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Barely the Truth

By: Hiki-chan

"I don't care about my Yadonushi at all. He's a pathetic weak fool, even if he was he was going to get raped, I couldn't care less."

Ryou gasped and while a hand covered his mouth to make it barely audible. He was hiding behind the kitchen door. His ears just rang with what his yami just said. He couldn't hear what the two yamis were saying.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon. Marik was visiting him and his yami while his hikari was back at home. Ryou's father was not home as he was on a trip at Egypt so Ryou was alone with his yami.

Ryou had gone to the grocery store which was nearby and when he had come back through the kitchen door, after he found out the store was closed, he heard a heated argument in the living room. Before he could go in and ask what was wrong, he heard Bakura say… that.

And it hurt. It hurt a lot.

One would ask Ryou, why did it hurt? Why would it hurt when he knew his yami would probably say something like that all the time. That he hated his hikari and didn't care about him and that he was weak and always needed protecting.

So why?

It was a simple answer really. Ryou. Liked. Bakura. Okay, not just like, he had always had strong feelings for his dark. He envied Yugi and Yami to no end with their, 'I cannot live without you, don't ever leave me, I love you forever'. He was envious all right. Their love was so strong.

Ryou had every reason to be jealous. Why were they so close when he and his yami were… so far apart? His dark, although Bakura used to hurt him, it had stopped long ago. All he had have from Bakura now was him calling Ryou weak.

Why should it hurt so much when he said those words when he knew from the start that was what his yami felt?

Ryou could feel the tears threatening to fall so he quietly slipped out of the backdoor.


Marik and Bakura watched as Ryou left the living room before closing the front door with a soft 'click'.


Was the firstsound out of Yami Marik's mouth once Bakura's light was out of sight.

Bakura narrowed his cruel brown eyes at the insane psycho. "What?"

Marik tried to control his laughter but ended up failing terribly, "Y-Y-You," he tried to talk but couldn't so he straightened himself up and said between chuckles, "You are such a wuss! Going nuts over your little hikari, lovesick fool."

The blond then crossed his arms, "And you call yourself the king of thieves. Yet, you grovel at the feet of your little hikari."

"What are you talking about Marik." Bakura growled, "What nonsense are you sprouting now?"

"Nonsense?" Marik faked a shocked look, "I don't think its nonsense. Look at you, you don't even hurt him anymore."

"I'm still just as demanding!" The white-haired teen insisted glaring daggers at the blond.

Marik taunted, "Ah, getting weak aren't you."

"Bugger off." Bakura snarled. Stupid Marik had nothing better to do than to tease him! 'Wish he'd stop bringing Ryou into this..'

"Ooh, sensitive much?"

Bakura fisted his palm. Marik was really getting on his nerves. "You don't hit your hikari either!"

"Isis would kill me." The blond answered smoothly.

"Excuses." Bakura spat.

Before Bakura could say anymore, Marik decided to continue. This wasn't about him, it was about teasing Bakura!

"You are a sucker for your hikari Bakura, don't try to lie to me." Marik gave Bakura a psychotic grin, "You care so much for him that you hate yourself."

Grinning, Marik continued, "What happened to 'It's every man for himself' or something like that. That's what thieves do don't they?" He taunted, waving the bait in front of Bakura.

"I don't care about my yadonushi at all." Bakura insisted, getting really tired of trying to talk to his friend. "He's a pathetic weak fool, even if he was he was going to get raped," Yami Bakura gave Marik a cold glare, "I couldn't care less."

Both couldn't hear a soft gasp and the soft shuffling of feet and the back door closing and continued.

"Hah, I'm sure you couldn't."

"Out!" Bakura gritted his teeth together trying to control the urge to kill Marik, "Out before I do something about it."

"Aww, sending out your good friend because I teased you with your darling?" Marik pouted.

Bakura getting enough of it, shoved Marik out of the front door and slammed it shut before grumbling to himself.

Outside, Marik laughed until his stomach hurt, some of the neighbours started to turn to look but he ignored them. Deciding that Bakura won't talk to him until he cooled down and therefore won't let him back in,Marikleft for home.

Meanwhile, Bakura was waiting impatiently for Ryou. What was taking his yadonushi so long? It was only a short distance to the grocery store. What could have gone wrong?

Bakura tried the mind link only to find it locked.

What in the name of Ra!

Ryou never closed the mind link. At least not all the time. What if something had happened?

Deciding to find out for himself, Bakura left the house in search of his little yodonushi, ignoring what Marik said about him caring so much about the boy.

"I'm just curious, that's all."

To be continued…

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