Ok guys do I promised Dark Jack so here it is. Be warned Jack is going to have done some things people won't like but just remember this is a Jate fic so don't panic. Also I have decided to not include Juliet in this but I have added some fictional characters of my own.

So this takes place back when Jack was being held by the Others and Kate and Sawyer have escaped (you know the scene when we were all kind of pissed at Kate and kind of hoping she'd fall out of the canoe and get eaten by a shark) Anyway the rescue attempt didn't work because the Others had moved and Kate, Sayid and Locke were unable to find Jack. Six months have passed and everyday Kate thinks about Jack and never gives up hope of finding him. She had tried numerous times to locate him but has failed every time. She decides she wants to look once more. This time the rescue party will be made up of Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Hurley and Charlie. Kate broke up with Sawyer the minute they had gotten back and though he had always kept hope to win Kate over he knew she was in love with Jack. He also would never admit but he agreed to go on the rescue mission because he missed the Doc and their bizarre friendship. Plus he owed the doc cause Jack had sacrificed himself to save Jack. Sayid has agreed to go along but deep down believes that after six months of no sign of Jack they would never find him. Hurley and Charlie are along because even though this is Dark Jack we need a little comedic interference of our favorite island duo of Hurly and Charlie. Ok so that should explain everything.


They had been walking for what felt like days. This was the only section of the island that they hadn't searched. Sayid had done his best to graph out a crude map of the island and they had look in the portions he had sectioned off. This was the last portion of their grid. Sayid led the way followed by an intense Kate. Sawyer was behind her while Charlie and Hurley pulled the rear of the group. The two were arguing about great eighties bands. While they were arguing over the popularity of Duran Duran, Sawyer was weighing the option of which one of the two he should kill first. Sayid and Kate had somehow seemed to have blocked out the ridiculous conservation. They were walking through a clearing when Kate felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She realized Sayid felt it too because he stopped suddenly taking in his surroundings. Noticing Sayid and Kate's reactions Sawyer immediately went on guard. Hurley and Charlie were too busy talking to notice the change in their companions, so much so that Charlie walked right into Sawyer nearly sending him to the ground. Sawyer quickly turned and cursed out the English rocker. He stopped when Sayid raised his hand signaling for silence.

Before they could respond the five travelers were suddenly surrounded by ten armed men. Kate recognized one of the men as the man who called himself Tom. She knew she should be scared but she wasn't. This meant they had found the Others, finally she would find out where Jack was. She wouldn't leave until she knew what had happened to her Jack.

Tom looked at the travel weary group and sighed. He shook his head and focused on Kate.

"I thought you were smarter than this Kate. Jack told you to never come back, you should have listened to him." Tom said.

Kate stared him the eye and didn't blink when she quickly asked. "Is he still alive?"

Tom could see the pleading in her eyes and he almost felt bad for the woman. That wasn't his job or his business so he quickly shook the feelings off.

"He is alive and well, now that you know that you can return to your side of the island." Tom said.

"You're just going to let us go?" Sawyer asked suspiciously.

Tom nodded, "In case you haven't noticed you haven't been bothered by any of our people. We are going through a change of sorts. Long story short, we have no interest in you or your people. Go back to your beach and stay there. Rescue should be coming soon." He said with a shrug.

One of the other men looked at Tom. "I thought they should have been rescued already" he said curiously.

Tom gave another shrug. "I don't know something must have gotten screwed up."

The guard sighed almost sadly. "He's gonna be pissed."

"I'll tell him" Tom said and they all watched as the 9 other men all relaxed visibly.

"Looks like we are going to be giving Ben a hard time, sounds good to me." Sawyer muttered. Tom sighed and looked at the sky. It was getting dark.

"Change of plans, you will be coming with us for the night. You can return tomorrow to your side of the island." Tom said.

Kate felt her heart leap; maybe this would be her opportunity to find out where they were keeping Jack.

"Why would Ben want us to be allowed to go free?" she asked. "Wouldn't he demand you bring us back to play some sick mind games?"

"Ben has changed" Tom said and he gave the other men a nod. "We are going to let you go tomorrow but we can't just let you keep armed so you need to hand over your weapons and tomorrow when you leave you will get them back."

