A girl walked along a broken road. Her legs weary from walking. Sores had begun to form at the edges of her lips from the lack of water. "Only a few more miles" she thought to herself. The heat had started to take its toll on her tired and weak body. Step by step she could feel herself weakening. Her shirt was slightly torn at the rim of her sleeve. Her tear streeked face was stained with dirt. She was limping on her left leg that was sore and bruised. There was a gash on the side of her stomach that she held with one of her hands to slow down the bleeding.

Climbing up the hill she thought "Am i going to die? No. I cant die. He's waiting for me." With that she pushed herself to keep going. Once she reached the top of the hill she could see the little village that lay beyond. A wave of relief came over her as she quickley hurried down to the houses below. In the hut a man sniffed the air. "Thats Kagome's blood" he thought.He bolted out side the hut knocking down the cutain door. Once he reached outside he saw her. Her eyes were fixed on to him. Tears began to fall down the sides of her cheeks. She was finally there. Her pain was now going to be over. She stopped and looked at him, his face was shocked at the sight of her wounded body.

"Inuyasha!" she screamed while running to him as fast as she could.

Not realizing how weak her body really was, her eyes became dropey and her steps begun to stagger. The last image she saw before she blacked out was the boy running after her. Inuyasha saw the wounded girl begin to fall and quickley went to catch her. She landed right in his arms, her body trembling in pain.

"Kagome. Its me, Inuyasha, wake up Kagome. Wake up!" His words became frantic as he started to panic.

Sango and Miroku heard the screams and ran outside to see what had happened. They looked apon the ground and saw Inuyasha sitting, holding Kagome in his arms.

"Inuyasha...what happened?" the monk asked confused.

Inuyasha didnt reply, he only held Kagome closer. As he picked her up to take her inside her body shudered in pain. It had been a few hours since Inuyasha had found Kagome. She was layed on a mat inside the hut with a blanket over her. Every once in awhile she would move only to wince back in pain. It was late at night and Miroku, Sango and Shippo were asleep. Inuyasha though was still sitting next to Kagome. Her body had begun to shake violently. She had started to yell in her sleep. Out of her mouth came a scream

"INUYASHA!" Inuyasha softly patted her back.

"Its ok Kagome, im right here dont be afraid". Beads of sweat had formed on her forehead. Inuyasha took out a peice of cloth and wiped them away. As the cloth rubbed against her skin her eyes bagan to open.

"Inu...yasha...?" she faintly said.

"Kagome! Your awake?" he said suprisingly. She tired to get up but cried out in pain. He genltly grabed her to help her lay back down. "You shouldnt be up yet, your still to wounded." he said in concern.

"Inuyasha...?" she asked.

"Yes Kagome?" he quickley responded.

"Can you...hold me?" her eyes were shut and her face was pale.

"what...what do you mean" he asked.

"I...im scared. I need to know that your here"

Inuyasha's face was in awe. "she's scared?" he thought to himself. Her eyes slightly opened as she began to speak.

"I had a nightmare. It was horrible. I watched as you...as you..." her eyes began to fill with tears.

"What is it Kagome. What did you see?" he asked. She turned and looked at him. The tears now falling down the sides of her cheeks.

"I watched as you died." Inuyasha's eyes grew wider as Kagome burst into tears.

"Kagome, its ok it was only a nightmare." He said trying to stop her from crying. He always hated it when she cried.

"But it felt so real. I thought i had lost you forever." Her voice became more afraid and broken.

"I wont ever leave you Kagome..." He gently lifted her up and laid her in his lap. "I will always be here to protect you." with that she smiled and fell back asleep. Morning had come and she awoke laying on her mat with hapy smiles looking down at her,

"Kagome! Im so happy your ok." Shippo said while leaping into her arms.

"Yes I am to relived that your are well." Miroku said with smirk on his face. "It would have been a shame to see a body as flawless as yours go to waste." Sango came up from behind him and slapped him upside the head.

"He does mean well Kagome...even if he is a leturus monk." she ended with a growl. Kagome smiled then noticed someone was missing.

"Where is Inuyasha?" she asked her friends.

"He left a little while ago, i think he said he was going to go and think somewhere." Miroku said while rubbing the lump on his head, Kagome tried to get up but she was still to weak for that. With a failed atempt, she layed back down.

"Let us leave then, Kagome needs her rest." Sango said while looking at the tired Kagome.

"I agree." Miroku said while stroking the back side of Sango. SLAP

"Get lots of rest Kagome." said Sango while dragging Miroku outside the hut. Once her friends had left Kagome closed her eyes and tried to fall aseep. The moment her eyes shut a vision of some sort came to her head. It was of Inuyasha. She felt her arms were resticted. She looked down to see what was holding her back. Her wrists were tied to a thin tree of to the side. She watched as Inuyasha was talking to some one. It was Kikyo. Kagome's eyes grew wide and droped her mouth in suprise. Kagome heard the sound of footsteps and awoke from her dream. She looked toward the door and saw Inuyasha staring at her. When she opened her eyes wide enough for him to see, he quickly came to her side.

"Are you ok Kagome?" He asked.

"Im fine." she looked away from him as she thought of the dream.

"Is something wrong?" he asked kind of confused.

"Its nothing." she said while shaking the dream out of her head.

"Kagome...can i ask you something?" she nodded her head in response. "I didnt want to ask you this untill you were well enough to talk. What happened to you? You were supossed to be in your era for six days. She looked up at him.

"I wanted to come back early. I missed you." she smiled.

"She missed me?" he thought. She contined on with her story.

"I came out of the well and noticed how bright the sky was. It was beautiful. Then i got a bad feeling. I felt a tainted sacred jewel coming my way. I tried to run and get you guys but i wasnt fast enough. The next thing i knew i was up in the air. When i felt some one grab my waist i looked up to see who it was." Her voice became harsh and her eyes shut. "It was...Naraku." Inuyasha felt his fist clentch and he earged her to go on. "He started to laugh, he said that i was in for something big, something that would change everything as we knew it. He then released a miasma and made me pass out. I dont remeber anything after that." Inuyasha's fists were shaking now.

"Damn that Naraku!" he slammed his fist into the ground. "I shouldve known that he would pull something like this." he glanced back at Kagome who had laid back down.

She heard Inuyasha run off out of the hut. Kagome sighed as a small pain came from the wound on her side. She sat up and unwraped the bandage around her stomach. Taking the last bit of cloth off, she noticed that there was a purple coloration surounding the edges of the gash. "Maybe i shouldnt tell anyone about this, expecaily not Inuyasha." She reached over an grabed the roll of fresh bandages and re-wraped her wound. She stuck the old ones back deep into her back pack so that her friends would not descover the purple color that appeared on them.