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Bardock and Vegeta began their trek down the seemingly endless corridors of Planet Vegeta's palace. Vegeta himself was lost. It wasn't hard to believe, considering he hadn't really wandered the Palace since he was five. His memories on Planet Vegeta were skewed, and he was starting to wonder if that might actually be a good thing.

He found himself longing to be home, and he finally realized that this place was not his home. Planet Vegeta was a stranger to him now. Earth was his home. Earth held his family and his friends, his life. He wished to be back. He wondered that if Kakarrot were in his right mind, would he be feeling the same way?

Breathing felt like a crime. Bardock and Vegeta had to stay silent, or else they would be dead meat. It felt like what they were trying to accomplish was impossible. This was crazy, tons of Cooler's mindless Saiyan spawns were lurking all throughout the building. It was extremely well-guarded! Were they signing their own death sentences?

This whole experience felt like a gigantic game of hide and seek, cat and mouse, just both sides were it. Bardock and Vegeta had to find Goku. Cooler had to find them. Though, if they were going after Goku, then wouldn't they only be succeeding in aiding Cooler? That's exactly what Cooler wanted! They were practically walking into Cooler's trap, they knew it, and they were still doing it.

Were they stupid to do such a thing? Only time would tell. The two found themselves wandering deeper into the palace, and by deeper, I mean downward. The palace at one point in time had started out as a military base, and it was completely underground back in the old days.

Nobody wandered down into the lower sections any longer, it wasn't safe. Tsufurujins had found the Saiyan base a long time ago, and they bombarded it. It was a major loss in the Saiyan/Tsufurujin war. The Saiyans did not wish to remember their lost, and so, they built on top of the base, locking off entrances to the bottom. They hadn't even bothered to clean up the remains left below, not even of their own blood.

Bardock and Vegeta subconsciously walked toward the main entrance to the old Saiyan military base. They both had a feeling the door would not be locked, and that somewhere deep in the catacombs of the forgotten battle, Cooler would be waiting, surrounded by his henchmen.

They came upon the door shortly, it was gigantic, and wooden. The wood had even started to decay, and was giving off a nasty rotten smell. The two feared that if they reached for the metal handle, it would pop right out of the wood. Bardock nodded at Vegeta to give it a try.

It no longer mattered if there were thousands upon thousands of brainwashed Saiyans waiting behind the door for them. They were uncertain if Cooler planned to ambush them or not, but then, Cooler would have no fun. Didn't he want to see them tortured, just like every other typical madman? There was only one way to find out.

Vegeta turned the humongous door knob a little quicker than what he would fancy at the moment. He pushed the heavy door open, and his eyes beheld nothing but dark shadows and lit torches among a stony corridor. Nobody was there, but he knew Cooler was waiting for them. He had even lit their way.

"How kind of Cooler to light medieval torches for us. He really is the sweetest guy. If being evil doesn't work out for him, he could always become a home decorator, don't ya think?" commented Bardock sarcastically.

"How brilliant of you to show him that we're here by opening your big yap," countered Vegeta, crossing his arms angrily.

"Oh please, Vegeta, that door you just opened was his alarm, if nothing else, it screeched. Besides, it doesn't matter anymore. We want him to find us, remember?" argued Bardock.

Suddenly, the two heard a noise, and saw a shadow come to life. It was one of the Saiyan drones, and he was staring directly at them.

"Well? Are you going to jump at us, and try to suck our blood or something, or not?" questioned Vegeta, tapping his foot impatiently.

The Saiyan stared at him a second longer, turned around and began to run. Bardock looked to Vegeta, and vise versa.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" they both demanded in unison.

The two began a mad dash after Cooler's crony. They were nearly bumping into walls. That sucker was fast, and the tunnels were like a maze! Suddenly, Bardock felt his foot hook onto something, and faster than he could catch himself, he made a face fault to the ground.

"Shit!" he hissed, getting up and kicking what he had tripped on. "Ugh!" he exclaimed, grasping his nose as a waft of rotting flesh smell stung his nostrils.

He had tripped on a dead carcass. Locking the dead bodies off from the fresh air above had actually preserved them a bit, it was disgusting! Bardock suddenly became aware of just how bad these dungeon like tunnels smelled! The second thing he noted was that the only company he had left were the dead bodies piled up amongst him.