Before Sayid and Sawyer could argue, Kate handed her gun over right away.

"Take me to Jack, please?" she pleaded.

Tom looked at the other men. "Take them to the main house; he'll want to know they are here."

The trip to the Other's camp was quiet and they were all feeling different emotions. Kate's heart was racing, She knew she would be seeing Jack soon and if they tried to keep her from him she'd d whatever it took to reach him. They entered what suddenly revealed as a suburban neighborhood. They all looked on astonished as they saw fully built houses, not tents or shacks but real houses. Tom led them to a large house in the middle of the compound and knocked on the door. Seconds later the door opened and a red haired woman wearing a pair of short shorts and a tight tank top answered the door. Her eyes took in the strangers and then she focused on Tom.

"He's not here." She said with a bored expression.

"Where did he go?" Tom asked.

The girl rolled her eyes, "How should I know, it's not like he goes over his schedule with me. I'm lucky he remembers my name half the time."

"You knew what you were getting into when you hooked up with him." Tom said with a roll of his eyes.

"He was supposed to fall in love with me, not use me every other day of the week" she grumbled. She focused on the people standing with Tom.

"Who are they?" She asked.

"They're from the plane crash." Tom said.

"The plane crash?" she asked sounding confused. "But I thought they were all rescued by now, oh man he's going to be pissed."

Charlie looked at Hurley "Am I the only one who has a problem with everyone saying we we're supposed to be rescued and weren't and Ben is pissed off."

The woman went to say something but was interrupted by Sawyer.

"Listen sweetcheeks as much fun as it is gawking at your scantily clad body, mind letting us in."

The woman turned her gaze on Sawyer and the look she gave him was akin to someone stepping in dog crap. She looked him over and then suddenly a look of recognition came to her eyes. She didn't know the people personally but she had heard stories.

"You must be the hillbilly," she said turning her gaze to Sayid, "The Iraqi" she then looked at Charlie and Hurley, "The comic relief and the rock star." She then brought her attention to Kate and a smirk appeared on her lips, "That must mean you're the whore." She said with a chuckle.

"Excuse me?" Kate asked her mouth dropping slightly. The woman just rolled her eyes and looked back at Tom.

"Look I'm outta here, you tell him when he gets home that if he wants me from now on he has to come and get me, I'm tired of begging for his attention." With that she walked past them and walked down the sidewalk to another house.

"Like that's ever going to happen." Tom said. He motioned the group in the house.

They walked in and settled in the living room. Kate was anxious she was still peeved about that woman's remarks and she also wanted to stop wasting time and get to Jack.

Hurley and Charlie were looking around the room.

"Dude this sucks" Hurley said. "I mean all this time we have been sleeping in make shift tents and these people have like real homes."

Charlie nodded "It's kind of a screwed up version of Club Med."

"Would you yokels pipe down." Sawyer said suddenly feeling like an underpaid, unappreciated babysitter.

"Where's Jack?" Kate asked ignoring all the other conversations.

"Be patient Kate." Tom said. "We have to stay here for now, but I promise you'll see Jack again."

Kate sighed and leaned back her arms crossed. She knew she sounded like a broken record but she didn't care. She wanted Jack.

"Hey Hurley, A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat, she said, 'Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub'." The two cracked up and even Sawyer and Tom snickered.

They were interrupted by the front door opening and footsteps heading towards them. A man entered and he was recognized as one of the men who originally found them.

"He's here" he said to Tom nervously looking at the group of castaways.

They heard the door open again and Kate prepared herself to see Ben once again. His mind games and manipulations were still fresh in her mind even after all this time. She hated him he had kept Jack from her for six months.

When he walked into the room everyone stopped stunned. Ben wasn't standing in front of them, Jack was.

He looked around the room and when he saw the group his eyes narrowed and he looked at Tom.

"What the fuck is going on?" he asked and Kate flinched at the menace in his voice. Why was Jack walking around unescorted? What was going on?

Tom stood up and cleared his throat. "We found then wandering near the border, it was late so we decided to bring them back here since it was close to nightfall. I also thought you might have wanted to see them."

