You Never Even Tried

by atrum infractus

He gave it all up for you, all his hopes and dreams,

Just so you could find the means to leave.

He wanted everything you wanted and more,

But he never set foot past that door.

"Dad needs me," he says, and you believed

That in all his life, he never even wanted to leave.

Were you that selfish? Couldn't you see?
You thought he had no nerve, maybe he was weak,

But all along he was stronger than you would ever be-

He had the strength to obey.

How could you think he liked what Dad had to say?

What was his reward, to hold his family together?
They left him alone, to deal with demons of nether.

You left him, you just walked out when he needed you,

And your father soon followed in the same suit.

Now he lays just across from you, how does he hide it?

He's learned to hide behind the mask of his fine wit.

You've hurt him, you can't pretend you don't know that,

And what's even worse is that you can never take it back.

But honestly, have you even tried?
The man beside you would do anything, even die,

Just to make sure things go better in your life.

But you, caught up in yourself- have you even tried?
Did you try to be a better brother?
Did you even listen to the stories about your mother?
Did you thank him for defending your actions to your father?

Did you ever comfort him like he would comfort you?

Did you?

No- you didn't. You never even tried.