"God Dammit, Vegeta left me behind!" Bardock muttered angrily, "Hmph! I can find Cooler myself then!"

Meanwhile, Vegeta continued to chase after the traitor-Saiyan, and suddenly, he was forced to halt to a complete stop. They were before another door, yet again. The old throne room. This wasn't just any old military base back in the day, it was the main military base, a guy could get lost in these corridors, and be left to wander forever until he died of starvation. There were no maps anymore, they were now illegible. Nature had took it's course at eating away at the evidence.

Suddenly, the drone ran away while Vegeta was not paying attention, leaving Vegeta alone before the throne room doors. Vegeta nearly kicked himself for letting the guy get away from him so easily.

"Psh -" Vegeta mumbled in dissapointment, "This is so obvious. You'd think Cooler could at least choose a better setting than this?"

Vegeta quickly decided that he would like to make an unforgettable grand entrance. He gathered energy in his right palm, it sizzled, and electrified the dark room in its luminescent glory. He launched it at the door, and it caused the door to blow up into little wood-splinter particles that flew in every which-way.

Sitting on the throne was the 'great Cooler' himself, to his side sat Goku like a lapdog. It was pathetic! The scene even made Vegeta's blood boil, and he thought he would have loved to see that! But no member of the Cold family was ever going to get away with doing something like this to the Saiyan race ever again, as far as Vegeta was concerned.

Cooler clapped his hands, and licked his lips before speaking, "Bravo, Bravo, Vegeta. I was not expecting you. How is it that you broke away from my control?" he inquired.

"I didn't come here to chat, Cooler, I came here for business, and that business is kicking your ass into otherworld," spat Vegeta venomously.

Cooler clicked his tongue in mock-disappointment, "Now, now, Vegeta, didn't your Father ever teach you to regard someone more powerful than you with utter respect and fear. I might say, he was rather good at it."

"My Father was a coward unworthy of his own name," replied Vegeta calmly, "Now, stop keeping me waiting. Let us get this over with."

"Unfortunately, Vegeta, I'm not the skilled fighter my parents wished me to become. I am physically weak, but mentally, I am unbeatable," explained Cooler.

"Does it look like I care? Either way, I'm going kick your ass, did you not hear me the first time?" asked an irritated Vegeta.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. What I mean to say is, I am not going to fight you Vegeta, I will use other means to defeat you," explained Cooler, a grin etching onto his cloak-hidden face.

"Oh, so you're going to have all of your drones bombard me like the coward you are!" spat Vegeta.

"No," replied Cooler, chuckling softly, "I will play fairly, you don't have to worry about that. My friend, Kakarrot, will be your opponent, nobody else. I have honor too, Vegeta."

'I guess I will be the one to test out Bardock's theory,' thought Vegeta with a smirk.

"Bring it on, Cooler!" he exclaimed, roaring as an aura engulfed him.

Goku stood up mechanically, his eyes dead to the world around him. He looked sickly pale in the dim lighting. His muscles began to pulse, and his face contorted into pure hate as Cooler filled Goku's mind with the foulest of thoughts.

Vegeta cringed, this was not Goku at all! When it came to smarts, Goku was definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he had a very strong control over his mind. Vegeta hated to admit it, but he truly believed that Goku could control his emotions more than even he could! So it was surprising that Cooler had taken a hold of Goku's mind like that.

Without warning, Goku suddenly launched himself at Vegeta, and threw a bone-crushing punch at Vegeta's jaw. Vegeta fell backward, but caught himself, and also cursed himself for not being quick enough on the defense.

Vegeta dodged a few more punches and kicks from Goku, and managed to land a punch of his own in Goku's gut. Goku curled inward by the force of the blow, but kicked his feet onto the ground, causing himself to launch up and head-butt Vegeta in the chin. Vegeta regained his composure quickly and retaliated by kneeing Goku in the chest.

The attacks went back and forth for several minutes, until Cooler decided to kick it up a notch and make Goku go Super Saiyan. Vegeta was shocked, he had forgotten about this not so minor detail.

'I still can't go Super Saiyan, there's no way I can beat Kakarrot like this!' Vegeta thought, 'But maybe, I can try to go Super Saiyan again.'

