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Chapter 1

As she sat by the pond, Galinda listened to Shenshen and Pfannee argue over which boy they were going to the pubs with later that evening.

"Avaric and I would look so perfect together" Shenshen said "he's just a little taller than I am and his eyes will match what dress I'm wearing!"

"You can change your dress to match Boq's eyes! I all ready said I was going with Avaric when they invited us." Pfannee quipped.

"You did not! Galinda did you hear her say anything about going with Avaric?"

Galinda continued to stare and the piece of grass she had been twirling around on her finger.

"Will you look at her? She's already picturing Fiyero's ring around her finger", Shenshen said while waving her hands in front of Galinda's face.

Snapping out of her daze Galinda looked up and her two friends who were stifling their laughter.

"What?" Galinda said.

"We were just wondering if you were going to let Fiyero propose to you before you called the catering company," said Pfannee.

"I was not thinking about Fiyero thank you very much. Unlike the two of you, I do think about things other than boys, "Galinda said with a pout. "I was just wondering what makes the grass here so much greener than at home."

Shenshen looked at Galinda as though she had sprouted another head out of her pink sundress. "Galinda are you feeling well? I think you've been hanging out with your horrid, boring roommate too much. Her crazy thoughts are sneaking into your head. You're still not talking to her, right? Oz knows what that will do to your reputation if she actually confronts you in public. It'd be best to keep her at a distance all together."

"Of course we're not best friends or anything. We're complete opposites, what sense would that make," Galinda said turning her attention back to the blade of green staring at its deep shade of green. "But as for Avaric and Boq, Pfannee did say she wanted to be escorted by Avaric while you were staring in at the truffles at the sweet shop."

"Told you." Shenshen said as she stuck her tongue out at Pfannee.

"But Shenshen also waited until you were distracted to say something" Galinda admitted.

"You cheat!" Pfannee shouted at Shenshen as she threw some grass at her.

The three girls got up from their resting place on the grass and started to make their way back to Shiz campus. Galinda walked along the dirt path trying to block out the other two girls continued argument with her own thoughts.

What would Shenshen and Pfannee do if they found out her and Elphie, that's what she called her now, Elphie, were growing to become close acquaintances in the privacy of their dorm room? Galinda smiled to herself thinking about how she and Elphie started talking one night a few weeks ago after she got back from a party at the boy's campus.


Galinda walked in to find Elphie reading in their dark room by the fire. Galinda stumbled a bit into the room, trying to recover quickly before she broke something in the dark because knowing her luck it would be something of hers.

"Why wouldn't you light some lamps in this place if you're up still? I could break my neck trying to get through here."

Elphaba didn't even look up from her book when she replied, "You'll notice the only reason you'll hurt yourself is because you left your side of the room a mess when you went through it like a tornado earlier trying to get ready for tonight's festivities. If you cared about your precious neck, you would think about the fact you'll probably be coming home in the dark for future reference and the things on the floor might hinder your graceful entrance."

"Yet another typical response from the Mean Green. Don't you ever get tired of being so rude and hateful to everyone in your life?" Galinda asked Elphaba as she went about kicking the dismissed outfits from her earlier try on session into a pile in the middle of her pink fluffy rug that covered her side of the room. "It might be a nice change for you to just be happy or nice. You could actually make friends or something."

"I'm generally not 'rude and hateful' as you put it. I am honest and most people interpret that incorrectly, present company included. I don't plan on going around telling people what they want to hear just so they will be my friend…or something." Elphaba stated as she turned the page of her book pushing her glasses up further onto her face mimicking Galinda's high pitch voice when saying 'something'.

Galinda sighed and went into the bathroom to change into her nightgown and wash up for the evening. Elphaba thought she had gotten the best of her usually persistent roommate and decided to put her book up and get ready for bed as well. Since she didn't need to use the bathroom to "wash up" she started her process in the bedroom changing into her black night slip.

Galinda came out of the bathroom with her hair partly wrapped in pink curlers on top of her head with her toothbrush hanging out of her mouth as she did a roller up.

"You know there is a difference being….Oh my…sorry Elphie" Galinda turned quickly as she caught a glimpse of her roommate before she was fully changed.

"Don't worry, you're fine" Elphaba said with a greener tint to her cheeks as she finished sliding her slip on and crawling into bed. "And what did you just call me?"

"What?" Galinda came back out with her eyes shielded this time, just in case.

