And this then is the end...

Feels strange, to me. As if I've lost a limb, or something. This story has been with me for so long.

I hope I have brought it to a satisfactory conclusion, hope, that after so long I managed to cross most of the ts and dot most of the is, as they say.

I thank all of you for reading, and those who commented also for reviewing. I hope, that the story could bring a small measure of pleasure and interest to you.

At the end of all things, some questions remain unanswered. I know.

What was it, that made Susannah go back? What happened, that made her flee Tia Dalma, even though she is very aware, that her sanity is hanging on a small thread without the tutelage she received?

And why does she feel safe in Port Royal, safe from the witch? In other words – why is it that Tia Dalma never left her island?

And what is to become of her – and James? What is to become of them?

And Leonora, lady and scoundrel, what will she do, now that she seemingly has lost everything and gained freedom? Is she dancing between Jack and Fernando just for pleasure's sake?

And Fernando himself, more entangled now in the webs of the english, empowered by his knowledge, and equally endangered by it – what will the events do to the plans he had, the mission he was following?

The reason for the questions open is, that the story is not fully told. There is – there was – more in my mind to this Pirates' universe of mine, and I decided to keep the ending in the spirit I originally had, for authenticity's sake.

Now that I spent time on this story again, the idea of the sequel has been bubbling up again. I consider giving it a shot, drafting a bit, seeing where it leads me, and if you and me, we would like to take another trip into the Carribean together.

Keep your ears up, if you're interested.

There may be more.

And with this, I draw the curtain - for now.