This is just a short stuff…I've been loving the rainy season…

Chasing Stars

He was on the other side of the bus, watching the rain as it stretch itself along its broken windows. The chaos of people running for shelter while some engage on deep kisses under the drenched shelters, with the darkness as it clothes them…

The blinding neon lights, the smoke of one's cigar, and the acrid odor of the stinking streets…everything made within spaces and time… It was humid- the sweat traces down his collarbone…and deeper…through his spine.

He turned to the other seat.

Occupied… by a woman.

He looked at the woman. She was staring blankly…silent as though she wasn't there.

Her lips were moving. He tried to hear her whisper.

She was humming.

"What song" he asked himself.

He left his seat and sat beside her. She looked at him. The humming stopped.

He pretended not to be interested. He looked ahead.

She closed her eyes…

The street was crowded and everyone was shouting as the corners became clogged with cars…as if everyone is going to the same place.

She relaxed herself and laid back…

…And continued humming.

He listened…it was getting clearer.

It was a song… A silent melody of a melancholic heart that sends its feelings to the stars above… never leaving a trace to look at.

Her fingers were also moving, tapping her knees.

I'd kiss the rain And whisper to the skies

To pour itself on me

And the world will see…

That you and I were meant to be…

He spoke.

"May I know your name?"

She glared at him for a while, and then answered.

" It's… Cagalli…"

The bus started to move. He introduced his name but the sound of the bus as it skids along the noisy street seems to swallow his voice.

She didn't hear… she didn't listen.

He continued to enjoy this lonely ride.

The bus pulls to a stop.

And the rain also stopped.

She stood and excused herself.

His eyes met hers for the last time.

She moved ahead for the door… and he gazed at the infinite space that lies between them.

The door opened.

He stood and shouted.


Everyone was surprised. She looked back.

She said, "Why?"

"I don't want to chase stars on the rainy season…" he simply said.

She stepped back inside the bus… in front of him.

"Nice meeting you…Athrun," she said.

Then she pulled something out of her pocket.

A piece of paper.

He was once again staring at the window... smiling.

The sky is clear, with the stars watching.

"Call me…" she said as she left.

I'm imagining this scenario…What could they look like when their not in GSD and somewhere which is far more ordinary? I think it'd be cool to know they still have the spark…