Hermione discovers she's really Voldemort's heir, having already changed because of her mothers death, she sees nothing wrong with going to the dark side completely.

Patience Thorn Riddle

Hermione wasn't to clear on what happened that night after the party. She had a really vague memory of being sick in a toilet that she didn't recognise, the wiping her mouth on one of those tragic crinoline ladies that sit on top of the loo rolls so no one gets offended by the sight of naked Kleenex Velvet. Whatevs.

Right now she was curled up on the doormat with her keys still in her hand, which really made no sense at all. Though you've got to respect a finely tuned homing instinct – but she figures crawling up the stairs to her own bed, was just one step too far.

It was a superhuman effort to lift her wrist so she could squint at her watch (it was two thirty),

Which nearly killed her and she collapsed back on the floor with a small sigh.

Hermione was tempted to stay there for what was left of the night, she felt like someone had sandpapered the inside of her head.

But she could imagine the sour scene that would unfold id her step-dad came down and found her curled up against the draught excluder, so 'Mione crawled up the stairs, thought about getting undressed and decided to collapse face down on her bed instead.

All that alcohol and puking had really taken it out of her some one could have started drilling for oil underneath her pillow and she barely would have stirred.

Hermione crashed back into consciousness, sitting bolt upright after hearing a hair-curling scream.

Normally Hermione would be running down the stairs, to see what was wrong but she knew whom those screams belonged to, her step sister Heather. So to be honest Hermione didn't give a dam.

She hated Heather and her father David, they had been treating her like dirt ever since her mother Eleanor had died after her car-crashed four moths ago, now they had a strict relationship where they barely talked when talked to.

Getting money from her step dad was a finesse job. Luckily Hermione now had finesse coming out of he arse.


Hermione barged into his study without knocking, marched across to his desk and held out her hand.

"Give me twenty pounds," Mione snapped

" I need twenty pounds. Give me twenty pounds now!"

"What in earth's name are you wearing?" he asked

"Clothes," she explained "twenty pounds David."

"Are you going somewhere then?" He inquired archly, like he'd invented the rhetorical question.

"Yes, it's Friday night. I'm going out now give me twenty bloody pounds!"

"No need to be so shrill, and why should I give you money."

"Fine! Don't, I'll just go out and when it's time to go home, I'll walk the dark streets just as the pubs are emptying out because I haven't got money for a cab. I'm sure I'll be all right and even if I'm not at lest you saved yourself twenty quid. - And before she even finished her Oscar worthy speech three crisp pound notes found their way on to her outstretched palm.


Mione walked into her bathroom to have a bath she exfoliated and shaved and moisturized, then she tried to figure out what the hell she could do with her newly cut and dyed red hair. (She had been dyeing her hair all different colors since her mother died.)

There still wasn't enough hair to scoop into a decent ponytail so Hermione fashioned two bunches and fixed them with sparkly hair bobbles that she had found lurking in the back of their bathroom cabinet. 'Mione sort of liked the finished effect in a strange very strange way. It was edgy. It was striking. Good lord, it really was time to book herself another hair appointment.

Hermione put on a pair of black jeans with chains on them, that hugged curves, and a light blue off the shoulder shirt that exposed her cleavage and stomach so everyone had a clear view of her a playboy bunny belly ring. Hermione walked out of the bathroom and put on her hooker heels

Then, she started with her jewellery. She put on her sex bracelets, Wicca Star necklace, no earrings, (seeing as how she had 3 X's on both ears) a fake loop for her nose

(This drove her step-dad crazy)

After finishing with her jewels she started the make-up. She added a thick layer of black eyeliner under and on top of her eyelids with bright red lipstick. She put on mascara and was finished.

Hermione walked up and looked into her mirror. She didn't even look like Hermione. And that's what she wanted. She loved to explore the possibilities of transforming herself from a lanky seventeen-year-old bookworm into somebody thrilling. There was no denying it she was beautiful.

She noticed a photo of her three ex- best friends, Ginny and Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. She hated them now after they didn't seem to care about her when she was depressed about he mother dying, Hermione began to despise them more and more, they seemed so wrapped up in their love-lives to care about her.

She moved to the door and walked to the kitchen cigarette and lighter in her hand. Hermione stopped dead in her tracks to process the sight before her.

Thirty Death Eaters stood around her dinning room table watching their lord, (who looked human) Voldemort sat at the table reading the paper while her step- father and sister sat in a corner crying.

Finally they seemed to notice her and Hermione noticed she had no wand. Then again neither did they.

"Miss Granger, please sit and take a look at these." Voldemort handed her a folder and she took her place across from him, shock took over her face as she read the papers...

Adoption Certificate

Hermione Granger

Adopted Parents: Mr. and Mrs. David Granger.

Biological Parents: Miss Eleanor Snape Riddle and Mr. Tom Riddle

Birth Certificate

Patience Thorn Riddle

Date of Birth: September 9th

Biological Parents: Miss Eleanor Crystal Snape Riddle and Mr. Tom Riddle

Hermione read the certificate over and over again. She couldn't make head or tail with this piece of information. 'Voldemort's my father? No way!' she thought.

She hadn't noticed Voldemort take out his wand and wave it over her head. Hermione felt something-cold run down her body. She looked down at herself, then she realised it had to be true if it weren't, Hermione wouldn't be sitting at the table in black robes, her brown hair midnight black, and her hazel eyes so dark they looked as black as her hair.

She knew that what had run down he body, had been the affect of a concealment charm. Another piece of parchment told her the charm had been placed on her once she was born, also found out her mother was not Eleanor Jane granger Muggle dentist, no she was Eleanor Crystal Snape Riddle- Pureblood Auror.

She looked through the parchment and found her life story was there as well as Voldemort's and her mothers, it would seem Voldy had fallen for her before the whole almost killing Harry thing. Then when fell Eleanor found out she was pregnant and had to go into hiding (after-all she was carrying his baby and her father was the Minister of magic.) the only person who had helped her was Severus Snape her older brother.

"This could be a way out!" Hermione thought to herself "I'm not Hermione anymore and I don't want to be, I'm Lord Voldemort's daughter, but he can't be that bad right? He has known love unlike what people say."

Hermione broke her thoughts and noticed all the Death Eaters and their Lord were watching her, she looked at her father. "So...what do I do now?" She asked.

Voldemort smiled at her the said, "you will stay with me until your school year starts-

"And I'll become a Death Eater?" Hermione/ Thorn asked she wasn't keen on the light anymore and she was pretty sure things wouldn't be nice with Harry, Ron and Ginny.

"Becoming a Death Eater is your choice, I will not inflict it on you." Voldy said braking her trance.