"Ok I get that they are here, what I meant was why are they here, on the island?" Jack said.

Kate noticed that Jack was barely looking at them and when he was he showed no emotion, he didn't even seem to care.

"We think maybe Ben figured out a way to block the signal." Tom said.

"Son of bitch" Jack muttered.

"Hey Jack it's good to see you too" Hurley said sarcastically.

Jack ignored him and looked at Tom. "Only a handful of people knew that we sent out the rescue call, the only way Ben could have found out was through a spy."

"What do you want me to do?" Tom asked.

Jack thought for a minute. "Nothing, I want Greg and Bella to keep an eye on the borders. Their appearance here" he said pointing to the group, "will make someone want to go tell Ben. Anyone seen leaving the compound is brought in for questioning."

"Just Greg and Bella, you want anyone else?" Tom asked

"No I want you to stay here with them. And you three are the only people I trust." Jack looked around he frowned slightly. "Where is Heather?"

Tom snickered, "She left when she realized you weren't going to be proposing marriage anytime soon. She said that when you come to your senses and want her, you can come and get her."

Jack rolled his eyes, "Yeah like that is ever going to happen." He rubbed his forehead. He felt like crap today and the only thing that has gone his way was coming home to find Heather gone. He wasn't in the mood to listen to her whining and complaining. She was a good lay but that was about all she was good at, which to Jack was ok some of the time but today he wasn't in the mood. Now he has these people in his living room. People he hasn't seen in six months and really hoped he would never see again. He had sent out the SOS call to the Pacific Coast Guard, the plane survivors should have been rescued months ago. Dammit how had Ben intercepted the message, Jack and his people were in charge of all the radio transmissions, at least that's what he thought, Ben must have access to a transmission they don't know about, that and Jack has a mole in his camp.

"Hey Doc so you gonna say Hi now or are we going to wait to do a group hug later?" Sawyer piped in. Jack sighed he was going to have to face them eventually. Charlie, Hurley and Sayid weren't really the problem. Hell he found he didn't even care that Sawyer was here. Having to see Kate though, that was the equivalent of stabbing himself in the eye with a fork.

"Hey guys" he said with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry to see you here, I put out a message for rescue about three months ago. I thought you were all long gone." He said nonchalantly.

"Wait" Hurley said, "That makes no sense, why would you send for help for us and not for yourself?" It was a question on all of their minds.

"I don't need rescuing" Jack said with a shrug. He was about to say something when his front door opened.

"Jack are you here?" they heard a female voice call from the front hall.

Jack groaned and looked at Tom "What are they tag teaming now?" he asked. A thin blonde woman entered and her eyes focused on Jack like a hungry lion seeing a gazelle.

"Jack I heard from Heather that you two broke up, I'm so sorry" sounding anything but sorry.

"We were never together, so we can't break up." Jack said annoyed.

"Oh well I just want you to know," she said moving in front of him to place her hand on his chest. "That if you need anything, and I do mean anything, I'm here for you." She said sultrily.

Jack smiled and gripped her by the waist and pulled her against him. "There is something you can do for me actually." Jack said giving her a slow smile.

The woman sighed, "Name it" she whispered.

"Can you go find Bella and Greg and bring them here to me? I would be most appreciative." He said with a grin. The woman practically melted into a puddle right then and there.

"Sure Jack" she said and she kissed him on the mouth hard and then was out the door eager to do his bidding.

Tom looked at Jack and shook his head. "You do realize you just traded one stalker in for another Karen isn't going to let you forget that any time soon?"

Jack smiled. "I know what I'm doing."

While this was all going on the person having the hardest time comprehending the situation was Kate. Who the hell was this man standing in front of her? Her Jack wasn't cold and hard, he didn't take advantage of woman who threw themselves at him. What had they done to her Jack? What the hell was going on?

"Look why don't you take them down to Murphy's old house, they can stay there for the night and then leave in the morning. I'll catch Greg and Bella up on what I need from them."Jack said to Tom.

