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This story takes place about six years after Sidda and Vivi had that huge fight and made up! Sidda and Conner are now married and have a daughter named Becca.

Vivian Abbot Walker got out of bed one morning as usual. She got into her tennis outfit to go jogging and then go to the country club to play a few matches with the fat cow Lurleen Mavis. For being in her eighties, she was still pretty active.

Just as she was about to put on her sunglasses, she collapsed.

"Shep!" she hollered. Thankfully, Shep had not taken off for the Duck Camp yet. Shep heard her call and ran to her bathroom.

"Vivi!" He said in horror.

"Get help!"


At St. Anne's hospital, where all the Petite Ya-Ya's were born, Caro, Necie, and Teensy were waiting in the waiting room with Shep and Baylord and Shep Jr.

"Daddy, sit down. Mama will be fine," sighed Junior.

Shep just sighed and looked away from him. He just wondered where in the hell Sidda and Lulu were.


Meanwhile, in New York, Sidda was enjoying the fifth season of "Woman on the Edge," which was based off her relationship with Vivi. Her secretary Jamie came in with the cordless from her office.

"Sidda, there is a Princess Naked-As-A-Jaybird on the phone wanting to talk to you," Jamie said. "Is that a stage name?"

Sidda just smiled and motioned for the phone. "Hello princess," laughed Sidda while she was on the phone.

"Siddo Kiddo, I have some bad news for you," sighed Teensy. She was trying to find a way to put it delicately to Sidda. "Sidda, your mama had a heart attack."

Sidda was shock because she was healthy, ate healthy (even though she liked her fair share of bourbon, Brandy, and Bloody Mary). How could her mother have a heart attack?

"Teensy, Conner and I are on the first plane home," said Sidda. She hung up and walked out of her office.

"Sidda, where are you going?" asked Jamie as she tagged along after her.

"I have to go home and see mama," said Sidda.

"Oh dear!" said Jamie. "What do I tell them?"

"Family emergency!" stated Sidda as she left the building to go home and get Conner and their six-year-old daughter, Becca to Louisiana.


Vivi was in bed, clutching her rosary. Caro was comforting her, telling her that Teensy got off the phone with Sidda and that Sidda, Conner, and Becca were on their way.




When I was three, mama had her last child. When I was five, I found out that I had a twin brother named Jesse. Mama told me that he died shortly after we were born and that she locked herself in her room and cried for days and then she heard that Genivive died in her sleep. The French, as daddy called her, was supposed to be my godmother, but insisted that Caro took the position instead.

Conner, Becca, and I are at the airport now and this story is now drumming in my mind. My mother is dying at Saint Anne's hospital and now I am thinking about the death stories that she told me as a child.

I remember when Buggy died. She was an old lady and finally died in her sleep. We later found out that her name was Mary Katherine. When I was a kid, Buggy was crazy and she had that dog-I don't remember what his name was. All I remember was that her house smelt like dog piss and incense from a Catholic Church.

What makes me sad is that Becca has only met her grandmother once since we live so far away. It is not easy to go to Louisiana for Christmas and Easter every year when you live in New York. Becca looks up at me with her brown eyes like Conner's and her mouth like mine and said: "Mom, is grandma sick?"

I almost wanted to cry. My child does not know her me-maw at all like I got to know Grandma Buggy.

There was an announcement made over the intercom and it said that the flight to Baton Rouge would be delayed due to a storm. I called daddy and left a message on his machine.

"Daddy," she sobbed. "I am going to be late coming to see mama and everybody. Our flight has been delayed. Bye."

So Conner, Becca, and I are just stuck at the airport waiting until the storms pass by.

Will Sidda make it in time to say good-bye to Vivi?