Its Been 3 Months Since The Wildcats Victory against the Knights.

And Now Gabriella and Troys Relationship is at their Best...They kiss,Spend the night at each

Others house ETC.

But..(theirs always a but).

Jack Bolton(troys dad) got Transfered to San Diego and Troy dosent know how to tell Gabi the love

of his life..And they leave tomorow..Miracles do Happen


''Hey Dad..Want to shoot some hoops before Gabbi Comes over?''

An Overly excited hot Troy Bolton said as he walked in his kitchen interrupting

his Dad reading the Sports part of the Alburqurque Gazzette(Dont know if thats the real name)

''Umm Son we need to have a little Dad to son Chat'' Jack Bolton said as he put down the

newspaper and put 1 arm around Troy.


''Well son were moving tomorow to San Diego because of your Victory against the Knights.They want me

To Coach a team in San Diego.Youll be Attending Sun High.''

''What No I cant leave Gabi I love her as weird as that Sounds its true I cant live without her

Thanks for ruining my Life DAD!''Troy stormed out of the kitchen and began to cry a very Soft Cry.

At Gabi's house

''Mija Tenemos que hablar''(My daughter we have to talk,Im half Cuban so I know Spanish''

''OH no mami Thats what you always say before we move..Where are we going Now''Gabi said as tears came down her face

'Well were going back to San Diego and istead of going to Sunny High your going to go to Sun High so you wont be known

as the freaky genius girl que sabe todo(that knows everything)''

''It dosent matter now cuz Im not going to be with the love of my Life Troy thanks for ruining me now mom,What

about your Company Promise?''

''Well we got a new Manager im sorry mija,Its what she wants we leave on Friday Im Sorry''

''Well I'll go tell troy'' as she left her room crying about the fact that her senior year the most special

one wasnt going to be with that special person.

Bolton househols

''Hi jack umm is troy here''

''Yeah he's upstairs go talk to him''

as jack gave her a Hug

''Your the best thing that has happened to my son''

After hugging she went to troys room knocked on the door,she opened as she steped in

troy tried to wipe away his tears but they kept on coming back

''Are you crying''

''Yeah umm Gabi I have to tell you something.''

Sorry for the short story and for the cliffhanger HAHAHAHA


love annie