Vegeta let out an ear-shattering scream that made the room seem like it was rumbling. He howled as his aura flashed brighter and brighter, bolts of electricity flickered throughout the room, but as soon as his aura flashed gold, Vegeta couldn't maintain the power any longer, and he dropped back to normal again.

"Dammit!" he hissed, "Why can't I do it?"

Cooler just continued to chuckle. Vegeta had gotten his heart pounding for a moment there, but there was no need to worry now.

Goku attacked Vegeta, and pulverized him. The odds were in favor of Goku big time. What Vegeta needed was a miracle!

Meanwhile, Bardock wandered throughout the eerie catacombs cursing the dead bodies, cursing the smell of rot and decay, cursing Vegeta, Cooler, his son, Planet Vegeta, and even himself for getting into this mess!

He growled and kicked another dead body against a wall. This was hopeless! At this rate he wasn't going to get anywhere in this place! He never even got to beat up his son like he wanted to during that one training session when he had finally reached Super Saiyan. Well, he was not going to die in here, not like this! He was not going to die until he beat up his son, Cooler, and possibly Vegeta if he were to become a drone again. He would not keel over until all was right again!

This was his chance to turn the Saiyans around, to free them from the Cold Empire, and dammit, he was going to do it! Bardock marched proudly down the nasty corridors, proudly, that is, until he tripped on something and fell on his face yet again. He stood up immediately, angry, he looked to see what he had tripped on when, he realized it was just a block of wood.

Second, he then noted that he was face to face with his son beating up Vegeta. Further in the background, he could see the repulsive creature that was Cooler.

"So you've finally come to witness the show, have you, Bardock?" asked Cooler with a grin.

Bardock ignored Cooler, and immediately blocked Goku off from Vegeta. In responce, Goku let out an angry threatening growl. Bardock merely stared at his brainwashed son in pity. He bore those same lifeless eyes he'd seen before. The same Vegeta had before he had turned him back to his normal self.

"Vegeta, you look a little roughed up, care to step down and rest for awhile?" questioned Bardock, a smile forming on his face.

"Shut up, imbecile! If I could still turn Super Saiyan, no, Super Saiyan two, I would make that cocky smile drop off your lips in seconds flat!" threatened Vegeta.

"But, you can't, now can you? So I believe I'm perfectly safe from that fate," pointed out Bardock.

"Don't be so arrogant, Bardock. If I can't take Kakarrot, what makes you think that, you, a third class weakling, can?" questioned Vegeta.

"You may think that it's hopeless, but you'll be surprised at what I can do. I can and will beat Kakarrot," stated Bardock, a serious expression now taking hold on his face, "I believe that Kakarrot prepared me to be strong enough for this fight."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow Bardock's direction and merely laughed, "By all means, then go ahead, let's see what you can do!" challenged Vegeta.

"Let me show you how it's done," retorted Bardock.

Bardock readied himself with a battle stance, and gazed into his son's cold raven eyes. He looked so positively evil. If this weren't such a serious situation, Bardock might have even laughed. His son, evil? No way! Now that he was actually face to face with the kid, he found it hard to want to kick his butt anymore. Could he possibly be that cruel? But then again, the fate of the whole Saiyan race now rested in his hands, and it was determined by the outcome of this soon to be battle.

Bardock moved back swiftly and began whispering into Vegeta's ear. He had found a problem with their original plan.

"I can hold Goku down, but Cooler will merely send his gooney's to come and beat us up. God knows, there's enough of them! I need you to knock out Cooler when I hold Goku down. If you don't, he will just send more after us, but if he's unconscious he can't. Do you think you can do that?" asked Bardock quietly.

"Knock him out?" questioned Vegeta, laughing lightly, "I can do more than that, I'll kill him!"

With a flash, Bardock had left Vegeta's side, and was now attacking Goku, but Goku was countering his attacks too fast, and was beating him down, just as he had Vegeta. Vegeta was starting to wonder why Bardock thought he could hold Goku down in the first place.

Just when Vegeta was beginning to lose hope, a flash of gold enlightened him. Bardock had turned Super Saiyan, and the tables had turned. Goku was tired and fatigued, while Bardock wasn't in the slightest.