"You got it boss" Tom said. He stood and motioned to the group. "Come on guys we'll get you all settled in for the night." Sayid, Sawyer, Charlie and Hurley stood looking warily at Jack, sensing that if they were in danger it would have happened to them already. It was ok to leave with Tom.

"I'm not leaving" Kate said leaning back on the couch her arms crossed. For the first time since he entered the room Jack looked at Kate and their eyes met.

"You aren't staying here" he said showing no emotion. "So unless you are heading back now, I advise you run along with your little friends." He said dismissively.

Before Kate could reply the door opened again. The blonde, Karen came in with another woman and man. Karen went straight to Jack's side, she took his hand and snuggled up to his side.

"I brought them just like you asked me to." She said looking at him adoringly.

Jack took his fingers and tipped her face up and smiled at her.

"Thanks babe" he said stroking her cheek gently. "I appreciate it greatly, can you do me another favor?"

Karen was staring at Jack somewhat star struck. "Anything" she said.

"I need you to go with Tom and take these people to Murphy's old house. Could you do that for me?" he asked.

Karen looked at him slightly confused, that was obviously not what she was expecting. Jack saw her confusion and felt bad for what he was doing to her. His stay with the Others had changed him and hardened him but it didn't mean he had to be a complete asshole. He pulled her to the corner of the room and spoke to her quietly.

"These were the people I was stranded with before I came here, they are going back tomorrow, but I do want them to have a good stay tonight they were my friends at one point." He said seriously. "I shouldn't have manipulated you in thinking you had to help me or do me any favors though. That was wrong, I'm sorry because you have been a really big help to me Karen." He said sincerely.

Karen sighed and looked at him with a small smile, "You don't really have an interest in me do you?" she asked.

Jack looked down and then back at her, "I'm sorry Karen, I'm not in any place to be with anyone."

Karen smiled and then shrugged. "That's ok I kinda have a thing for Nick but he ticked me off so I thought if he saw me with you he'd come around." She said sheepishly.

Jack gave her a warm smile, "Well if he ticks you off anymore you leave him to me."

"Thanks" she blushed. "Um that's Kate isn't it?" she asked. Everyone knew Jack had loved the woman named Kate and had his heart broken. Every woman at the compound knew that and they all wanted an opportunity to fix their new leader. No one had been all that successful. Karen looked over at the brunette.

"She's pretty, if you want me to rip her hair out I'm totally down with that." She said sweetly and Jack smiled.

"Not necessary but good to know." Jack said with a chuckle.

Karen patted his arm and went to join Tom. Jack motioned to Bella and Greg and they went into his study that was located off of the living room. He didn't bother saying goodbye to any of the castaways. Truth was his life with them was over and he didn't want to be reminded of it. He explained the situation to the married couple that he believed they had a mole and they immediately agreed a border watch should be set up. When Jack had stayed behind he had learned about how things ran and saw some people were not happy with Ben and his dictatorship. Jack ended up leading an unintentional coup. Ben ended up leaving the compound with his loyal followers and Jack stayed behind with people who wanted change. Greg, Bella and Tom were really the only people he trusted. They wanted change but not in an overt way that could be pushy or suspicious. They worked out a plan and Bella and Greg let themselves out and Jack sighed. He went over to his wet bar and poured himself a drink. He carried it with him back out into the living room, he would turn in early tonight, he was exhausted.

He came to a standstill when he looked up and saw Kate still sitting on his couch. He glanced around and saw that everyone else was gone. He gave her a raised eyebrow.

"Decided to walk back to the beach tonight huh?" he asked walking past her towards the stairs to his upper level. "There's a flashlight near the sink make sure to watch your step." He started up the stairs.

"I'm not going anywhere Jack, so you might as well stay and talk to me." Kate said stubbornly.

Jack didn't stop as he walked upstairs. "You have two minutes to get out before I have you removed Kate, your choice." He went into his bedroom and sat on the bed and rubbed his eyes. He waited to hear the front door open and close when it didn't he sighed, fuck it let her sleep on the couch he didn't care, tomorrow she would be out of his life forever.

He got up and kicked his shoes and socks off, he was pulling his t-shirt over his head when he heard a voice.

"Fine we can talk up here." He turned to see Kate leaning on the door frame.

