Five years later

five years had passed since the final battle. And the wizard world was at … in a word; peace.

Thorn had decided to take over her fathers plan, with a new view. Muggle-born children were still allowed in the magical world and that would not change. Hogwarts was rebuilt with Snape and Bella as running head masters. With nothing against muggle-borns since their little Alison was low on magical abilities. Not a squib, but not yet a witch.

The majority of the DE were teachers at Hogwarts. Not teaching anything too evil that 16 year olds couldn't handle.

Draco took over as Minister. Changing the order of things completely.

Life was good.

Lucius and Cissa were working as governors of France. Marking the difference between causing evil and being able to rule for and against it.

Bella and Severus stayed at Hogwarts under the new rules provided by Thorn and Draco. And gave little Alison a little brother, Lucas.

Pansy and Blaise finally got together and had two beautiful children Tom and Mia. And named Thorn and Draco Godparents.

And the Light side? They were happy. Of course they had lost so much, Fought so hard and lost so badly.

But they could not see the evil they had always been taught to expect if the dark side ever won.

Truth be told with Draco Malfoy as Minister and Thorn Malfoy as leader of the free world, thing were better.

A twisted and disagreeable truth but a truth none the less.

Draco stood against the his bedroom door smiling at his wife. "Ready?" He asked.

Thorn looked at him through the mirror. "Yes. We are." She told him, standing with a hand over the small bump now forming barely visible unless you look hard.

She looked incredible, she was dressed in a gown befitting a screen goddess. Seductive detailing abounds in this beautifully crafted dress. From the asymmetrical draped neckline, to a brilliantly draped front that leads to a revealing slit. Her black hair curled into a tight French bun.

"You look beautiful." Draco smirked.

"You don't look so bad yourself." She smiled kissing him.

Draco grabbed her hand and kissed her passionately. "We've come so far." He told her in-between kisses.

"Mm, So we have. And I love you for it."

"And I you. Come on, we're late."

They arrived at diagon ally cemetery, hand in hand. Thorn walked to her fathers grave, placing flowers on both his and her mothers.

Tom Marvalo Riddle.

Beloved husband and father

Cherished leader.

Eleanor Crystal Riddle

Beloved Mother, wife, sister and friend.

Who found meaning in the free world.

"I want to see Harry's and Ron's tonight if you don't mind." Thorn told Draco quietly.

"Go ahead."

They walked a deep into the darkness, zigzagging through the graves. Till stopping suddenly.

Harry James potter

The man who fought till the end.

Who fought for love

Ronald Billius Weasley

Beloved son and brother

Who fought for freedom

Thorn sighed at the tombs of her ex-best friends. "I don't know if you will ever hear this, and I know you no longer care. But I am truly sorry. For everything and I so wish it could have been different... it's not so bad you know? The dark side winning, nothing has changed, even Ginny, she's happy she's getting married soon.

And Nevil and Luna their safe working at the ministry. I wouldn't make this world unfair. I just wanted you to know.

I still love you. Both of you deep down."

Thorn backed away into Draco's arms. She would not cry, not today.

An hour later.

"Mrs Malfoy a pleasure."

Thorn smiled at the random Death Eater calling to her as she walked into the Great Hall. Today was her twenty second birthday.


Blaise walked up to his close friend and hugged her.

"My my Blaise you are looking smart." Thorn laughed hugging him back.

"Zambini class my friend." He told her. Flinching as she snaked him. "You wish."

Pansy came up behind him holding a two year old boy in her arms.

"Happy birthday, darling." Pansy said handing her a small box.

"Thank you Pans, hello Tommy, Mia."

"Happy bwthday Auntie Rose." The children say together.

Thorn smiles 'Rose' she rememberer the first time they called her that. Saying that some one as good and as nice as their auntie shouldn't be named after the pointy bit of such a beautiful flower.

"Thank you my darlings." Thorn said, kissing her godchildren.

3 years after.

"Congratulations Mr Malfoy. It's a boy." The nurse handed the baby to his father and walked away blushing.

Draco moved towards his wife.

"Does that witch not know that I am the woman could kill her without blinking?" Thorn's voice was scratchy.

Draco laughed. "Mm I suppose she's to young to know."

"We'll tell her."

"Yes love."

"Annoying little flirt." Thorn growled.

Draco smiled and sat down on her bed. "Don't worry love, you know your the only one for me."


"Look at what you've given me. Four beautiful children and a love that will last forever. And no good and no evil will ever turn my head away from you."

"Damn straight."

But she laughed and kissed him deeply. Stroking their babys face.

"Welcome to the world, Alexander James Malfoy."


This is the shortst chappter yet I know, and i'm sorry for it. But I think that because its been so long

since I wrote this I've kind of lost the plot in the end, one day I do hope to re-write this and make it better

and deeper but I feel as if I gave this one up a long time ago.

But that dosnt mean I'm not incurably greatful for all my reviewers for keeping with me and wttds.

So thank you.

Because I did have lodes of fun writing this.

Just if any one wants to know the Malfoy heirs are as follows:

Drake Lucius Malfoy

Alyssa Crystal Malfoy

Phoebe May Malfoy

Alexander James Malfoy