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"No Gaby I have to tell you something first"

"Ok shoot"

"Umm as it turns out umm how do I say this mydadgotanewjobinsandiegoandweremovingtheretomorow" Gabriella looked like she had just frozen. She heard every single word that came out of Troys mouth.Her face had no emotion.Then Very lowly she asked

"What high school are you going to?" she was looking down.

"Sun High"Gabriellas head whipped up. She smiled a very wide smile.

"what are you smiling like that?im don't love me do you"

Troy asked clearly confused.She got up and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

"of course I love you!!" She talked very peppy like.

"then? Why are you hapy"

" I came by to say goodbye because my moms company got a new manager and they transferred her to san Diego where I used to live and Im going to SUN HIGH"She screamed the last part.

"Are you serious"

"Yes" she ran to troy and jumped onhim as he hugged her so tight you cant breathe but shes just happy to be in his arms for now and forever.

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