A/N: Please enjoy the Wee!chesters. This is very short.

"Quit moving, they'll look wrong if you don't stop moving."

"It itches…"

"It's the price we pay for perfection, dear Sammy."

Dean fiddled around in Sam's hair longer than little Sammy's patience could handle; he was swaying from foot to foot, making Dean frown. Finally, after an attempt to move in time with the bundle of energy, that didn't work, Dean stilled his movements by grabbing the boy's shoulders and yelling 'stop' really loud.

This approached worked just long enough for Dean to get his hands in Sammy's hair and make a few adjustments before Sammy felt he fulfilled his requirement for the command and bolted toward the front door, pillowcase dragging on the green shag carpet. Dean sighed as he saw the red tail safety pinned to the backside of his younger brother's pants, which was also dragging on the floor. A small miscalculation in height on Dean's part that would have the tail ending the night extremely dirty and tattered, yet it wasn't like either of them were going to use it again next year.

One rule about Halloween: A Winchester never wears the same costume twice.

"I don't want you guys to go too far, ok?" Dean turned toward his father, who was standing in the kitchenette of the motel cleaning the plates they had just eaten dinner on. "If you figure I can't see you from the window then you've gone to far. Understand?" Dean answered as he bent down to tie his shoe,

"Can't we go a little but farther? I know there's more houses on the other side of that block," after which he straightened his robes and tweaked his halo, "they're bigger too," Dean grinned. "The bigger the house, the bigger the candy." John looked down at his son.

"Where did you get the pipe cleaner?" He gestured toward Dean's head, barely concealing a smirk, "and the sparkles?"

With hands on his hips Dean answered,
"There's a dollar store by the Laundromat…and Sammy figured a halo is bright. Figured sparkles would do."

John nods then goes back to cleaning the dishes,

"Just make sure you don't take them to the cleaners," and Dean's out the door, his own pillowcase flying like a banner of victory.

John's half sure that he wants to make a new rule for his boys about not making each other's costumes, but then he'd never see his Sammy sporting flaming red horns and a pointed tail, with a goatee drawn on with black marker, and Dean in a surprisingly round halo made from sparkly pipe cleaner. Feet clad in Jesus sandals, with toga and a harp made from tin foil.

Sometimes John wonders if he should take pictures more often.