Kate had to control her herself when she saw Jack standing before her in nothing but a pair of jeans. Bare chested and bare foot he had to be the sexiest thing she'd ever seen.

"Here's the thing Kate, I don't want to talk to you, so go away." Jack proceeded to undress not caring that she was standing there. He kicked his jeans off leaving him in a pair of boxers. He leaned over flipped off the light and crawled into the bed. He settled his head on the pillow and spoke.

"Make sure you close the door behind you would you?" he said with a yawn.

Kate stood in the dark room and she wanted to scream with frustration. What the hell was happening? She thought for a second and then decided to play his game. If he wouldn't talk to her now he sure as hell would talk to her in the morning. She undressed quickly until she was left in nothing but her bra and panties. She went over to the other side of the bed lifted back the covers and crawled in next to him. She settled on her side so she was facing him. His voice pierced the darkness.

"I don't want to have anything to do with you Kate, and I sure as hell don't want you in my bed, get the fuck out." His voice had dropped to a coldness Kate had never heard from him and it bordered on dangerous.

"No" she whispered. "It's been six months Jack and I never stopped looking for you I…" she jumped when Jack moved suddenly. He was out of the bed in a flash and he gripped her by the arm, hauling her across the bed and off the edge, she managed to just catch her balance before crashing to the floor. Keeping an iron tight grip on her arm he bent down and scooped up her clothes, he then proceeded to drag her down the stairs to the front door.

"I warned you, but I'm sure you can hop into bed with Sawyer" was all he said as he opened the door and practically tossed her out onto the front porch and slammed the door in her face. She stood there in her underwear completely stunned at what just happened. Suddenly the door opened and she went to speak when her clothes came out the door and landed at her feet. The door once again slammed in her face. Kate stood there in the quiet of the night and she began to shake, she shook so hard her teeth chattered. Tears pricked her eyes, never in her life had she ever been this embarrassed or humiliated or ashamed. She scooped up the clothes and dressed quickly hoping no one would walk by. Soon her embarrassment turned to anger, how dare he do this to her? She thought about his comment pertaining to Sawyer and she sighed, he knew what she had done in the cage all that time ago. But what the hell? They weren't together, she didn't cheat on Jack and all of this time she had been searching for him, he had no right to treat her like this. She knew deep down she did deserve some of his anger but her own was overwhelming at the moment. She pounded on the door.

"Jack open this door." She yelled hitting the door. "I will do this all night until I wake up every last person."

Jack lay in his bed listening to the pounding on the door, why wouldn't she just leave. An idiot could see she wasn't welcome here. Why did she insist on talking to him, what did she want to do share stories of their short past together, chat about the good old days? He had no use for her and she, according to those surveillance tapes Ben had made him watch over and over again, had no apparent use for him. He rolled onto his side and tried to clear his mind and let sleep come but the damn pounding at the door wouldn't let him rest. Finally he had enough he angrily rose from the bed went downstairs and opened the door prepared to give her hell.

Kate had other plans though and the minute the door opened she angrily leaped at him. They fell onto the hall floor in a heap of legs and arms. His own anger matched her own as he felt her hitting his shoulders and clawing at his face and neck. He used his strength for his advantage and flipped them over so he was on top. He gripped her hands and yanked them above her head and pinned them down. He looked back and saw the front door was open he stretched his leg out and managed to kick the door shut. He turned his attention to Kate who was struggling beneath him and swearing up a storm.

Keeping on hand on her wrists he used the other to grab her chin and force her face up.

"What right do you have to come into my home and get angry with me, and make a spectacle out of yourself?" he asked harshly.

Kate glared at him, "I have been looking for you for six months Jack, six months."

"Big fucking deal, who asked you to? I know I didn't, I remember telling you specifically to go away and never come back, what was so hard about that to understand?" he asked.

"I didn't think you meant it" Kate said her voice lowering in sound but still just as angry.

"Yeah Kate because I thought that was the best time to joke around. I'm done Kate, with everything, the beach, the plane crash and you. There is nothing to talk about, go home." He said forcefully.

"That doesn't make sense." She argued.

