War: the ultimate thrill for some. And for Karl and Katie Webber -- it was the ultimate thrill in their six year marriage. As husband and wife they were the sweetest couple you'd ever want neighboring beside you. But on the battlefield it was like they were two different people. They were natural born killers.

They meet in the Cobra core and got married a year later. Cobra Commander even resided over their ceremony providing a blessing and some words of encouragement. Six years later they were still together and serving together in the same unit as co-commanders. Neo-Viper Unit #10 was their regime and they controlled it. They thought like twins and acted like brother and sister. Some of their fellow troopers called their relationship bordering incest because they were so much alike. But they just loved what they did and they loved each other, killing anyone who tried to ruin the happiness they shared, even their own men.

Everyone was frightened of them, even Cobra Commander had some reservations about their mental stability. But he didn't care much as they served him loyal. When they were assigned a mission there was no question that it would get done. They had a perfect record and had over 1,000 kills between them. It was rumored that they turned down countless promotions because they never wanted to be apart. So they've stayed in the infantry for nearly six years and were known as The Killer Couple. It was a nickname and it was a reputation they had most certainly earned.

Karl Webber mounted a fortified front with half a squad circumventing a pinschers movement around a group of American army soldiers who were collaborating with G.I.Joe forces. They were trapped in a foxhole outside an abandoned civilian cabin in an isolated forest region in the Colorado Rockies. The American President authorized an attack under intelligence that there was a Cobra stronghold beneath ground here. And they were right. The cabin was but one entry point to gain access.

But the battle was lost before it really got started. They were sent in to retrieve a military satellite that fell from orbit holding highly classified information. But Cobra got to it first. The American troops were trying to get it back! But seeing that G.I.Joe was suspiciously absent from the firefight, Karl knew his chances were good to annihilate the invaders. He ordered his troops to Stage Beta and the American line fell quickly. Soon the survivors fled the area under their commander's orders. But Katie had circled around and the fleeing soldiers ran into an ambush, and they were slaughtered and rittled with gunfire.

Katie returned to the others and joined her husband. Karl removed his mask and Katie removed hers, to kiss. It was victory celebration kiss and as they pressed their moist lips together for a longing, passionate kiss. They felt each other's warmth as their bodies pressed together, but they relented on their sexual desires because they in public. They broke the kiss and Karl smiled satisfied at his wife. "It was too quick," he said. "I was hoping for a challenge, but with G.I.Joe disbanded, I guess this is all the American government can muster. Too bad. Looks like Cobra's reinstatement back into the fold is assured. Six long years we waited for this day, Katie, and now it's finally happening. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Cobra is about to rise again."

"And we will be at the forefront of it, my dear," Katie said, sharing his satisfaction. "But most assured with this much activity the American President is bound to reinstate them." She caressed her right hand down her husband's left cheek and he kissed her palm. "And we'll be ready. With the Neo-Vipers, we will be unstoppable. Cobra will rule the world and install a new world order. I can't wait for that day."

"In the meantime, let's celebrate," Karl Webber said. He snapped his fingers and a Neo-Viper trooper brought him a bottle of Champaign. He opened it and drink straight from the bottle. He passed it to his wife and she did the same thing. No glasses were needed. Karl then said, "We have an hour before we have to report to Cobra Commander via the wireless com-link, have any suggestions to pass the time?" He jerked his eyebrows up twice hinting at a possible time-waster. And she agreed. Karl extended a hand to her.

Katie threw away the Champaign bottle into the forest, caring nothing for where it landed and took her husband's hand in hers, and they walked up a hill to the small cabin.

Karl told one of the Neo-Viper troops to stake out the area and see if there were any more survivors and eliminate them. Though, with his wife's cool, calm approach in eliminating the fleeing American soldiers, he probably knew it was for naught. They entered the cabin and shut the door. Inside was a secret elevator behind a book shelf unit and they entered. They door closed behind them.