"Why didn't you tell me you had learned how to become a Super Saiyan?" shouted Vegeta, both thoroughly jealous and amazed at the same time.

Cooler looked as if he had peed himself, this was certainly unexpected, but the way he saw it, it was a great opportunity. Now he could have two Super Saiyans under his power. Like Father, like Son.

The time had come, and Bardock had finally made Goku immobile. In fact, he had locked him in a Full Nelson. Vegeta saw that opportunity, and attacked Cooler.

Suddenly, their plan turned into a disaster, Goku managed to power up, and flung Bardock away with his pulsing aura. He appeared in front of Vegeta in an instant, and quickly grasped his wrists to keep him from attacking. Goku was about to knee Vegeta in the face when Bardock slammed a kick onto the side of Goku' head, knocking him to the ground.

Suddenly, a light flickered. The white light Bardock had been seeing in all of Cooler's drones, but Vegeta didn't seem to see it, nobody else had seen it. Was it possible that he was seeing something they couldn't because of the psychological powers he had received a long time ago from the Kanassan who's planet he and his team had destroyed? Cooler had said that he uses his mind instead his of body to defeat people and gain more power. His powers had to do with his mind, meaning the energy he sent off was from his mind.

'Maybe, when I punched the white energy within Vegeta, Cooler's energy/control was knocked out of him altogether. If that's true, I can do the same for my Son!' thought Bardock in realization.

Though, instantaneously, Bardock's enlightening train of thought had just wrecked, as Goku punched him in the gut extremely hard. Bardock came to quickly, he dodged a kick, and another punch swiftly.

'Time for payback!' thought Bardock.

He aimed as hard as he could at the white energy inside of Goku's chest, although it was dim and hard to see. He hoped to god he was fast enough to hit his target. He also hoped that he wasn't just hallucinating, or that he just needed glasses and was seeing blurs that weren't really there.

Goku fell backward from the momentum of the strike, but he quickly got back up. Bardock was unsure of what was going through Goku's mind. Had nothing happened? He still appeared to be brainwashed. Goku cringed a little, but regained his composure.

He formed an energy blast in his right hand, it was not enough to kill Bardock because he was strong, but it would hurt him badly. Goku laughed mechanically and prepared to throw it at him.

Bardock slipped to his knees and closed his eyes in defeat. Vegeta began to be pulled away by Cooler's henchmen. It was over. They had tried, and failed miserably! All hope was gone! Bardock couldn't help but feel worthless. He had truly believed that he had come across something, but he was wrong.

Goku launched the attack with one quick agonizing blow, but seconds later, when Bardock opened his eyes curiously, he wasn't hurt at all. He looked forward and saw his Son smiling at him.

"I don't know what you did, Bardock, but it worked!" he chimed, "I would have offered Cooler a second chance, but I know how he really is, and it would have ruined my facade."

The Saiyans that were dragging Vegeta away were staring at each other in disbelief, and apologizing to him, bowing down, and begging forgiveness. Cooler was dead, everyone was free! All that was left of Cooler was a small shard of his cloak.

"Hey Kakarrot, do you even know what the word, facade, means?" asked Vegeta with a quirked brow.

Goku immediately began to scratch the back of his head in the usual manner, "No, but I've heard people use it that way."

"Come on, let's get out of this place, it stinks down here," commented Bardock, pinching his nose in disgust.

Everyone seemed to agree with Bardock's comment.

Within Cell Chamers of the Palace:

A very frail looking ex- King Vegeta, and ex-Queen Rosicheena sat curled up in little balls against the stone cold wall of their cellar.

"Are they ever going to at least feed us?" Rosicheena asked.

"I don't know, I can't remember if I made that law to starve all prisoners or not," replied Vegeta.

"You idiot!" she hissed, "And when are we going to get our reward for helping that Cooler guy?"

"Be patient, Woman!" spat Vegeta.

"Go to hell!" she yelled.

A Few Day Later:

Bardock, Vegeta, Goku, and Dende surrounded the Dragonballs in an open plain. Dende called upon the Dragonballs, and the sky darkened immediately. The Dragon spiraled up from the glowing Namekian balls. He glowed with a beautiful luminescent aura that seem to engulf everything.