Jack decided that reasoning with her wasn't working so he would drive her away by being as cruel and mean as possible.

"Ok Kate, how about this, I don't want you in my life. What could you possibly ever offer me, you're a fugitive and now you're tainted, Sawyer's sloppy seconds, no thanks." He said cruelly hating himself for saying the words but it the long run if it made her leave so be it. He already hated himself what was more log on the fire.

Kate stared at him stunned. She had never heard such cruelty from Jack before and she had to process to make sure she had actually heard him correctly.

"Stop it" she whispered tears threatening to flood her eyes.

Jack couldn't though his own survival instincts were in full gear and he knew the only way he could survive is if Kate is far away from him as possible.

"What Kate, you don't want to face the facts, well too bad. You come here demanding the truth so here it is. I don't want whatever rashes Sawyer passed on to you. How's that Kate is that a good enough reason for you to leave? Or are you here because the beach has run out of antibiotics and you need some more for that annoying itching feeling? Well guess what Kate you got exactly what you deserve, you and Sawyer are perfect for each other. You can feed off of each others dysfunctions while you blame the world for your lack of making anything of yourself. So run along Kate you go live your destiny of trailer park trash living with your hillbilly boyfriend and leave me the fuck alone." He practically shouted. He leapt off of her and stood and started for the stairs. He froze when he heard her anguished sobs, he turned and saw her crumpled on her side crying uncontrollably. She was curled up in the fetal position and every sob that escaped her poked at his frozen heart. He looked up the stairs he could put the final nail in the coffin in this attempt to free himself from Kate by just going back to bed and ignoring her. One trip up the stairs and he'd be free of Kate forever, no more dealing with her lies and deceptions, no more having to win her affections from Sawyer, he would be done with her. He would be free.

He stared at her broken figure and he sighed he couldn't doing this, he was not this bad man. He could have meaningless sex with woman who knew what they were getting into but intentionally breaking a woman like this was so far beneath him. He felt like the scum of the earth. He went back down and gently pulled her up into a sitting position. She fought him at first but eventually collapsed against him crying still.

"I don't mean to be bad" she whimpered over and over and Jack felt like the biggest load of shit, he held her tight and stroked her hair, rocking her gently.

"You're not bad, Kate, I'm the bad one, I hurt you and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry for what I said. I was wrong not you." He soothed her and he felt Kate calm down and her sobs decreased to whimpers to the occasional hiccup. He pulled away and brushed the hair out of her face so that she would have to look at him. "I was wrong Kate, I'm so so sorry. Let me take you to everyone else."

Her reaction was not one he expected, he thought she would be pissed for how he treated her, she would cry some more, or she would just grow silent. She did none of it, at least not for any of those reasons. She let out a growl of pure anger and was on top of him in seconds. She pinned him to the floor.

"I told you I'm not leaving, you asshole." She shouted. She felt like her whole body was filled with angry and harsh. "How dare you try to send me away, how dare you talk to me like that I wasn't your girlfriend Jack, I didn't cheat on you. I made a horrible mistake and I have to live with that but you have no right to throw my mistakes in my face. You're not perfect Jack, you're just as fucked up as I am. Look at you, you're living with these people, you've become their leader for god's sake. How screwed up is that? You said you don't even want to be rescued." She was hitting his chest and Jack didn't fight her off, her anger was just as hot and boiling as his was. "You're fucked up Jack, I picked Sawyer over you deal with it you asshole." She screamed, she really didn't pick Sawyer she just wanted Jack to hurt the way he had hurt her. "Does that piss you off Jack to know Sawyer has done things to me that I haven't allowed you to do. I…" she was cut off as Jack rolled her over onto her back he gripped her shoulders and pinned her to the floor.

