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Summary: One-shot. HP/DM, a dark view on their relationship.

One more time and I'll stop.

I promise I can do it.

Just one more time.

I feel him moving in me. He is never gentle, yet, this is what I need. I need him. Only him.

Just one more time.

I can't breathe without him, without his touch, without his control.

He's like a drug andI am addicted to him.

Outside of this we act the same, still hating each other, still fighting as we have since first year. But every night here I am, with him.

He's in my thoughts, my dreams, my head. He's taken over me completely.

Nothing else can help me stop thinking about the war that rages on the outside.

I hold him briefly before he stands straitening his robes. He looks at me blankly. Those green eyes holding no life. He closes the door to the room behind him, leaving me to wallow in my misery. I stare at the door for a few minutes then stand and go to the dungeons.

"Draco, where have you been?" They question me. I just glare at them and walk up to the dormitory, knowing that soon I will see him again.

One more time. Just one more. Then I'll stop.

Just a short fic I thought of when listening to a song.