Lighting bolts danced around him frighteningly, the only light in the sky besides that of Porunga. The world was enshrouded in a huge gray blanket. It was beautiful in a scary way. Bardock appeared completely surprised, as was Dende.

Dende had only heard stories. He had never actually seen Porunga, the great Namekian dragon, in real life. Bardock, on the other hand, had not even known that such a thing existed. He thought that a Super Saiyan was the most magnificent power he had ever seen before, but he was wrong, oh so wrong.

"You who have summoned me -" the giant dragon boomed, "I shall grant you two wishes."

Bardock looked toward Vegeta and Goku, who didn't seem surprised in the least. They carried an air of nonchalance. He was amazed at how calm they were. He could feel his own heart beating against his rib cage, it was racing at an incredible speed. Porunga's terrifying voice still rung in his ears.

"You go first Dende," Goku offered.

"S - Sure thing, Goku," mumbled Dende.

Dende paused to think for a moment, and later began speaking words in Namekian. Bardock was dumbfounded, but Goku and Vegeta knew that Dende had to speak his wish in Namekian to get it granted by Porunga.

As Dende stopped speaking, Porunga began to glow even brighter than before. His glow started to diminish after a minute or two.

"Your first wish has been granted, state you last wish," Porunga demanded.

"What did you ask for?" questioned Goku, ignoring the dragon's request.

"I wished for all of the innocents that Cooler had killed to come back to life, and appear on planet Kamesh, a planet not too far away from where Namek used to be. The inhabitants are friendly, and will allow my people and the others to stay there until all of the people can find a new planet to call their home," explained Dende.

"Oh, that's great. So, how should we word our wish, Vegeta?" asked Goku.

"Let's ask him to return our spirits to our bodies in our rightful time, and vise versa for the spirits of this time," replied Vegeta.

"That sounds like a good wish to me," replied Goku, "Go ahead, Dende."

"Wait!" exclaimed Bardock suddenly, "What happens when you two are gone? Surely the Vegeta of this time cannot rule a race. He'd become a selfish tyrant! Oh, and no offense, Vegeta."

"None taken," replied Vegeta, "Unfortunately, I couldn't think of an appropriate leader to take over for me. They would all become selfish tyrants, and you're right, the me of this time is not ready to become a good leader. So, I made a decree that goes into force today. I didn't want to do it, but it had to be done. Bardock, you will take my place until the me of this time is ready to take over."

"What?" exclaimed Goku and Bardock at the same time.

"I know, not the best decision, obviously, but it is the only one I could make. You're the only Saiyan that I could think of that would not become a dictator," explained Vegeta. "Don't think of this as an honor, or a gift, or that I even think of you as a friend. You were just the only man that could do the job."

"I see, well, either way, I won't let you down, Prince Vegeta," Bardock replied, bowing down slightly.

"Speak your wish!" intervened an irritated and inpatient Porunga.

"Go ahead, Dende," stated Vegeta, crossing his arms.

Dende nodded his head, and he immediately began to word out their wish in Namekian, being careful to say it just right. Meanwhile, Bardock looked to Goku, and Goku looked to Bardock. This was the last time they would ever be seeing each other.

Goku smiled softly and muttered, "Well, this is it, huh?"

"I suppose so," replied Bardock.

The moment was extremely awkward, neither knew exactly what to do. They just sort stood staring at each other. Just as Dende finished his wish, and the Dragon began to glow, Goku quickly moved forward and hugged his Father, well, his legs. He wasn't very tall, as you can imagine.

Bardock was surprised, and did not know how to respond. Saiyans did not hug, but he figured that this was an Earthling custom. He bent down and returned the favor. Vegeta stood to the side, somewhat disgusted.

"Goodbye Father," mumbled Goku.

He had called him Father? Bardock suddenly felt a rush of pride as he replied, "Goodbye Son."

With that said, a bright aura engulfed both Goku and Vegeta. It seemed that as fast as it had come, it had gone.

"You're final wish has been granted," spoke the great Porunga, taking his leave, the skies returning to normal in one great swirl.

Vegeta glanced around with a confused expression on his face, "Where the hell am I?" he spat rudely.

