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Jack Shephard walked through the aisle of the train. He was looking for his sleep car when he spotted the numbers that matched his ticket. He was a surgeon and had a very stressful job. He decided to take a break and just get away from it all. That was why he booked a two week vacation taking a train across the country. He looked around and it made him think of the old movies. The train was just like he expected, there was a dining service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The train even came with a bar car and everything. Jack had paid the extra money to get one of the private sleep cars so he could just chill, read, relax and do whatever he wanted for two weeks without bothering anyone. He had read the brochures and his car came with its own bathroom and shower. He set his bag down as he reached the door that was his. He used his key and opened the door and saw a beautiful brunette standing in his room.

"Hello" Jack said looking back at the ticket and door to make sure he was indeed in the right room. The woman jumped slightly and turned in his direction.

"Don't tell me they double booked us" the woman said letting out a sigh. Jack just glanced at her confused; at least she was calm and not screaming at him. "I just knew this would happen," she kept going. "Everytime I book a vacation either they forget my reservation or double book it. And I know for a fact that the train is completely full so you might as well just come in cause it looks like we're sharing." The woman said looking back in her suitcase.

Jack wasn't exactly sure what he should be doing. "Maybe I could go askā€¦" he was cut off by the woman.

"Trust me there are no rooms. I know they did this on purpose; they put me in a smoking room when I specifically asked for a non smoking car. They told me they had no rooms left when this one became mysteriously available. I was going to just say forget it but they had already given my original room away." She said shaking her head.

Jack entered the room, closing the door behind him. He glanced around, one bed, well this would be interesting. The woman sighed and set her things down that she was fiddling with in her suitcase. She turned and looked at him.

"I'm sorry I'm being rude and you must think I'm a complete lunatic. I'm Kate" she said holding her hand out to him. He set his bag down and clasped her hand within his own. The minute his skin contacted hers Jack was sure an electric current ran through his body.

"Jack" he said pulling his hand away as if burned. "My name is Jack."

Kate looked at him and she had felt the current as well. She noticed he looked slightly nervous so she tried to put him to ease.

"Well Jack it looks like we're roommates at least for a day or two. I guess more rooms we'll be opening the day after tomorrow. I'll let you get unpacked and I'll just be there at the table. Uh feel free to move my things to one side of the drawers and closets. I thought I'd be alone so my stuff is kind of spread out." Kate went and sat at the table and Jack saw her scribbling away on a notebook. He unpacked his bag and moved her things slightly so his things could share the space. He looked down and saw his things next to her and it was strange.

When he was all done he figured they better talk and see what they were going to do about the sleeping arrangements. He sat down at the table and she looked up at him with a smile and once again Jack was stunned by her beauty. He also became aware of the gold band and diamond ring that enclosed her left ring finger. He looked down at his own ring and suddenly wondered if this was such a great idea.

Kate noticed his gaze and she followed it to see him contemplating what looked like to be a wedding ring.

"You're married?" she said checking out the ring.

Jack looked up, yeah almost five years now. You?" he asked pointing to her hand.

Kate smiled, "Yup happily married and the whole nine yards. Is your wife on the train cause it might get a little crowded in here?" Kate said with a smile.

Jack chuckled, "Nope it's just the two of us unless you're husband is coming. Will he mind you sharing a room with a strange man?"

Kate turned her eyes to him and Jack was slightly stunned as her eyes moved slowly up and down his body. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him." she said giving him a naughty smile. Jack breathed in quickly as Kate openly flirted with him, was she serious? He watched her turn her gaze to the bed. "Looks like we're sharing more than a room."

Jack coughed, "I can sleep on the floor or on the loveseat." He said pointing to a piece of furniture in the room.

Kate ignored what he said, "What do you do for a living Jack?"

"I'm uh I'm a doctor. You?" Jack asked feeling slightly bizarre.

"I'm a writer, I needed to just get away and have an adventure get the creative juices flowing. Told my husband I needed this trip and he completely agreed. What about you, what has you spending two weeks of your life traveling the countryside?"

"Stress" Jack said with a rueful smile. "My job was getting hectic and I was working insane hours. My wife told me I needed to get away and just rest and recharge. So here I am." Jack said looking around nervously. "Anyway I can just crash on the floor or the chair."

"Absolutely not Jack, you'll hurt yourself sleeping on the loveseat, it's too small and you're too tall. And we're on a train if you try sleeping on the floor you're going to get bounced around the room and it will be too noisy for you to sleep. We'll share the bed." Her voice dipped slightly and Jack felt his body tighten against his will. He glanced over and saw Kate looking at him thoughtfully.

"What will your wife say when you tell her you shared a sleeper car with a strange woman?" she asked echoing his own question.

Jack chuckled nervously, "Probably best not to tell her." He looked at the floor and suddenly found his shoes fascinating.

"It's almost dinner time, what do you say we head to the dining car." Kate said breaking the tension in the room. Jack was grateful for the interruption and jumped to his feet to grab a couple of his things. They actually had a very nice dinner and chatted about each others lives and told each other their own embarrassing stories. At one point an older couple walked by and told them they made a delightful couple. Jack had blushed and Kate just grinned and said thank you. The sexual tension had dropped during dinner. But now they were sitting there enjoying their third serving of wine and Jack was feeling very relaxed. Kate looked up and her eyed dances mischievously.

"Come on lets head back to the room." She said holding out her hand with a giggle. Neither were drunk but they we're definitely feeling good. They strolled back to the room and Jack noticed how perfect Kate fit as she walked with her arm wrapped through his and her head on his shoulder. They entered their car and Jack turned to lock it up. When he turned back he found Kate directly in front of him their bodies just inches from touching.

"Kate" he said breathlessly but Kate covered his mouth with her hand.

