Time, it connects all things. It is inescapable, inevitable and unrelenting. It is as incontestable as the very stars in the skies, sometimes time can be your greatest ally and others your gravest fears. Time brought together two unlikely people, but will it also tear them apart? An Inuyasha/Kagome fan fiction. Read and Review please xxxx

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"Thank you." Kagome replied, "For protecting me and being my strength…"

Inuyasha's irises trembled a little as she whispered her thank you to him, "Kagome you should try to sleep." The hanyou replied gently.

Inuyasha looked down and realised that the exhausted miko had already fallen asleep, right there in his arms. Her adorable face was fixed on a smile and her coal black locks fell around her rosy pink cheeks. Inuyasha knew that she had used up every ounce of her energy and was now so exhausted that she could have slept anywhere. Yet what Inuyasha didn't realise, was that it was because Kagome had never felt safer or more comfortable with anyone in her whole life. That was the reason why she had fallen asleep, right there, in the warmth of his arms.


Chapter Fifteen: A cascade of fire and the blazing tomb.

Feudal era: Early hours of the morning.

Ominous dark clouds swirled threateningly over feudal Japan, blocking all light from the twighlight skies. Billowing clouds of black smoke rose from a small village, ash and flames licked at the air and screams of terror rose into the slumbering night. Eerie silhouettes danced in the orange glow from the fires that swept through the usually peaceful village. The flames consumed all in their path, destroying anything that should dare to get in their pathway of devastation. A fierce battle was taking place. Idle rusted blades clashed with the onslaught of blood-thirsty demons. The concluding battle for these innocent villagers waged on, through inferno and cyanide.

A young girl wept as the burning ruin of her house fell down around her, she was crying out for someone, anyone to save her. The young girl crawled through the flames, coughing as she pulled her way out from under her fallen roof. The little girl could hear footsteps, slowly and steadily approaching her. Frightened cerulean eyes looked up to meet with the creature that stood before her, clad in a dirty, blood stained, blue kimono. She shrieked in terror as deadly clawed hands wrapped around her ripped clothing, pulling up to meet the demons cruel white and red eyes. Tears streamed down her face as the youkai flexed his claws, ready to strike her down.

"Please…" The child pleaded, her eyes were wide with terror.

The demon merely stared at the infant; his eyes flashed with malice and reflected the blaze that engulfed the ruin of her home. He threw her down onto the ground forcefully and unsheathed his long ridged sword from its holder. "Accept death, it comes to us all."

"No! Please!" The girl wept, backing away as the demon walked toward her.

No form of pity could be seen in those cruel eyes, only disgust. He raised his sword higher above the girl, "How pathetic."

His sword rose further above the girl as she curled up in a fruitless attempt at self-preservation. As the blade came towards her, she closed her eyes tight and whispered, "Mama…" into the unhearing inferno that engulfed her.



Kagome sat bolt-upright sobbing hysterically. Inuyasha rushed over to the miko as the others awoke with a start. Kagome's tear-filled chocolate eyes darted around the room in frantic alarm. The miko's whole body shook from head to toe as Inuyasha checked her head for a fever. Sango rushed to the miko's side and pulled her into a caring hold in attempt to calm her down. Inuyasha continued to stare at the sobbing priestess, concern shining in his amber eyes.

"Kagome, what is wrong?" Sango asked softly, stroking her hair gently.

"I-I- She…" Kagome stammered through the sobs.

"Kagome…?" Shippo croaked anxiously, the kitsune had never seen the miko act this way.

"The- The girl…" Kagome wept as she pushed Sango away from her and tried to stand, her knees buckled and Inuyasha caught her.

"Baka, what the hell are you playing at! You are still too weak to move around!" The hanyou scorned.

"He is right Kagome, you used up too much energy earlier." Miroku agreed.

"I need to help her; she is going to be killed!" Kagome cried out, trying to push Inuyasha away from her as well.

"Kagome what are you talking about? Who is going to be killed?" Inuyasha asked, he was feeling completely bewildered.

"I-I don't know who she is." The miko answered, feeling frustrated that no-one understood her.

"Keh, you just had a nightmare." Inuyasha smirked arrogantly.

"It wasn't a nightmare! Her whole village was burning… demons were attacking… she was trapped…" Kagome mumbled, staring pleadingly into the amber eyes that stared at her.

"You think that it may have been a vision?" Sango asked carefully.

Kagome nodded, not making eye contact with the demon slayer. Her teary brown orbs were fixed on Inuyasha's golden eyes. The hanyou continued to stare at her with a little concern. He did not understand what Kagome wanted him to do. Surely by the time they arrived at this village the child would be dead. Inuyasha looked away from the pleading chocolate eyes and sighed. The hanyou went outside the wooden hut in hopes that the village was near enough that he could smell the burning. The second his sensitive nose hit the cold night air, it was attacked by a strong smell of burning. Inuyasha turned back into the cabin with a snarl and grabbed his Tetsussiaga.

"The air is choked with the smell of burning." He said angrily, "That bastard Naraku will be behind this!"