"You can put your hand down silly girl. I'm all ready in bed, fully covered from innocent eyes. And you called me something, what was it?" Elphaba said as she settled herself into bed, the greener tint still in her cheeks.

Galinda brought her hand down and went over to her bed. "Sorry about that again, I really didn't see much so need to be embarrassed. And I called you Elphie, I think it would be a nice nickname for you, if you were to have a nickname. It's less formal, more fun. But anyway, I was going to say that there is a difference between someone who's doing nothing but being honest and what you are. I mean, you are honest but it's only about negative things, never positive or good things. That's how you come off as mean. You draw attention to the bad and let the good go by without even an acknowledgement."

Elphaba stared at the ceiling thinking about what the blonde girl had said. At first she was shocked that such a thought had even entered the other girl's head as Elphaba had assumed she only used it to bounce her silky blonde hair around and support the occasional hat but then she thought about the truth of her statement.

As Galinda laid there waiting awhile for Elphaba's usual Mean Green comment to come whirling back at her, she thought maybe Elphaba had just fallen asleep, ignoring their conversation until she heard a quiet voice from the other side of the room.

"You may have a point about my honesty but I will have to think more on the 'Elphie' part. Good night Galinda."

"Good night Elphi…Elphaba. Fresh dreams," Galinda answered a little stunned.


As she made her way into the campus, the silly smile stayed on her face thinking about all the other conversations the two had had since that first night. Galinda waved goodbye to her two friends who were still bickering. She started thinking about all she needed to do to get ready for the evening. Suddenly a great idea popped into her head and Galinda started to rush to her room not being able to contain the excitement her brilliance had brought her.

Running into the room Galinda tossed her hat off and looked about the room for Elphaba. Not finding her in their bedroom she walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the closed door.

"Elphie, are you in there?"

"No, it's some stranger holing themselves up in our bathroom because they can't get enough of your lilac lotion."

"That's cute Elphie, very cute. Sarcasm is very becoming on you as always. I need to talk to you when you come out. It's very important so don't dawdle," Galinda said rolling her eyes on the other side of the door. She bounced around the room straightening different things as she waited for her emerald roommate to make her entrance. She had to approach her roommate in a way that she couldn't refuse the idea. It may take a little poking and prodding but luckily those were things Galinda was good at. She let out a little evil chuckle at the thought of holding all Elphaba's text books hostage until she went along with the idea.

Elphaba strolled into the room trying to go unnoticed for as long as she could as Galinda's back was turned.

"Anytime today Elphie!" Galinda shouted over her shoulder. As she turned around she ran smack into a proud, smiling Elphaba.

"Oh my Oz you scared me! Why would you sneak up on someone like that you mean thing," Galinda asked swatting at her roommate's arm.

"Just practicing," Elphaba said turning around and going over to her bed to sit down "I really didn't think I'd made it all the way over to you. You never know when you'll need to use the element of surprise."

"That right there, Elphaba, it's just scary that you would think like that. Just don't do it to me again and especially not at night. I'll have to practice my ninja chop skills on you," Galinda slid next to Elphaba, still giving her enough personal space. The two weren't that close yet. "But enough with such unpleseantries, I have great news for you!"

"Do you really? Or is this news that would make you excited and me want to run in the opposite direction? Like Follies and Raines having a dress sale or free makeovers at Wittlies this weekend."

"No, no of course you'll be excited. It's right up there with Barneb's Bookstore having a sale. You get to come with the group to the pubs tonight! The boys will be there and of course ShenShen and Pfannee will be there and a few…"

Elphaba sat and watched Galinda announce the other attendees with her left eyebrow quirked up wondering if the blond was even listening to herself.

"…and we won't be out too late even though it is a weekend evening. I know how worried you are about staying out late. But what we will have to worry about is what you're going to wear. Do you have any suggestions?" Galinda finished her announcement to Elphaba looking up at her with hopeful eyes and the biggest 'Pleeeaaase?' smile she could spread on her face.

"Galinda, I…why in the world would you think…" Elphaba paused for a moment looking into her friend's eyes for a second. In them she saw sincerity, hopefulness and even a little nervousness. She tried to think back to the last time someone had invited her to go out with them. Times with Nessarose and Nanny came to mind but nothing from people she would consider 'friends' and no one looked like this when they asked her. Could anyone turn down this perky thing? It would be like someone harming a cute puppy. Her parents must have been put through Hell and back trying to refuse their little girl something.

"…why would you think it would be hard to find something for me to wear?" Elphaba finished, not allowing herself to look at Galinda while she answered.

