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Ino smiled as she walked down the street. Most called her ditsy and stupid, but she knew better. She turned to walk down an ally way, a short cut home, when a man with black hair and black eyes stopped her. (SASUKE-TEME! JERK!) He pointed a gun at her.

"Gimmie all your money!" He yelled.

"Oh no!" Ino put her hand so her cheeks in a shocked manner. "I am…" She turned in a circle and landed with her hands on her hips and a cheesy pink cape with the letters "SB' in the superman way. "…SUPER BLONDE!" Sasuke backed up.

"Oh… oh god no." He put a hand to his head in shame. He tried to walk away, but Ino got in front of him.

"No no! I have to defeat you!" She put her hand up.

"Look I will gladly give you my gun and leave." He went to turn and leave again, but she jumped in front of him… again.

"No! I have to defeat you! I haven't defeated anyone in like…………………… ever!" She finished.

"Then how can you call yourself a super hero?" Sasuke turned only to be jumped in front of… again.

"I am a super hero! See, I'll use my copy powers on you! Shoosh!" She fliked her fingers out.

"What?" Asked Sasuke.

"What?" Repeated ino.

"Come on." Sasuke

"Come on" Ino

"What are you three?" Sasuke

"What are you three?" Ino

"Sally sold sea shells by the sea shore!" Sasuke yelled.

"Sally sold shea… Shally sold shea…. Shea shells…" Ino got tongue twisted.

"Ha you didn't copy me!" Sasuke turned.

"Darn defeated! Wait! I still haven't defeated you!" Ino jumped in front of Sasuke again.

"Look, Here's my gun, heres my bad guy lisence and here's my switch blade. Now If you'll excuse me…" He left. Ino shrugged and walked away, hunning the batman song putting super blonde in his place.

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