Peter Pan: To Stay...

Peter brings Wendy and her brother's home from Neverland. But what happens if he decides to stay? Will he grow up or return to Neverland to forever be the boy he always was before? Please R&R no Flames. Thanks and Enjoy!


Chapter 1: Resisting Wendy's Plea

Peter saw the tears in Wendy's eyes as he helped her off the ship into the nursey. He understood for the first time what sadness and despair felt like. He didn't want to leave Wendy, and yet he didn't want to leave Neverland. Neverland was all he knew, being a boy was all he knew. Staying with Wendy meant growing up, to go to school, to an office, giving up everything he knew. Yet staying also meant discovering love.

Love, a word he never understood, yet knew Wendy was what it meant. Kind, gentle, and sweet, Wendy was love. What was he to do?

"Please stay with us Peter!" Slightly spoke up breaking Peter's thought. As the rest of the boys joined in his pleading, he only saw Wendy. He only saw Wendy's tears. He only wanted to please her.

"Wendy?" he spoke softly in a voice unlike his own.

"Peter..." she replied.

"Tell me about growing up. What will I have to do?"

Wendy hated this question. It would surely drive Peter away, and she didn't want to loose her love. Her only love. Her forbidden love.

"You'll have to go to school, and go to work," was all that she could say at first.

Peter thought about this and then stood inches away from Wendy, "Will you help me?"

"Oh of course Peter," Wendy sighed, tears flooding out her eyes.

Peter wiped her tears with his thumb and then leaned in to give her a thimble.

Wendy's thimbles were tender, gentle, and kind, just like her. Peter knew he could not live a life without newfound life.

"I will stay Wendy..."

Many years later

Years passed and Wendy and Peter have two beautiful children. Jane who is 6, and Andrew who is 3. Jane looks just like her mother and has her father's spirit. Andrew looks like Peter, and has Wendy's tender nature.

Peter and Wendy graced thier children's lives with tales of Neverland. Tinkerbelle came to visit them and took them to Neverland. Jane and Andrew came back with more thrilling tales and adventures.

All through the years Peter and Wendy's love has never faulted. It has been a model love for thier children...

Many more years later

Jane now has two daughters of her own, Moora, 7, and Belle, 4. Andrew has two sons and a daughter, James, 5, William, 3, and Laura, 1. Peter and Wendy love to tell thier grandchildren about Neverland, and Jane and Andrew tell thier children about it, and they await the day Tinkerbelle comes to get them...

Many more years past

Wendy and Peter are now in thier golden years. One night, they sit together looking out the bay window. They see a light coming toward them. Tinkerbelle flies gracefully in the room. She flys around them and the pixie dust melts the years away, and they are looking at thier 12 year old selfs again. With happy thoughts they fly back to Neverland to live the childhood they loved so much. And this will continue, generation to generation. So when you hear a child's laughter outside at night, that's Peter and Wendy, coming back for thier loved ones to return to thier childhood...Neverland.