"Now Elphie I don't want to hear that kind of an attitude from you…" Galinda paused from her prepared argument, letting Elphaba's words register.

The next few moments were a blur of squeals, hugs and bouncing on the bed. Elphaba tried to keep from smiling but a smirk crept across her face as her friend reacted to her unexpected give in.

"Oh Elphie you are going to have so much fun! We are going to have so much fun! And like I said we don't have to stay long at all. In fact you can decide how long we stay tonight. You want to leave we'll leave, just like that," Galinda said emphasizing her statement with a snap of her fingers.

"You make it sound as though I'm your date tonight and not Fiyero Tiggular that Winkie prince who's reputation is so scandalacious," Elphaba said while fanning herself and rolling her eyes with a smile.

"Laugh now Elphie but get it all out now because tonight my friends will be your friends and I'm sure they'd have a few digs they could make at you that you would not appreciate," Galinda warned.

"Yes, yes, I will be on my best behavior," Elphaba told Galinda.

Elphaba sat and thought about what she had actually just agreed to. An evening of drinking and debauchery with some of the most popular kids in her year at Shiz University, all of whom have probably talked badly about her or made fun of her one way or another.

"Galinda, are you sure about this?" Elphaba said showing the first sign of nervousness and regret Galinda had even seen from the girl.

"Elphie, I know this seems really scary to you right now but it'll be fun. I must admit I didn't expect you to accept defeat so early in the discussion but it will be good for you. When was the last time you cut loose and had fun since you've been at Shiz? And no, going to the library for your 'pleasure reading' does not count. It'll be good for you to meet these people and for them to meet you."

"But they don't like me Galinda. Not one of them."

"That's where you're wrong Elphie. I know one of them is growing quite fond of you whether you like it or not. Now act like the big girl I know you can be and show me what you think you are going to wear tonight."

"Oh, now you're mocking me? You need to work on your persuasion tactics."

"I'll work on that right after I master my ninja chop," Galinda replied giggling while making a chopping action at Elphaba's waist as they headed over to Elphaba's closet.

After going through dozens of outfits that looked remarkably similar, Galinda settled on a sleeveless black dress that fit less like a potato sack on Elphaba than the others.

"Somewhere in this world Elphie there is a store missing its garbage bags because you've stolen them all to play them off as dresses. And I know it's not because you can't afford other things, I've seen the stash of money you put away every week from your allowance. You have a gorgeous figure; why not show it off a little bit once in awhile? Now once we're done with this I'll fix your hair." Galinda asked while she finished pulling at different areas of Elphaba's dress to fit a little better.

"Well at least now I feel validated in my paranoia thinking you were watching me while you were supposedly studying. That money is going to be what gets me through life after Shiz. It'll be better used on food and shelter than designers and name brand products," Elphaba said as she sat so Galinda could brush her hair.

Galinda sighed at such talk. "So serious. I think you need tonight more than you realize Elphaba. And remember if you feel uncomfortable or you don't like how something is going and you don't think you can deal with it, come and get me and we'll leave that second. I won't be too far from you; I'll make sure of it."

"I'm sure you're right that I'll be fine Galinda. It might just take a little bit for me to get used to the situation. But as you stated, I am a big girl. I think I can handle myself. But I did want to say thank you for asking me."

Galinda stopped fixing her hair and turned to face Elphaba. She looked at the girl with a beaming smile as she noticed a slight change in her roommate. Not being able to pinpoint it at that moment she gave her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

"You're very welcome Elphie. And just so you know, I hope it's not our last outing together." Galinda released Elphaba, flashed her one last bright smile and grabbed her bag and keys. "Well, you look great. Do you feel ready?"

Elphaba walked over to Galinda's side of the room and looked at the girl in the mirror. There she was, the green, gangly girl who everyone knew as a bookworm that had a smart comment back for every one tossed her way, but now there was something different in the girl she saw. Her flowing dark hair down around her shoulders, no glasses on her face, a dress that showed she actually did have a pair of hips and a borrowed pair of black shoes that pushed her up an inch higher and made her stand a bit straighter while pulling her shoulders back. She felt that the girl she was looking at might actually be able to last the night and have a little fun in the process.

'With a little help of course', Elphaba thought as she caught the reflection of her roommate fiddling with some things in her bag. And maybe she would return home with some new friends…or something. At that thought, she looked back to her awaiting escort with one of the biggest smiles she could muster.

"Yeah, I think I'm ready. I think I'm ready for this."