The American President got word from his spy network that the mission to retrieve the classified military satellite that had fallen down in the Colorado Rockies was a complete failure and all were KIA. He sunk his face into his hands and remained there for a few seconds as his Secretary of State sat in a leather sofa just off the President's desk in the Oval Office. The President then looked up from his hands at his adviser, but he didn't say anything. He knew what had to be done without being lectured. But he couldn't drag himself to make the call. He actually dreaded making the call. He couldn't put the American people, nay the world through another war with Cobra. The last war cost the American people trillions of dollars. But with Cobra back from hiding, something drastic had to be done. But perhaps he could nullify the effects.

He picked up the phone.


Vincent Falcone and Jinx, or as she liked to be called, lay in bed, in his one bedroom apartment, in New York City. They weren't married, but they were very much in love and consummated their love with sex. As G.I.Joe was disbanded it was no longer against policy to engage in a relationship with a team member. And as they were no longer "team members", they were free to share in similar interests, namely each other. But they had already been "together" for some time even before the G.I.Joe team disbanded. Now, however, they could officially announce it. They no longer had to hide it, as if others didn't know already. They had been a couple before they both joined G.I.Joe. Then they separated for a time and got back together. None of them could even remember why they even separated in the first place, so they forgot the past and continued where they last left off, igniting that once vibrate and passionate spark they once had. Jinx had moved in with Falcon and now they were living together as a official couple.

Falcon gently opened his eyes and felt a weight on his naked chest. He looked and saw that it was Jinx's head. She looked so beautiful as she slept and he brushed a strain of hair from her mouth that had fallen down. She had such beautiful black hair that he could almost swear that she dyed it. But it was naturally black as was her cousin's Thomas Arashikage, a.k.a. Cobra's former chief enforcer Storm Shadow. She licked her lips from his touch and opened her eyes. She smiled sweetly at him and he smiled similar too.

"Good morning," he said to her.

And she said, "Good morning," in return, pushing back into a pillow.

Falcon leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, licking his lips beforehand to moist them. She leaned back and let his gentle kiss take her. And for the few moments they kissed she felt heavenly, like the wild woman she was, was being tamed by a city man from the urban jungle. She had no intentions of resisting his embrace and closed her eyes to let Falcon know she was a willing participate.

He lifted from her lips and looked at her with his hazel eyes, giving her an enchanting smile. "I love you," he said softly.

"And I love you, too," she said back.

He gave her a swift kiss and rolled back over to his side of the bed. He looked at her. "It's my day off," Falcon said. "I know we decided last night to say in bed all day, but the weather report said it's supposed to be a beautiful day. Why don't we go out an do something fun and exciting? Something spontaneous."

"I can think of something right now," Jinx said, with a playful smile.

Falcon returned the playful smile. "I can go for that," he said, and he leaned over and conjoined in a warm embrace underneath the covers. "Always trust a woman, they're always right."

But just as they were about to consummate their love, Falcon's cell phone rang. The ring tune was that of the American Anthem. He looked at her and sighed, smiling. "You still have that ring tune?" she said. "I thought you said you were going to change it? It makes me nervous every time it plays."


"Because every time you answer it, there's always an emergency."

"I'm a special agent to the United States Government now," he said. "By the way, I'm saluting." He winked at her and she rolled her eyes. He got off her and rolled to his side of the bed and picked it up off the bedside table. He popped over the flip phone and said, "Falcone here." He was shocked at who was on the other end and the reaction on his face told Jinx that it was someone important. "Mr. President," he then said. "It's always a pleasure to speak with you."

"Agent Falcone, we have a grave manner before us and I'm in need of your serves immediately," Mr. President said. "I know that you're on vacation, but how quickly can you make it to Washington?"

"I can hop on a plane and make it there in a couple of hours," Falcon said. "How serious is the situation?"

"Serious enough to require your services on his matter," the President said. "I'll expect you in two hours."

"Yes sir," Falcon said, and he hung up. Falcon slid his legs out of bed and got on his feet. He no longer had an erection. Jinx watched his naked body as he quickly put on a pair of clean boxers. She was going to ask him what the call was about, but even with her ninja sixth sense, her woman intuition already felt the tension in the air. "I gotta go to Washington," he said.

"I know," she said straightly, feeling nervous. He was a military man, but that didn't mean he was made of stone. That call had ruined the mood, but it was obviously serious enough to be as important as it was to make him go. She hugged the covers to her chest, covering her naked breasts. "I'm coming with you," she finally said, getting out of bed. She went to the dresser and put on her panties. Then she grabbed a bra.

