matchmaker: Thought this pointless drabble up this morning...rather randomly. I dunno, but it was fun to write. It's all dialogue...I hope it makes sense. :)

I'd like to thank my little brother for reading it over and telling me if it made sense or not. Thanks bud.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.


Prince Charming


"Ne, Taichi-kun?"

"Hai, Mimi-chan?"

"Did you read fairytales as a child?"


"No? Why?"

"The modern versions are too fake."

"How so?"

"They don't stick to the original stories; now those are the ones I would read."

"Original versions?"

"They're a lot more...ano...graphic."

"Taichi-kun! It's not nice to lie!"

"Mimi-chan! I'm not lying!"

"Yes you are! Stories like 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'The Little Mermaid' were made for the enjoyment of children!"

"Iie, Mi-chan...they weren't. They were just regular stories."

"No they weren't!"

"Yes they were! In the orignal 'Little Mermaid', the mermaid is supposed to slay the prince in order to become a mermaid again! And when she doesn't, she turns into an air creature and has to stay in that form for three hundred years!"

"...That's not true! The mermaid loved the prince and he loved her and they lived happily ever after!"

"It is! And in 'Aladdin', he wishes for the princess to marry him! Jasmine doesn't go willingly!"

"Hmph. What do you know?"

"I know that in the original 'Sleeping Beauty'...he didn't wake her up with just a kiss..."


"Let's just say; she had twins a few months later..."

"...I'm not talking to you."

"Awwwh, Mimi-chan! Gomen! Come back!"

"Go away, Taichi-san."

"Nani? Back to 'san' now are we?"




"You wanna know why I really don't like fairytales?"


"I like reality better."

"And why is that?"

"Because in reality; I get to be your Prince Charming. And no one else."

"...Ne, Taichi?"

"Hai, Mimi?"

"You'll always be my Prince Charming."

"And no one else?"

"And no one else."