Meanwhile, Jinx had her hands full with Katie. But she wasn't blind to the fact that Falcone was in need of help. Despite fighting off Katie Webber, Jinx took one of her batons and threw it at Karl Webber, hitting him in the side of the head. It hit hard and he fell over to the left of Falcone feeling his head. Falcone turned over on his side and coughed, holding his throat. Then he quickly got to his feet and backed away from Karl Webber. Jinx made her way over to Falcone and they stood back-to-back.

Karl Webber got to his feet and then went over and picked up the spikeD ball and chain and began to approach Falcone. Katie Webber closed in from the other side.

"Any bright ideas, Jinx?" Falcone asked her.

"Nope," she said. "I was hoping you had one."

"Looks like we're up shit's creek without a paddle," Falcone added. "But it's not over yet."

"I've enjoyed playing with you, Jinx, but now it's time for you to die," Katie Webber said fiercely, and raised her weapon, the sword, above her head to strike.

There was a sudden Whoosh sound.

Suddenly, Katie Webber froze in place, the sword above her head. And when Jinx looked into her eyes she saw a look of horror and surprise. With her eyes wide open, Katie Webber looked down at her chest and saw an arrow sticking out of that had entered through her back. She looked at Jinx and her eyes fluttered. She dropped the sword and then dropped to her knees, and folded over dead. Jinx looked up in the stands and saw Storm Shadow with a bow in his hands.

Karl Webber's mouth dropped agape in utter horror, as he watched his wife drop dead from an arrow. "Katie?" his voice at first a whisper. Then he screamed, "Katie!" Then he looked up at Storm Shadow. "You #$ bastard!" he said to him. "You're supposed to be our ally! Why do you kill my wife! WHY!"

"I am your ally, that is true, but the protection of my family comes foremost," Storm Shadow replied. Karl Webber looked at Jinx. He knew from reading her dossier that Storm Shadow was her cousin. He took out another arrow from a pack on his back and fit it to the bow. He pointed it at him. "And now you can join her."

"No, Storm Shadow, don't kill'em!" Falcone said, getting in front of Karl Webber. He put a hand in the air blocking any angle Storm Shadow may have had to fire his arrow at Webber.

Storm Shadow's eyes narrowed. "And why do you protect your enemy now, Agent Falcone?" he asked. "Karl Webber is a man without scruples, he's a natural born killer. He deserves to die!"

"All creatures deserve to live," Falcone said, "no matter how insane they are."

"Falcone is right," Jinx said. "He's already been delivered the worse sort of punishment, the death of his wife." She looked at him, but was confused by his expression, unaffected by her death.

"I would have expected more from you than giving sympathy to an enemy, my cousin," Storm Shadow said.

There was a brief pause, then Storm Shadow lowered his weapon. "But very well, his life is forfeit to you. But men of his calibre are snakes in the grass that will come back to bite when you least expect them to."

"We'll deal with that," Jinx said.

As they were momentarily distracted, little did anyone know, Karl Webber had slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. And with the speed of a cheetah he leapt into action and put the knife underneath Jinx's throat, holding her against him. Storm Shadow cocked his bow and pointed it at him. "How about now, eh," Karl Webber said, his voice sounding irrational. "You really wanna kill your cousin, Arashikage? I don't think so. Put it down." He slowly took a step backwards and made his way to one of iron gates, coaxing her with him. But Storm Shadow didn't relent, and stood firm. He continued to point the arrow at him. Almost looking for the perfect angle in which to shoot to make the kill.

"Are you nuts, Storm Shadow? Put down the crossbow," Falcone ordered, as Storm Shadow jumped down from the stands into the arena.

"No," Storm Shadow said. "I'm going to kill him."

"You can't take the risk of hitting Jinx," Falcone said, and put up, blocking his shot. "I know how proud you are and your family means everything, but think of the consequences of what could happen. I don't want to lose her. I love Jinx, very much, and I couldn't think of the world without her."

"I know you care for my cousin," Storm Shadow said. "But Karl Webber is a killer, he should be brought down before he kills anyone else."

"I know, but not like this," Falcone said. "We'll find another way. He won't willingly kill her here or he knows we'll take him down. There'll be another opportunity."

"Are you two done chattering about fate yet?" Karl Webber said, and the other two turned and looked at him. "I have a hostage here who is in desperate need of rescuing."

"You seem awfully calm after your wife has been killed," Falcone said.

"She knew the risks," Karl said coldly. "I loved her, but her death won't deter me from obeying my orders. She'd want me to continue with the mission."

"And what is your mission, Karl?" Falconeee asked.

"To give rise to a new Cobra," he said. "This is one of many hidden citadels built by Cobra across the globe that trains its troops. We were put in command of this facility and ordered to oversee its operation until such time Cobra Commander decided to launch an all out attack on the world. He still wants it."