"Don't talk Jack just feel. We have the opportunity to just be with one another and no one will ever have to know. I know you feel the connection we have. We could be with each other and just feel and taste and it could be our secret." Kate said pressing her body against his.

Jack felt like he was living one of those letters that people send in to Penthouse magazine. Was he ready and willing to do this? To just take Kate to bed? He looked into her eyes and Kate moved forward and pressed her lips hard against his. Jack was immediately pulled into the kiss and responded eagerly. He wrapped his arms around her and ran his fingers through her hair.

Kate pulled away to take a breath and she smiled, "Come on Jack, I need the adventure and you need the tension reliever, we can help each other. This could be so much fun." She said excitedly. Jack grabbed her by the waist and kissed her hungrily, he cleared all his thoughts as he ravished her mouth with his tongue which she eagerly accepted into his mouth. Soon they were on the bed fumbling and tearing at each others clothes. Jack kicked his shoes off as Kate ripped off her shirt. She had gotten rid of her shoes earlier. She fumbled with the button of his pants and let out a thrilled cry when she got them open and she pushed them and his boxers halfway down his legs. Jack ripped off his shirt and reached down to pull Kate's panty hose down. He slipped his fingers of the elastic of her panties and took them with the nylons.

"Now" Kate whimpered digging her fingers into his back. Jack stood and went to his bag; he always kept condoms with him in case his wife was in the mood. He quickly discarded that thought and saw Kate had pulled her bra and skirt off and was waiting for him eagerly. Jack rolled the condom on and then went to the bed where he placed himself between her legs. He lowered himself on top of her while simultaneously easing inside her entrance. Kate's eyes rolled back and she let out a moan as Jack pushed all the way inside of her. She was tight but fit him perfect and he sighed as Kate dug her nails into his back.

Jack began to thrust in and out of her at a slow pace but he worked the speed up as he went. Kate was wriggling beneath him calling his name and begging him to fuck her harder. Jack repositioned himself and gripped her thighs as he began to hammer into her. Kate cried out and clutched him close with her arms around his neck and his legs around his waist. After a few moments of Jack driving her mad, Kate came hard and fast crying out his name and pressing her mouth hard against his. The tightening of her body around his set his nerves on edge and he drove himself hard and deep within her. Seconds later he came hard and fast and collapsed against her chest. He rolled off of her and sat up. He discarded the used condom and he felt Kate placing soft kisses along his back and shoulders. Though he knew he shouldn't he let his head sink back and Kate quickly moved to kiss and suckle his neck. Jack moved to lay on his back and Kate straddled him.

"I want you again" she whispered.

Jack chuckled, "You might have to wait a few minutes for me to catch up."

Kate gave him a wicked smile, "I'll wait, we have lots of time to play and you need your strength.

Kate hadn't been lying when she said that, she and Jack made love numerous times through the night, from the bed, to the shower to the hard surface of the doorway. The more they made love the braver they became. Some of their coupling had been slightly kinky and Jack at one point had Kate on all fours and took her from behind. Her cries of ecstasy confirmed she enjoyed the position very much as well. After losing count on how many times they made love they collapsed in a heap on the bed. Kate snuggled close to Jack and he held her as they rested.

The next morning Kate got out of bed and kissed Jack gently on the cheek and hopped into the shower. She had a smile plastered to her face that would not be coming off anytime soon. Jack was woken up by the banging on the door. He stumbled from the bed throwing on his pants. He answered the door and found one of the train employees outside the door.

"Hello Dr. Shepahrd, we had a slight mix-up in the kitchen so we're going door to door asking if you and your wife signed up for breakfast in the dining car or breakfast delivered the room." He said politely.

"Uh let me see." Jack was still half asleep and out of sorts. He knocked on the bathroom door.

"Come in" he heard Kate's sweet voice call out.

He entered as he adjusted his eyes to the steam filled room.

"Did we order breakfast to be delivered to the room?" he asked hoping she could hear him.

"Yeah" she called out. Jack went back and informed the young man and was reassured their food would be there shortly.

Jack was rubbing his eyes trying to wake up when he felt to arms wrap around his waist and Kate pressed her wet towel clothed body against his back.

He turned in her embrace and tugged her tight against him.

"Hi" he said brushing his lips against hers.

"Hi" she answered by deepening the kiss. After a few minutes they pulled away to breathe. "Did you have fun last night?" she asked.

Jack grinned, "Baby I always have fun when I'm making love to you. Except next time you want to role play I want to be the seducer." He said nuzzling her with his nose.

Kate giggled, "I could live with that, do you know what today his?"

Jack pretended to think hard as he tried to remember the answer. Kate smacked him in the arm and he laughed.

"Happy Anniversary Mrs. Shephard" Jack said kissing her deeply. When they broke away Kate grinned back at him.

"Happy Anniversary right back at you Dr. Shephard, can you believe that we've been married five years already?" she asked with a grin.

"I'm surprised I'm still alive with all these kooky games you come up with." Jack teased taking her hand in his; he lifted her fingers to his mouth and kissed the wedding band and diamond ring that he had placed on her hand five years earlier. "Seriously two people stuck in a sleeper car together?" he asked her jokingly.

Kate rolled her eyes, "Well it was fun wasn't it?" she asked biting his lip.

"Yes," Jack agreed. "Yes it was but I think its best to know I would never cheat on my wife." He said sweetly and Kate grinned. She leaned up and kissed him breathless.

"You better not" she said breaking away. Jack scooped his wife into his arms and placed her in the bed. He crawled in after her holding her tight to him. Kate stroked his chest as he pulled her towel off and she moved her hands to push his jeans down.

Seconds later they were making love except this time they weren't pretending to be two strangers having an affair on the train, but two soul mates and lovers connecting on the deepest level possible. And they didn't need to pretend for that.

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