Falcon took her in his arms and hugged her. Then he looked at her, smiled thin and said, "You can't."

"I want to be with you on this mission," she said. "I'm an agent too. With G.I.Joe disbanded we both became Special Agents for the United States Government. They know of our relationship, we don't have to hide it. I want to be your partner on this mission, whatever it is. I think I deserve it."

"And why do you think that?" Falcon questioned her.

"You know why," she said back, looking deep into his glassy eyes.

He smiled gently at her and then said, "Okay, get dressed. We meet the President in two hours."


When their plane landed they were greeted by a man wearing black who escorted them to a black Sedan. The man got into the car with Falcone and Jinx and the driver drove them to the White House. During the drive, the man gave Falcone a file that was for his eyes only. But he allowed Jinx to read it. And they were both shocked at its contains. It said that Cobra was reforming and had a stronghold in the Colorado Rockies. The same man escorted them through the White House and up to the Oval office. When they arrived they found the President wasn't alone. He was surrounded by several of his top aids. They were all sitting around his desk. In their hands were files for what appeared to be a meeting yet to take place. Probably a meeting he was here to get briefed on Cobra's recent activity, namely what he read in the file.

"Agent Falcone, and Agent Arashikage, good," the President said. "I'm glad you both could make it."

"You sounded very urgent on the phone, Mr. President," Falcone said, approaching the President. He and Jinx stopped and stood next to a leather sofa. "I read the file on the way over here, it sounds pretty serious. A group of Cobra agents have regrouped and have captured an A-5 CIA intelligence satellite with classified information on some of our American bases in other countries. But we don't know if this is a prelude to a Cobra attack or just urban espionage. A retrieval unit was sent in to bring it back but was eliminated by hostiles. From the seriousness of the manner you want me to go in and clarify the collateral damage."

"You perceive the situation correctly, Agent Falcone," the President said. He came around from behind his desk and handed him a data disk. "This disk has all the information you'll need for your mission, it can be inserted into the back of your phone like a data card. Read the contents on your phone and after you memorize your mission, destroy it. You mission will be hush-hush top secret. No one but the people in this room will know. So, if you happen to get into any trouble, you're on your own. No help can be sent."

"Understood, Mr. President," Falcone said.

"I'm also pleased that you two can be partners on this mission, I know how difficult it can be apart from the people you love. Your dossier says you two are in a relationship, but aren't married." Falcone and Jinx looked at each other, they smiled a little embarrassed. "I miss my wife and kids when I'm apart from them. Family means everything to me. One day you kids will be blessed with one." He smiled.

Jinx blushed, Falcon smiled boyishly. "We don't plan on having kids anytime soon, Mr. President. But I'm happy you take an interest in our well-being, it shows you have heart. That you actually take the time to get to know the people you employ. That's one of the reasons why I'm pleased to be serving you."

"I don't like servitude," he said. "You work for a branch in my government, but you don't serve it. Of the people and for the people, that's what the American Constitution tells us. If you think you feel you're serving me, then you're under a false assumption. I personally asked for you and Agent Arashikage to become Special Agents to help me on the war on terrorism after G.I.Joe was disbanded. I hope you don't think you were obligated to take the position?"

"No, Mr. President," Falcone answered. "Forgive my last comments, we're happy to be a part of your new government and we're both honored that you hand picked us to be Special Agents after the disbandment of G.I.Joe. And I assure you that we'll get to the bottom of these circumstances." He saluted. Jinx saluted.

The President saluted back. "Good," he said. "I'll be waiting for your report when you get back." The President returned to his desk, and Falcone and Jinx left his office.


In a cargo plane in the dead of night at 25,000 feet, a safe bet above Cobra's radar, Falcone and Jinx suited up to wing blade down to the area where the soldiers were sent in to retrieve the missing satellite broke contact, entangled with Cobra forces. They were both dressed in black body suits. They were to hide their approach and for wind resistance. The cargo plane opened it's back hatch and they both jumped out with their wing blades. They dropped a few thousand feet and then opened their wing span to soften their descent. When they got to a safe distance they released their wing blades and parachuted the rest of the way, landing safely.

