Coming home

Reno brought Rena home, numb. Why would Ritz leave him? Leave her own child? She wasn't like that. Was she? He layed Rena in the crib he set up in his room. He remembered how Ritz wanted so badly for Rena to sleep with them until she got older.

Reno smiled as he remembered Ritz setting up the crib when he came back from work, smiling her sheepish smile as she wiped sweat off her forehead. He yelled at her for doing it by herself and did the rest. She had sat on their bed and watched him with a smile on her face.

He went into the living room and got out his bottle of Vodka. He drank it and for the first time in years, tears ran down his eyes. "Why Ritz, why would you leave us?" He asked, sobbing.


Ritz was laying on the cold table in pain. So this is what happened to Vincent. She screamed in pain as an unfamiliar needle snaked into her arm. She felt white-hot liquid flow into her. In the blinding pain, her mind wandered once again to Rena, the child she barely knew. She knew that the only thing that would keep her going, however long she was here, to see her again. And see Reno-san.