"Shut up" he said and Kate stilled at the anguish in his voice. "They made me watch you two fuck like rabbits over and over. That was my reward for sacrificing myself so you and Sawyer could go free. They made me watch you two fuck and when the tape ended they rewound it and played it again, they taped my fucking eyes open so I couldn't even close my eyes to look away. So don't fucking talk to me like that." He yelled. "You and I weren't together but you still broke my fucking heart, I loved you Kate, I would do anything for you. I stayed behind so you could have a chance for freedom and you call me fucked up for trying to live here? I did it for you!" he shouted in her face. "Every day I had to live knowing you were out there somewhere with him, living with him, sleeping with him, things I would cut my arm off to experience. I try everyday to let you go and you come here and get in my face because I don't want to be around you? Fuck you Kate, I hate your guts" his voice was cold and angry. "Go to hell but take this back to your precious Sawyer" he spat out and he gripped her hair hard and yanked her mouth up to his and kissed her hard. There was no kindness in the kiss. He plundered her mouth with his tongue. He yanked away from her as quickly as he had kissed her. He let her go and he looked at her with disgust, though the disgust was for himself not her.

Before Kate knew it she gripped Jack and yanked him down and their mouths crashed together. They kissed angrily and without even realizing it Jack was ripping at Kate's clothes. He gripped the collar of her shirt and yanked ripping the fabric down the middle. He went for the button on her jeans and yanked hard. They tore at each other viciously, he grappled with her pants and when he got them undone he yanked them down and she kicked them off along with her shoes and socks. Kate was digging her nails into his shoulder so hard she figured she was about to draw blood. She pushed at his sweatpants and Jack yanked them down to his thighs. He gripped the side of her panties and yanked them to the side exposing her throbbing vagina. The elastic of the underwear dug into her skin but she didn't care. Jack grabbed his hardened cock and with no warning thrust deep inside of her. Kate cried out she wasn't quite wet enough for his penetration so his entrance into her was rough and slightly painful. She bit her lip and dug her nails harder into Jack. Jack froze when he realized he had hurt Kate.

"Fuck Kate, I'm sorry" he said as he started to pull out of her.

"Don't move" Kate ordered gripping him tight with her arms. "Just don't move" she said. She forced herself to relax and as she did her body reacted to the fact that Jack was buried to the hilt inside of her body. Soon her natural wetness filled her and she surrounded him and was much more comfortable. She didn't blame Jack for the small amount of pain she had felt she had wanted him in her just as bad and she would have gotten on top of him and pushed him inside of her dry or not. Now her body was caught up and Kate pushed up against Jack letting him know she wanted him to move. He didn't and that annoyed Kate, she gripped his ass and pulled trying to get him to move.

"Fuck me Jack" she hissed but he still didn't move. She looked up at him and she saw him watching her with a wary stare. She realized he still wasn't sure he wanted to be doing this with her. Was he still stewing over their argument about Sawyer? As if realizing what she was thinking, Jack's possessive anger came back. He buried his hand in her hair and held her head still and he plundered her mouth. He began to thrust deep within her while he kissed her hard keeping her head immobile. He dominated her completely though Kate fought back by dragging her nails down his back in ecstasy leaving claw marks on his skin. They were not making love, to describe their actions words like fucking, rutting and mating were the only way to describe how their bodies slammed against each other their bare skin smacking together. Jack rammed inside of her with deep and thorough thrusts.

Kate moaned as her body began to rev up as Jack pushed inside of her harder and harder. The floor was unforgiving beneath her as she had no place to go except to literally absorb all of him every time he thrust inside of her. She felt the telltale tingling in her belly and she moaned, she had wanted this for so long to have Jack deep inside of her.

Jack hammered into her and spoke between thrusts. "You're mine" he said through gritted teeth. "Say you're mine Kate" he ordered.

"I'm uh oh fuck oh god, I'm yours Jack." She panted out as her body began to coil in release.

"Say you're not Sawyer's" he ordered and gripped her jaw and tilted her head up so he could look in her eyes.

"I'm not, I'm not, oh oh so close. I'm not Sawyer's I'm yours Jack" she bit out and then screamed on the top of her lungs as her orgasm ripped through her like a hurricane. She arched off the floor her body spasming as waves of pleasure rushed through her body in unrelenting waves. Tears streamed down Kate's face as she felt emotions and feelings she had never experienced before.

