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Relevant Disclaimer: A few minute ideas for this story, such as the title, came from a DBZ fanfic I read four or five years ago, "Slave (insert long number here)."

Also, I am not a doctor, engineer, scientist, military strategist or kung fu master. I strive to maintain a sense of believability, but science, medical, technical, fighting and military based scenarios are speculative.


It was slightly after midnight and a new moon. The men guarding the facility could not see past the bright lights illuminating the property. This staged no problem; the guards were stationed to keep the occupants in. No one who had the slightest idea of this so-called holding camp's purpose would venture inside, so the three figures watching from the outskirts of the property remained unnoticed.

"Stationed in the middle of nowhere, the security is tight, a lot stronger than we expected," said one.

A second shook her head. "Shouldn't be a problem," she replied. "These guys are run of the muck coordinators, not Kira, otherwise they'd have a better job."

"Ha, ha," said the third, sarcastically. He sat unmoving from his position on the ground, an opened laptop in front of him.

"No insult intended," replied the girl.

"Their computer system is pretty stiff," the third stated.

"Can you crack it?" asked the first.

"Already done. I think if I get in here I can pull up the security cams." He tapped on the keyboard, paused, and sent a file. Black and white security feed popped up on his screen. "I'm in. Give me two minutes and I'll have a loop playing in the control room."

"We've got three hours to station Cagali: no rush," said the first.

He looked into the holding camp, checking that the group remained unnoticed. It was just cold enough outside that the insects generally chirping in the night were silent. A sigh was heard from the girl. "You won't forget to pick me up come April tenth, will you?" she asked.

"I'll be there," said the one at the computer.

"Having second thoughts?" asked the first male.

She waited for a moment and then answered. "I know I can pull this off on the mission field - I've been trained. I… I just don't know if I can stand everything that comes with it."

"That's what Kira and I are here for. We've got your back." The first placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I know." She shook him off.

"We're almost ready, Cagali, Sai," said Kira at the computer. "I virtually have control over the entire complex."

"What's left now?" asked Sai.

"Cagali, put this in your ear," said Kira, and handed her a small capsule. "As we've gone over this a million times, you can hear me, I can't hear you…"

"I'll watch you over the security feed and give you directions. When you get to the holding quarters, give it to the girl you switch with so I can give her directions out," the girl finished for him as she placed the capsule in her ear.

Kira put on a headset and turned it on. "Testing, testing," he said.

"Ow!" Cagali winced, "Too loud."

"Yeah, I could hear that and I'm way over here," said Sai.

Kira adjusted the volume and tested it again. This time Cagali nodded with relief.

"One more thing," said Kira, standing up to pull something out of his back pocket. He handed her a thin bracelet. "It's a tracking device and," he pointed out dot, hardly visible in the dark, on the underside of the bracelet, "a panic button. It's small; you'd have to use a pin to activate it. Press it and I'll be up in PLANT to get you. "

"If I get caught with something like this, the mission will be a total failure." She replied handing it back. "I'd probably be executed."

"Cagali, that's exactly why you have to take this. You get caught, not necessarily for having this, and you'll get killed. I need something that, in case you find yourself in danger, I can be alerted."

"Kira…" she began to protest.

"Take it! The worst that can happen is they catch you from the device and you press the button. I'll get you and you'll be safe." Kira made an attempt to snap the bracelet around Cagali's wrist.

Cagali snatched the piece of jewelry out of his fingers, perturbed. "I said..."

"You're the only real family I've got," pleaded Kira, grabbing Cagali by the shoulders to force her to look him in the eye. "And after Lacus left… I don't know what I'd do if I lost you too. Please, Cagali."

Cagali paused, and put on the tracker. "Double check everything else," she instructed, "We can't have any mistakes tonight."

A few moments later, Sai positioned himself as the sniper with his dart gun and Kira returned to his computer. Every precaution was taken; here could be no mistakes. Cagali, the spy for the Orb union, headed into the holding camp for Natural slaves to be transported and sold in PLANT knowing she might never see her homeland again.

AN: This story is currently (March. 2012) being edited. Slight details throughout the story may be changed to improve the overall coherence of the narrative.

Rated: Teen. This story does not contain any foul language, but it does have some bloody parts and a few innuendos. The last few chapters are not for the faint of heart. Most chapters do not have 'teen' rated material, but there are a few sections which up the rating on their own.