Pandora's Comet.

Most of you reading this won't know of my other stories as this is my first and probably only story in this section. But don't worry this is not my first, I've already made all of those mistakes. That just leaves the new ones I have to make. Just about every story I write is a crossover of one kind or another. This, however, is the first that does not use any characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

With more time on my hands I've already gone through my Star Trek Next Gen collection and decided to move on to Dr Who. You can guess the rest. Now with my new computer and a brand new broadband connection, with thanks to the Roswell crash and Geomex (if you didn't get that you need to see the new Dr Who) I'm back on the net and posting this.

Star Trek the Next Generation belongs to Paramount/Viacom.(Set between "All Good Things", season seven, and the movie "Star Trek: Generations")
Doctor Who belongs to the BBC (set somewhere in the 2006 season with Tennent and Piper)


Picard looked at the image on his monitor before changing it to something less disturbing. 'Captain's Log supplemental: After reviewing the information sent I am concerned that the Enterprise will be unable to effect the comet as Starfleet hopes. Whatever we can do will have to be enough until the fleet arrives.' He switched off the log and straitened his shirt.

Leaving the ready room he saw Data and Riker glancing between the view-screen and the ops panel. 'Confirmed sir. At present speed and course comet "Lone Wolf" will miss planet Gorham Four by nearly 30 kilometres.' Data reported

'At least that's some good news, wouldn't you agree sir.'

'Indeed Number one.'

'I feel I must point out,' Data brought up a schematic on his console. 'That any object with the size and density of "Lone Wolf" will produce a significant shift in a planet's gravity. By my calculations the tidal effects would devastate two fifths of the planet surface. May I also remind you that the colony is situated on the coast of the main land mass?'

'Yes Data. I am well aware of that. What I'm saying is that part of the job is done for us. Have you gotten any further with implementing Starfleet's plan?'

'Yes Captain. Commander LaForge is currently with an engineering team modifying the deflector dish to emit the repulse beam. Unfortunately it will take the full power of the warp engines running continuously for 5 hours, 6 minutes and 32 seconds to produce the required effect. The deflector dish will burn out 1.25 seconds after that time frame.'

'That doesn't leave much of a window. Have you recalculated the red line?' Picard queried. The plan was to push the comet out of the way. Nudging it just enough to knock it off course, but if they tried too late they couldn't change it enough to save the colony.

'Yes sir we have gained another 20 minutes. That gives us four hours until red line. Geordie should be ready by then but the will be no time to test the modifications and allow for a cool down.'

'In other words, Data, we'll have one chance and no guarantees that it will work at all.' Riker summed up.

'Yes Commander. That is exactly what I am saying

'We're cutting this mighty fine number one.'

'Yes sir. We are.'

Under the surface of the comet an ancient logic machine ran another calculation. Acknowledged that it was off course. Confirmed and then calculated what was required to correct the problem. That information was fed into the great mass drivers deep down inside. The collision course was re-plotted and the status hive was core scanned. All was functioning perfectly.

Guinean looked at the mass of rock and ice. Something was wrong about that "rouge comet", she could feel it in her gut. Watching the tail she could see it had changed course then she knew what it was.

'No. It can't be. They're gone.'

End teaser