," he said, "I'll be right back!" With that, he dashed out of the room.

"He had hidden laxatives in your cake, Isshin-senpai," she explained, "He'll do it right this time."

"Tada!" Ansett exclaimed, rushing back in with a new cake, "A yin-yang symbol for Isshin-kun!" He put the plate into Isshin's hands and quickly went back to his seat, looking innocent.

Azriel took a small forkful of the cake and smiled. "Yum," she said, "Probably one of the best you've ever made." She patted Ansett affectionately, "Good job." Ansett smiled, his eyes closed with pleasure as he began to purr. After everyone had finished their cake, Azriel announced that it was late enough, and that she needed to get some extra sleep after she finished her homework. She saw everyone out the door and breathed a huge sigh of relief..


"You took them to see your room?" Ansett asked, as she tucked him into bed, he almost always went to sleep when she did so that they could wake up around the same time.

"You know as well as I do that I wouldn't," she said, "I showed them your room and the spare room, I didn't think they needed to see mine, really."

"Because it's bad?" Ansett asked.

"Yes, because it's bad," she agreed, thinking of her own room in the basement, then kissed his forehead, "Goodnight." She began to walk out. "Ansett?"

"Yes, Azri-chan?" he asked.

"Do you now call Mana-san 'Master'?"

"No," Ansett answered, a slightly twisted smile on his face, "Never would."

"I thought not," Azriel smiled, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Ansett smiled more sincerely, "Master."