She finally came down and she heard Jack shout and seconds later she felt her body get flooded with his hot and searing release. He filled her fully and Kate moaned at how good it felt. He collapsed on her his body jerking as more release filled her. Finally he came to a rest and they laid there in silence the only noise was their labored breathing. Kate was exhausted emotionally and physically. It took all of her strength to lift her arms to wrap around him. The feel of her moving beneath him stirred him from his apathy and he rolled off of her onto his back. He covered his eyes with his arm as he tried to figure out what the hell had just happened. He had just practically raped Kate. He looked over at her and saw her eyes were closed.

"Kate" he said his voice full of anguish and regret. Kate stirred and opened her eyes and she looked at him with annoyance. No way was he going to explain away what had just happened between them.

"Don't say anything." She said feeling like that little command took all of her strength.

"I never wanted to hurt you, I'm so sorry." Jack continued not listening to Kate's request for him to stay quiet. She rolled onto her side and stared hard at him.

"You didn't hurt me and if you tell me you regret what just happened I swear I will go into the kitchen get a knife and I will murder you." She said.

"I practically raped you." He said feeling so much hate and disgust for himself.

"Shut up Jack, that isn't what happened and you know it" Kate ordered. She was too tired to argue with him, she just wanted to lay in his arms. So she scooted closer pressed her sweaty body against his and rest her head on his shoulder.

"The things I said, Kate" Jack started but Kate reached up and pressed her hand against his mouth.

"Everything that was said before this is over and in the past, we both said horrible things we didn't mean so it's over and we don't ever have to talk about it. We go forward now Jack not backwards." Kate said. They stared at each other and then Jack leaned down and kissed her softly and gently. This was her Jack the man she had fallen in love with. They kissed sensually and Kate sighed happily. She reached up and smacked him on the shoulder.

"What?" he asked looking at his arm that she had just abused.

"The least you could do is take me upstairs and to your bed instead of keeping me on the floor." She said with a mock pout.

Jack looked up at the stairs that seemed to stretch on forever.

"Fuck" he muttered and Kate giggled.

"No caveman, bed first then fuck." She said in a funny caveman voice. Jack looked at her and when he got her joke he laughed.

He sat up which seemed to drain his energy. He pulled her up to a sitting position. He looked at her and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry for what I said." Kate looked at him and even though she had said it was over in the past she knew Jack had to find closure.

"Me too" she whispered and nuzzled him gently with her nose. "I love you Jack Shephard."

"I love you too" his voice was choked with emotion. They kissed again deeply and Kate smiled.

"Take me to bed Jack." So he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bed where he made love to her this time. Slow and gentle with promises of forever. When they fell into pleasured sleep they were smiling.

The morning came too soon for Kate and she went to bury her face into Jack's neck and block the sunlight out. The only problem was Jack wasn't there. She opened her eyes and sleepily looked around. Where was that man? She crawled out of the bed and felt the twinges of a well loved body and she smiled. She grabbed a man's robe that was laying at the end of the bed. She wrapped herself into it and breathed in deep. She smelled Jack. She went down the stairs and heard talking from the kitchen.

"So how is this going to work exactly?" Kate heard Tom's voice. "You can't leave Jack, there is too much going on, you've seen it with your own eyes. We need you here."

"I know that" Jack said.

"So what happens when Kate leaves."

"I don't know." Jack said his voice quiet this time.

"Can you ask her to stay here, to give up any chance of going home?" Tom asked his voice skeptical.

"He doesn't have to ask me anything, it's a given." Kate said entering the room. Jack and Tom turned to look at her.

She walked over to where he was sitting at the table and settled into his lap. "I'm staying right here. Good morning" she said with a smile.

"Good morning" Jack said and they kissed sweetly. "So you're gonna stay here huh?" he asked stroking her arm gently.

"Yup, you're here so I stay here." She said with a shrug.

"It's that easy?" Jack asked.

"It's that easy." Kate said with a smile and they kissed again. When they pulled away Jack turned to Tom and gave him a smirk.

"I think we're done here." Jack said and Tom gave him a friendly roll of the eyes knowing the two wanted to be alone. He let himself out.

Jack looked at Kate and raised an eyebrow. She grinned and kissed his chin.

"Take me back to bed baby." She said nibbling on his jaw.

Jack didn't have to be told twice.

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