"Even after his defeat by unified forces six years ago the sadistic bastard is still up to his old tricks?" Falcone said. "Well, whenever the big snake decides to show his fangs again, we'll beat him again."

Karl Webber chuckled. "The arrogance of the US Government and its agents," he said. "You really think you have the right to police the world, don't you? It's only a matter of time before you're crushed under the might of an even larger superpower. When Cobra comes to power again, America will fall."

"Time to come in from the cold war, Karl," Falcone said. "No one escapes justice. Cobra Commander will be brought before a tribunal and charged for his crimes against Humanity."

"This isn't a movie or a comic book. You can't just click your heels together and wish for a happy ending. This is life and life is about decisions. Who lives… and who dies." He looked at Jinx when he said that, then looked back at Falcone. "Sacrifices must be made for the good of all mankind, and if that means the deaths of innocent people for a better society, then Cobra Commander is willing to make those sacrifices. America is weak and its leadership laughable. The people are stupid; they have no clue what they want. So they elect an idiot who tells them what they want. And when they're unsatisfied, they have no one else to blame but themselves. Cobra is the order to the unending chaos that plagues the planet. We will prevail."

"America fights for the freedom of everyone," Falcone said academically.

"Freedom is an illusion. And those who believe in its existence are fools. We're all in a prison, locked in a rut -- like rats in a maze. Trapped and herded like cattle to the slaughterhouse. Only those who break away from the norm, who finally realize what's wrong with society and attempt to fix it, the visionaries of the future, are branded as free-thinking radical criminals and thrown in prison to rot. And that will be America's downfall. The Egyptian, the Spartans, the Trojans, the Greeks, Alexander the Great, even the might that was Rome, all believed the same thing; to build a better empire, a more glories empire, they needed to expand, and that over-bearing arrogance contributed to their demise… among other things."

Falconee quickly thought for a solution out of this mess and came up with only one. He anxiously looked at Jinx and said, "Jinx, do you trust me?"

"What?" she said.

"Do you trust me?"

"With my life, Vincent," she said implicitly.

He nodded, and suddenly snatched a Surinken or ninja star from Storm Shadow's belt, and with a swift throw, threw it at Karl Webber. He didn't see it coming, and it embedded deep in his throat.

Jinx pushed her away from him after it hit and Karl Webber grabbed his throat, blood oozing out of the wound and through his fingers, and he dropped to his knees. He looked at Falcone with wide-eyes before he fell to the ground, dead.

Storm Shadow cupped a hand on Falcone's shoulder, looking at Karl Webber laying dead on the ground, in the middle of the arena, and said, "Nicely done, and precisely accurate, Agent Falcone." But then he narrowed his eyes in dislike, and tightly squeezed Falcone's shoulder, delivering unending pain. Falcone cringed, because it was his left side and his arm was broken. "But you could have missed, and hit Jinx!" he said angry. "And if that had happened, you would have joined them."

"Release him, Tommy," Jinx said.

He jerked his head towards her. "Never speak that name in my presence again, cousin," he told her.

"But that is your real name, you've only forgotten your true self," she said.

He suddenly released Falcone and took a step back. Falcone turned around, felt his arm, and gave Storm Shadow a very nasty stare. "The past is ancient history," Storm Shadow said. "And I have no time for it." He ran towards one of the iron cage exits. "Fine your own way out. I will give you five minutes before I set the self-destruction to destroy this facility."

"No, Storm Shadow!" Falcone shouted back, but he was already gone. Falcone looked back at Karl and Katie Webber, and then said, "C'mon, Jinx, we have to get outta here." And she agreed.

Despite the facility was like a maze, they were able to navigate their way out of the Cobra facility before Storm Shadow a series of explosions ravaged the facility. And when it did, the entire area caved in on itself, like a giant sink hole, destroying any possibility of salvaging anything the American government could use for evidence of Cobra's uprising.


When Falcone and Jinx got back to Washington, they submitted their report directly to the President, and saw a member of his Cabinet being taken away in handcuffs by MP's (Military Police), out of the Oval Office. "The C.I.A. discovered he was the leak inside my Cabinet," the President said to them, as he sat behind his desk. "We found out he was filtering classified information to an unknown third party and that the satellite was deliberately forced down to fall into the Colorado Rockies. Excavation of the Cobra base has yet turned up anything of its whereabouts. But from your report, it appears that the satellite might have been destroyed when Storm Shadow destroyed the facility."

"That's correct, Mr. President," Falcone said.

The President quietly sighed, and then nodded. "Excellent work, Agents Falcone and Agent Arashikage, you're a credit to your country," he said smiling, shaking their hands. "But with this new threat of Cobra around the corner with this turn of events, the decision I made was enviable."

"And what decision was that, Mr. President," Falconeeee asked; Jinx wondered the same thing.

And the President told them.

Falcone smiled, and Jinx shared his sentiments.


A few weeks later, G.I.Joe was reinstated, and they were both assigned to the team.