Bardock could feel Goku tumble over against him. He could not stand up any longer, he was back to the normal baby he had come into this world as.

"You!" shouted Vegeta, "Ugly third class trash, I demand you take me to the palace!"

Bardock glared at the small ignorant child. Apparently, Vegeta was back to normal also. Boy was Vegeta in for a surprise! Bardock turned to Dende and said his goodbyes, picking up Goku and walking away with a cranky Vegeta at his heels.

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta stood up in a new, yet familiar setting. They were back in their old bodies, where they had been training at Capsule Corporation. The two stood up, stretching their bodies.

"I'd gotten used to being pint-sized," said Goku with a frown, "It was actually kind of fun while it lasted."

"Whatever you say, Kakarrot. Though, your age had finally matched your childish personality," insulted Vegeta with a smirk.

"Boy am I hungry," said Goku, ingnoring Vegeta's rude comment, while rubbing his growling stomach. "See ya later, Vegeta!"

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders as he headed to his own kitchen as well. He bumped into Bulma, and had to almost bite his lip to keep himself from smiling at her. He had missed her and Trunks so much! Though, of course, the stubborn Prince would never admit it.

"Where's dinner, woman?" he demanded/asked.

Bulma frowned, "I ordered takeout again, Mom's on vacation, remember? Unless, you want me to try and experiment with cooking again?"

Vegeta's face turned a slight green, as he responded, "No, no, that won't be necessary!"

A couple hundred miles away, Goku barged into his home shouting the overused greeting, ("Honey, I'm home!")

He literally ran into the kitchen, the smell of her cooking making him drool. Initially, he reached his hand for some food, but ChiChi was still to fast for him, swatting his hand away with a spatula, before he could reach his prize.

Next, he hugged and kissed her, saying, "I missed you so much!"

ChiChi blushed, "You've only been gone for a few hours, what's gotten into you?"

"Oh, nothing, but I have a great bedtime story for Goten," replied Goku, scratching the back of his neck in his oh so infamous way.

Meanwhile, a couple of decades back, in a different dimension:

"Can you walk any faster, old man?" whined Vegeta.

"Yes, your majesty," mumbled Bardock, he was so exhausted, and he wished he could just fly home, but that would irritate Kakarrot.

For some odd reason, he hadn't slept a wink since he had saved the Saiyan race. The threesome had been walking for hours, and he had almost dropped Kakarrot twice already, who now felt like he weighed a ton, compared to a couple hours ago when he was lighter than a feather.

"Ouch!" Bardock exclaimed, the little bugger had bitten him again! "Stop biting me already, you little devil!"

This was certainly not the Son he had gotten to know over the past month or so. This little guy was evil and ravenous.

'I wish you would become the other Kakarrot. I'm sure he was a much easier baby to handle!' thought Bardock.

Suddenly, Bardock tripped over a large rock, but amazingly for once, he was able to catch himself. Unfortunately, in doing so, he lost his grasp on Kakarrot, dropping him to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

"Smooth move, the kid's never going to grow up to be anything now. He's weak, and now he will never get the chance to at least get a high IQ. Aren't you just world's best Father?" joked Vegeta sarcastically, laughing at the fallen infant.

"Shut up!" hissed Bardock, picking up a now unconscious Kakarrot. "Shit! I hope he isn't hurt too badly. It looked like he hit his head hard!"

"And who's fault is that, Butterfingers?" questioned Vegeta with a smirk.

Later on, just as Bardock, and Vegeta were beginning to arrive at the Saiyan palace, Kakarrot came to. He looked up Bardock meekly. Something was wrong, he wasn't biting or kicking him at all.

"What?" asked Bardock, completely bewildered.

Kakarrot giggled and clapped his hands at the funny man that was holding him. Bardock kept on looking at his Son in astonishment. No way! He had turned the evil Kakarrot into the good Kakarrot just by dropping him! He must have hit his head extremely hard!

"Maybe dropping him wasn't such a bad thing," muttered a smiling Bardock, mostly to himself.

"Psh!" exclaimed Vegeta, "Congratulations, now your child's going to be a bumbling idiot for the rest of his life!"

"He won't be the brightest crayon in the box, but I'm certain he will turn out just fine," replied Bardock.

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