"You're sure?" Miroku asked uncertainly, assuming that the young miko had merely been having a bad dream.

"Keh, are you questioning me monk?" Inuyasha growled, flexing his claws dangerously.

Miroku shook his head slowly and sighed, grabbing his staff and walking to the doorway of Kaede's hut. "Well then, let's go."

Kagome steadied herself and took a deep breath, removing herself from Sango's supportive hold. The Tai-jiya stared at her friend with concern shining in her mahogany eyes. Kagome simply smiled at Sango, willing her not to worry. Inuyasha on the other hand had let a low growl escape his chest, he stalked over to the miko and forced her into a sitting position on the floor, "There aint no way you are coming with us."

"Excuse me?!" Kagome choked in indignation. "Who the hell do you think you are!? You can't tell me what to do!"

"You are too weak, it could be dangerous." Inuyasha snapped impatiently as he walked away from the seated miko. As he turned around, he was whacked resolutely on the back of the head with a sandal. "What the hell are you playing at!?" he snarled.

"Don't walk away from me before I have had my say!" Kagome yelled furiously, "I am going and that's that!"

"Keh, you will have to get past me first!" Inuyasha smirked haughtily.

"Inuyasha…. Osuwari!"


Kagome stood up slowly and smirked in an Inuyasha like manner. "That's not a problem." The miko snapped icily as she stepped over the subjugated hanyou, resolutely walking through the threshold.

Miroku, Sango and Shippo sighed as Inuyasha uttered a long string of curses aimed at the incensed priestess. They shook their heads and followed Kagome outside. "She had enough energy for that…" Sango muttered amusedly to Miroku.

Kagome walked over to the fire neko and attempted to climb onto her back, she was, however, pulled off mid-climb by firm arms. Her eyes narrowed threateningly as she turned to face an angry Inuyasha. His handsome face was still covered in dust from the floor in Kaede's hut. Kagome went to open her mouth to yell at the half-demon but was immediately quietened by the ferocious look he shot her.

"If you are coming with us you are sticking with me so I can keep an eye on you." Inuyasha growled furiously. "If I see any sign that you are weaker than you say you are, I will take you back here. I don't give a shit about how many people are in trouble!"

"Inu-Inuyasha…" Kagome gasped, feeling utterly taken-aback by the anger in his eyes. She nodded in agreement and Inuyasha signalled for her to climb onto his back.

They all set off at a tremendous speed, following Inuyasha's receptive sense of smell. It didn't take long for the group to reach the distressed village; it had only been a couple of miles away from Kaede's home. Flames licked at the deep purple skies and tonnes of billowing black smoke and ash rose into the air. Inuyasha felt Kagome's breath catch in her chest at the sight of the burning settlement. She had every right to be shocked; they had only passed through the town a few days ago. Now it lay in ruins, the stench of blood was strong enough to make even a human nauseous with the smell.

The group rushed into the remnants of the village in hopes that there were still survivors. As they walked around the charred residue of buildings, it was becoming increasingly apparent that the hope of life in this cascade of flames was foolish at best. Everywhere they walked, the bodies of the slain villagers littered the blood drenched earth. Suddenly Kagome let out a yelp and broke free of Inuyasha's supporting grasp. The miko ran into the burning ruins of a building close by. Inuyasha ran after her, dodging the chunks of burning wood that crashed from the unstable structure.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled, ducking out the way of a large piece of the flame engulfed roof that crashed down beside him. "Kagome this place is falling apart!"

Inuyasha ran into a small room and ducked under one of the supporting beams to the house that lay splintered and broken. Kagome sat on the ground, cradling a small girl in her arms, tears ran down Kagome's soot covered face. She did not look up as Inuyasha's hand clasped her shoulder caringly. Nor did she look up as Sango's voice cried out their names in concern. The young miko held the little girl in her arms as though she were able to give her life once more. Warm salty tears slid down her cheeks and landed on the child's face. "I am so sorry…" Whispered the weeping miko. The building creaked dangerously and the remainder of the roof started to cave in. Inuyasha threw his arms around Kagome protectively, it was only then that her eyes moved from the child's face.

"Come on Kagome, we need to get outta here. There was nothing we could have done to save her." Inuyasha yelled as massive chunks of burning wood fell down around them.

"I-I can't leave her…" Kagome wept, refusing to let the little girl from her grasp.

"She is gone. You can't bring her back." Inuyasha said softly, taking her arms into his hands and slowly pulling her away from the little girl. "Come on." He said gently, coaxing the miko away from the child. Kagome suddenly threw her arms around Inuyasha's waist, weeping into his shoulder. His youthful face contorted into a frown and his golden iris' trembled at the sudden contact and the salty smell that stung his nose and attacked his conscience.

Inuyasha picked Kagome up and carried her through the blazing tomb. She stared coughing from all the smoke and ash and the hanyou stared at her anxiously. He walked through the doorway and outside where his eyes were greeted with a shock. Raven locks floated through the smoke-filled air and cold brown eyes stared upon the scene with great disdain.

"I see you have been busy since my last visit Inuyasha? Rescuing damsels now are we?" Kikyou growled contemptuously.

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