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A/N: I hope you enjoy! This is the period after the Buu saga.

Vegeta threw a barrage of kicks and punches at a tremendous rate at Goku, but none were landing. How come he couldn't beat Kakarrot, no-matter how hard he tried? Somehow, Kakarrot was always a step ahead of him, he was always stronger. It had been his greatest and most strived for goal yet. So far, he had been devoted to achieving a higher status in strength compared to Kakarrot almost his whole entire life!

Sadly, Somehow he just couldn't achieve that goal! Why? That was the one question Vegeta had been asking himself ever since that fateful day about 15 years ago. The day when Kakarrot leveled up to him when they fought for the first time.

He was a third class moron for Kami's sake! It was embarrassing to be at the same status as him. What would his father think if he were alive? What would any Saiyan think? Kakarrot was born with a pitiful power level, while he was born with a royal elite one! It just wasn't fair!

Vegeta envied Kakarrot. Ever since his first fight with the man, it seemed as if he were always one step ahead of him. Goku had been first to achieve the legendary Super Saiyan status, and his son... His mere child offspring had managed to make it to the ascended Super Saiyan status before them all!

And when Vegeta finally thought that he had caught up to - maybe even surpassed - Kakarrot's level of strength, and pure power, he found out that Kakarrot had achieved the form of Super Saiyan 3.

It truly was as if his whole entire life was a gigantic recurring nightmare. Over and over again, the process would repeat. Vegeta would catch up, but only to be surpassed once more.

After fighting Buu, something inside Vegeta changed. He was still quite jealous of Kakarrot's knack of getting raw power seemingly easily, but he soon understood how. He achieved it through protecting the ones he loved. And he realized that was not something to envy, but to look up to, and follow.

Vegeta tried his best not to, but he had actually grown to respect the third class. If anyone had ever asked him, he would deny it, but deep down inside he did...

At the moment, two of our favorite heroes were in one of their oh-so common all-out brawls:

"Wow Vegeta, you've gotten way better!"exclaimed Goku encouragingly, in his normal cheery voice.

"Cut the crap, Kakarrot!"Vegeta snapped back at him.

Goku continued undaunted, "So... do you want to take it up to the next level?"

"Let's skip this warm up, and get to the real workout already!"said Vegeta impatiently, emphasizing his point by powering up past Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan two.

"Sure thing, Vegeta,"chimed Goku, following suit.

Once again, the two clashed together, Vegeta was on the offensive, and Goku the defensive. Now, Goku had to block some of Vegeta's blows, instead of dodging them. Secretly, Goku hadn't powered up to his best in that form, but he did it for a reason: one, he wanted a better workout, and two, he didn't want to hurt Vegeta's beloved pride by beating the living pulp out of him. If Vegeta new that he was holding back in Super Saiyan 2 form, he'd be furious, but he didn't have a clue.

Goku started to get a bit bored, and decided to play with Vegeta, not realizing that that would probably hurt his pride immensely too! He transported behind Vegeta. For a second, Vegeta looked around confused, but then he sensed Goku's Ki, and realized where he was.

Vegeta quickly swung himself around, only to catch a faint glimpse of Goku's after-image, and sense his Ki behind him yet again. This went on two more times. On the fourth try, Vegeta managed to grab a hold of Goku, before he could vanish to his next location.

"Wha...!"Goku blurted, with a look of surprise apparent on his face.

Goku was so astonished that Vegeta had managed to grab him, that it caused him to lose track of his place of transportation. Vegeta looked around himself in awe, he had transported up to the look-out with Goku before, but the feeling and image of it had faded slightly.

He could feel a pushing sensation all over his body. It felt as if he were stuck to a wall. He couldn't move his head or any of his limbs. That was the reason why Goku had said it was important to hold on tight whenever he would bring anyone along for the ride, because your whole body basically froze.

If you didn't have a tight enough grasp on the transporter, you would slip away, and be stuck in the void that you were traveling in for all eternity. Your very soul wouldn't be transferred to other-world when your body lost nourishment and died.

All around Vegeta and Goku was a bright white light. Usually you could see blurry white-noise images of people all around you; but for some weird reason, there were none.

Vegeta then thought, 'This is odd, usually you only stay in hear for only a matter of seconds, why aren't we reappearing somewhere else?'

Goku searched frantically for a familiar Ki, but couldn't find any. Come to think of it, he couldn't even find a Ki that wasn't familiar. It was like he had lost all sense of their dimension, he knew that he had lost his concentration, but he didn't understand how that little mistake could screw them over so unbelievably much!

Then he felt it, just a tiny bit of Ki other than his and Vegeta's. It was familiar, yet it felt as if he'd never sensed it before. It was like a bond he couldn't understand between him and the owner of the Ki. For some odd reason unknown to him, it was almost exactly the same as his Ki.

Goku tried his best to concentrate on it, but it seemed too small. It seemed like it was too far away! He tried harder. So hard, to the point that he started getting a migraine from using his mind so much. Finally, he got a good enough lock on the Ki, and decided that it was now or never.

All around Vegeta and Goku, blindingly bright lighting streaked through the void. The pressure against them increased ten-fold. A normal person would have been crushed by the impact. The force against them started to get painful, even for Goku, and he started losing the mysterious Ki's signal.

'No!'Thought Goku. 'I won't let this happen! I can't give up!'

Goku's black obsidian-like pupils disappeared and his eyes became an opal color. Minuscule lighting bolts started to jolt up in every direction from within the endless void. The static lighting surrounded him, and began to build a blindingly bright blue aura.

Slowly, the aura started to engulf Vegeta. Once they were both beneath the surface of the tremendous barrier of Ki. A gigantic lighting bolt shot from beneath them out of nowhere, and they disappeared...