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Barely the Truth
By: Hiki-chan

Ryou sighed before he kicked another stone out of his path. He shouldn't be so depressed. He already knew that his yami didn't like him at all. So why the sudden change of emotions?

Ryou sighed again, why did he love his yami anyway? What made him change so sudden?

The boy sighed once again, if he recalled correctly. One thing that made him love his yami more was when his darkness saw a cat and stroked it so lovingly. There, Ryou saw a caring side to Bakura which no one probably knew.

That cat, now his house pet, named Nana, was probably what kept Bakura busy when Ryou was in school.

But the one question was still bugging him.

Why did he fall in love with Yami Bakura?


Bakura growled. He had searched almost all of Domino. Where the hell was his yodonushi?

Suddenly, a mental image of Ryou in a dark alley with a group of men surrounding him flashed through his head.

Oh Ra…

What was this? Retribution? Oh please don't let that be real.

He so did not mean it when he said that. Oh Ra, what was he going to do?

The tomb-robber knew he could be imagining things. However, it wasn't in his mind to imagine things like that to happen to his Yadonushi. Oh sure, he could imagine other people in torture chambers and he would enjoy it! But only one, he didn't like.

Bakura snapped up. There was only one thing left to do, go find his light.

Praying to Ra silently in his heart, Bakura ran off to the darkness place in Domino.


Ryou could recall, his father telling him once.

"If you know the reason why you love someone, then, it isn't real love now is it?" Ryou murmured softly to himself.

Was that the reason?

The young boy looked up and came to realise where he had walked until. It was a dark alley. The most unscrupulous crooks loitered around here.

Now Ryou started to grow scared. Now that he was out of his thoughts, his whole frame was shaking with fear as he heard footsteps of around 5 men nearing him. Ryou nearly jumped out of his skin once a voice behind started,

"Hi punk."

Oh shit.


Bakura ran down the alley which was well-known for its horrible reputation. Murder and rape took place in this alley all the time.

He stopped when he heard soft whimpers and paused taking it in before he followed the sound.

Dark brown eyes narrowed once he came to a stop.

What in the name of Ra!

There was a bunch of them. Around 5 to 6, all surrounding his hikari. His yodonushi! And Ryou looked terrified.

Bakura growled lowly. What the hell were they doing! It was time to stop this, before his yodonushi got hurt. And if one hair was misplaced, Bakura would make sure they would pay.

With that set in his mind, Bakura let his madness take over and took a step forward.

"What's this? Six against one?"

The men all turned as they watched from the shadows two dark freaky brown eyes appeared from the darkness.

"Come out here and fight like a man!" One of the men said although one could hear slight fear in his voice.

"What you are holding," Bakura started, his own voice laced with hate and anger, it dripped with promise of hurt or even death, "is something that belongs to me. And I want it back."

"This little punk?" One man asked, his voice had a disgusting raspy tone to it, "We found him first."

Ryou was too scared to even register what he had heard. All that he knew, was that someone was coming to his rescue.

"Ain't he a treasure?" Another man sniggered before he grabbed Ryou chin roughly making the young one whimper in pain.

Hatred and anger ran through the tomb robbers veins and before he knew it, he stalked forward. His millennium ring started glowing. An eerie glow took upon the scene.

"Don't you dare touch my yadonushi!" Bakura's dark brown eyes took an insane glint as he twisted the arm of the man who was holding Ryou. The sound of cracking bones echoed through the alley before Bakura threw the man aside like a rag doll.

Another charged forward but Bakura turned swiftly and kicked him, hard, in the stomach. The man doubled back and fell on the ground, cringing in pain. Bakura turned to the rest of the group and the eerie glow became brighter.

To be continued.

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