Title: Unknown Secrets

Author: Kalmiel

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Supernatural- Pilot- Asylum /Dark Angel- Seasons 1 & 2

Disclaimer: - I do not own any Supernatural people, places, or creatures. Nor the Impala. They belong to the CW and Eric Kripke, the freakin' genius. I also do not own any Dark Angel people or places. They belong to Twentieth-Century Fox and more brilliant minds, James Cameron and Charles Eglee.

But if offered Jensen Ackles, I would gladly accept. I make no money off of this, it is strictly for entertainment only.

A/N: I'm placing Supernatural in the DA time frame.
"What are you smiling about?"

Twenty-seven-year-old Dean Winchester glanced over at his younger brother in the passenger seat. "What?"

"You were smiling. What's so funny?" Sam raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"Oh… I was just thinking, for most people, an electromagnetic pulse is a bad deal. But for us…" he gave a small shrug. "Makes us harder to track."

Sam rolled his eyes. Only his older brother could find the upside to a terrorist attack that had fried all of the electrical systems on the eastern seaboard.

"So do you know why Dad is sending virtually into the front line of the war zone? I mean, last time I checked, Seattle is…" he asked after a moment.

"A mess, yeah. Under martial law… which totally sucks. We'll have to use one of false I.D.'s, 'cause if they happen to ya know, check us out. And find out that Dean Winchester is supposed to be dead, and is wanted for murder."

Sam winced at his brother's words. The reason Dean was wanted for murder was because of him… because Sam had wanted to help out his college friends.

Dean glanced over at him, knowing what Sam was thinking, as usual. "Dude, stop the guilt trip right now. It's done and over with. Wasn't your fault."

"But I-"

"No buts. Now shut up college-boy." Dean's tone turned teasing on the last words, making sure he didn't hurt Sam.

Who finally smiled, automatically lightening Dean's heart.

He hated it when Sammy got into one of his depressed, funky moods.
It was okay for Dean to feel depressed; hell he went through half of his life feeling like that. But he hated seeing his little brother that way.

He tossed the container that held all of their fake I.D.'s to Sam.

"So who do you wanna be today?"

Jam Pony

Seattle, Washington

"Ow! What the hell was that for?"

"You knew damn well what that's for! You've been selling andy again, haven't you? And don't try to deny it." Max scowled at her fellow Manticore ex-soldier.

Alec wore his best innocent who-me expression that didn't fool her for a second.

"And what makes you think that Maxie?"

Max grabbed Alec by the shoulders and slammed into the lockers. "Don't call me that! And I know because after hearing rumors about the Steelheads being rather irate about a…" Max pretended to think it over for a moment. "Fucking wanker who can't talk a bloody hint about staying off their turf."

Alec rubbed his head. "I'm gonna take a leap of faith here and guess it was Eddy?"

"Yes," Max hissed. "Now I don't particularly care if the Steelheads catch your dumbass, but if you get caught, and arrested as a consequence, the rest-"

"Yeah, yeah I know… exposure for everyone," Alec rolled his eyes. "Why do I have the feeling I've heard this lecture before?"

At the look of rage in Max's eyes, Alec wondered if perhaps that wasn't the best thing to say.

"Because it's something I've had to say repeatedly to you ever since Manticore burned down! God, you're like a child-"

Alec held up his hands in a sign of mock surrender. "Okay, okay, I get the hint," in fact, got it when you slapped me upside the head, "No more selling andy around the Steelheads."

"Uh, no…" Max waved an encompassing arm. "No more selling andy anywhere."

"But Max, I have one case left, you know how much…" he trailed off as the rage in Max's eyes threatened to turn into murder. "Much money it will cost me, but I won't sell it. For my buddy Maxie."

Max rolled her eyes. "Yeah... right. And don't call me Maxie!"

"So I'm thinking… Department of Homeland Security sound good this time," Dean asked, flashing a grin at Sam. "You can be Special Agent Robert Singer and I'll be Special Agent Jerry Wanek."

Sam shook his head. "Where did you come up with these names?"

"Well, Sammy, after using so many, you run out of original ones to pick from."

The friendly banter was interrupted by the ringing of Dean's cell phone.

His brother glanced quizzically at him. "Who is it?"

Dean swallowed. "It's Dad."

Sam frowned. Their father didn't contact them… unless you discount the coordinates that he sent them.

The younger Winchester leaned back in the passenger seat, and tried to unobtrusively listen to the conversation.

Dean's face was impassive as his father spoke to him.

"Yes, sir. Yeah, I understand. We're on our way there now. No, sir. Yes, okay." Dean disconnected.

Sam looked over curiously at his older brother. "What was that about? He never calls."

"He wasgivingus info about the job."

Sam rolled his eyes. Getting a full answer from his brother sometimes was like pulling teeth. Very slowly.

"And what did he have to say about it?"

"That there's been strange creatures running around Seattle. Things that definitely do not look human."

'For example?" Sam was curious.

"Well… things that walk upright and everything like human, but there's been reports of a creature that looks like a dog… vicious fangs. A lizard-guy, all sorts of weird stuff."

"Sounds fascinating… a dog-like creature. Sure it wasn't a werewolf?" Sam asked.

"Lunar cycle isn't right," Dean replied. "We've got something else on our hands here."

I just don't know what, he thought to himself.

TBC… if you want it...