Falcon checked his cell phone and recalled the exact location of the small cabin where a entry way into Cobra's underground stronghold could be found. But as soon as they found it, they were suddenly surrounded by Cobra troops and relieved of their weapons. They were escorted into the cabin where two Neo troopers took them down several floors deep into the heart of the Cobra stronghold. Here, they were lead down a long corridor and taken to an office complex and into an personal office, where they stood before Karl Webber, and plopped in two chairs before a desk. They were handcuffed in his presence and the Neo troops who escorted them stood watch as they looked at a man with his one leg folded over another other playing with a Rubix Cube.

"Well, another party sent to shut this facility down, eh?" Karl Webber said, unmasked. But he didn't even acknowledge them. Instead he continued to play with the Rubix Cube. The door to the office opened and his wife, Katie, walked in with a file folder of papers. She handed them to him, stood beside him. "I'm so disappointed that you didn't get further than what you did. Actually, the team sent in before you got further before they were slaughtered like cow meat." He finally looked at them, putting down the almost finished Rubix Cube. "Your attempt was quite pathetic, you know that. I knew you were coming. I'm administrator to his facility and I know everything there is to know concerning this place. There's nothing I'm not blissfully aware of inside or on the surface. And Cobra has spies in every corner of your government."

"Then you know we didn't come alone," Falcon said.

"Don't try that with me, I know you two came alone," he said.

"Where are the missing soldiers you butchered?" Jinx said.

Karl looked at her. His face was expressionless when he answered. "Ground into recycled goods, my dear, and they bodies sent to fortify this complex," he said. "Rest assure, their bodies went towards a good cause. Each of them. Think of them as the Jimmy Hoffa of the 21st Century."

"You ground their bodies to be put into cement? That's sick!" Falcon expressed outraged.

"I feel dead bodies are being wasted buried into the ground to rot. Why not utilize them into something more applicable like structural engineering. The calcium and marrow in bones are an excellent source of material, and can be used to strengthen any building. Think of the possibilities and the money saved if we have the sense to make the dead work for us instead of wasting money on funerals. The possibilities are endless."

"Karl and Katie Webber, known as the Killer Couple, a.k.a. The Natural Born Killers," Falcon said. Karl's eyes widened in surprise. Katie showed a similar expression. Falcon noticed them both. "Oh yes, we know of you and your sadistic wife. And all your escapades with Cobra, before and after they went into hiding, and after G.I.Joe disbanded. You're not the only one with spies in the network. You kill your own men if it suits you. Cobra Commander picked a pair of murderous lunatics as administrators to his facility."

Karl Webber's eyes narrowed, but then he chuckled amusingly. Katie looked at him confused. "I like you, Special Agent Vincent Falcone, and you'll probably make great sport," he said. Then Katie smirked knowing what her husband had in mind. "Take him to the arena and have him dressed in the proper attire. Take Special Agent Arashikage to the audience box. It's time to have a little fun."

The closest Neo-Viper snatched Falcone from the chair and yanked him to his feet. But instead of accepting his fate, he head-butted the Viper in the stomach. Jinx jumped up from her chair and attacked the other Viper. But perhaps due to their training or their strong, muscular builds, both Neo-Vipers recovered quickly and went on the offensive.

Falcone was hit in the side of the head with the butt of a rifle and he dropped to the ground, rendered unconscious, and Jinx was hit across the face with the back of her Neo-Viper's hand and hit the back of her head against the back wall. She slipped down the wall and then folded over unconscious.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Karl Webber said, shaking his head. "Such guile, but such stupidity. But I'm sure to enjoy myself with Special Agent Vincent Falcone in the arena." The Neo-Viper's picked their victims up. "Follow my orders," Karl Webber said. And the Neo-Vipers left the office, dragging Falcone and Jinx behind.

Katie Webber leaned over and kissed her husband. "You always know how to spice up our lives," she then said, lifting up. "But let's make it a double bill. I'm bored and don't want you having all the fun alone."

A playful smile curled up onto Karl Webber's face. "Never argue with a woman," he said. "Let's do it!"

-- to be continued…

But this story is almost finished, so you won't have to wait long.