Chapter 28--New Edition

"OWEEEEEEE! UG!" Olivia screamed.

"It's ok Liv! I'm right here!"

"No shit Stabler! I'm in labor, not blind!" She barked.

"Just push one more time ok? You're doing great honey! You're doing great. Just one more push, for me?" He looked into her exhausted eyes, they were still beautiful, still had that spark, a feisty spark at the moment, but that was what he loved most about her. He tightened the grip he had on her hand and gave it a kiss.

"For you." She said nodding at him.

She gave one more painful push and heard the joyful screams of a healthy baby.

"It's a girl!" The doctor yelled out.

Elliot kissed Olivia on the forehead and gave her a hug while the nurses cleaned up the baby. "I'm so proud of you Liv. We have a little girl."

She was crying, and for once it was tears of joy. The nurse walked over to them and placed the tiny baby in Olivia's arms.

"Oh my God Elliot, she beautiful." She said kissing the baby on the forehead.

"She has your eyes!" Elliot said his eyes in tears.

She looked up at him, "I love you so much Elliot. I don't know how I can ever thank you for all you have done for me."

He kissed her on the lips, and looked down at their beautiful daughter, "The gift of life is the best thanks anyone can ever give."


A couple of hours later Olivia's hospital room was filled with flowers, and balloons. Casey, Munch, Fin and the Captain had been in the waiting room since Elliot called informing them that Liv's water broke. They were now cooing over the baby.

"So, out with the name already!" Casey exclaimed.

"Everybody, I would like you to meet, Isabella Serena Stabler." Olivia said tears streaming down her face. "Issy, these are the guys."

There are beautiful babies, and then there was Isabella, she took the cake. She had big blue eyes they were identical to Olivia's minus the blue. She had Elliot's nose, and a little bit of brown hair. Her cheeks were rosy. She was small, and she was perfect.

They passed the baby around so everyone could hold her. Casey cried when she held her, "I want one." She said looking at the baby.

"I can help you out with that Case." Munch said putting his arm around her and smiling.

She rolled her eyes.

"Nice Munch!" Fin laughed at him.

"These are beautiful flowers Liv, who are they from?" Casey said pointing to them.

"I don't know. El hand me the card."

She opened the card and tear rolled down her cheek.

"To The Best Sister-In-Law I ever had;


Miss you 2…THREE Like crazy!

All my love,


"Alex." She said as she showed the card to Elliot. He smiled at her, and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Ok Case, hand me my daughter." He said motioning for Isabella.


They had been home for a week, and it was the greatest week of their lives. They were madly in love with Isabella. She was such a good baby. She was happy and content unless she was hungry. All the fear Olivia had about being mother went away the moment she held Issy in her arms for the first time. Elliot was absolutely wonderful. He treated her like a queen and Issy like a princess.

Their house had become mobbed with people everyday. Mostly Elliot's kids. They could not get enough of their little sister.

"She looks just like you Liv. Except she has Dad's nose." Dickie laughed.

"She's got more hair then him too!" Lizzie laughed.

"Hey!" Elliot said, and shook his head agreeing with her.

"Was I this small Daddy?" Lizzie asked.

"Yes you both were."

"How much did we weigh?" Dickie wondered

"You guys both weighed 5lbs 4oz." Elliot said. That day seemed like a lifetime ago.

"And how much does Issy weigh?"

"5lbs 1oz." He said looking at Liv and rubbing her shoulders as she held the baby.

Isabella had been small, but she was perfectly healthy. The doctors said that the stress Olivia had gone through might have caused the low birth weight, but not to worry, everything was fine. Olivia felt horribly guilty at first, but once she knew that her baby was perfectly happy she forgave herself.

Later that night Olivia and Elliot were cuddling on the couch, Isabella sound asleep in Olivia's arms. "El?" She turned to him.

"Yeah love?"

"I've never been so happy in my entire life," Tears started run down her rosy cheeks, "Thank you." She said as she turned her head around and kissed him on the lips.



"I've never been happier than I am right now, at this moment. Holding you in my arms holding our beautiful little girl. She's perfect. This is perfect." Elliot smiled at his sleeping daughter and looked at his gorgeous wife. He finally had everything he always wanted in his life, a loving family, and most importantly a wife that understood him, that he could talk too. Someone who needed him, just as much as he needed her.

They got up and walked into the nursery. They laid their baby down and watched her sleep. Olivia leaned her back up against Elliot's chest, "She truly is a gift from God, El. I've only known her a week, but I can't imagine my life with out her. You have made me the happiest woman on earth. To think that just a year ago how dark my life was, how awful, I wanted to die everyday, and now, it just…amazes me, that's all." She turned around and kissed her husband.

They made their way to the bedroom, and he laid her down and snuggled up next to her, "What do you think she's going to be when she grows up Liv?" He asked her as he nuzzled his face into her neck.

She looked up into his eyes and they both said at the same time, "Cop." They laughed, and laughed.

"God help her boyfriends! A pair of cops for parents! They don't stand a chance."

"That's good Liv, because if she grows up to look like you, the guys are going to be lining up around the block!"

He kissed her on the lips and wrapped his arms around her body.

"Hey El, you know what I just thought of?" Olivia asked happily.


"I have a family. I have a real family!" Once again the tears came down. He brushed them away with his thumb and kissed her on the lips.

"Yes you do, forever and always, you have a family."



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