Melancholy Esmeraude
Quicksilver's Quill (Reluctantly) Offers:
Melancholy Esmeraude
Author's Note: This is why I avoid poetry. This was my attempt at a Lament for my poor Black Moon Family- done Hamlet Style. Read it if you feel like either a pained laugh or an excuse to flame me- I'm just posting it so you can see even those of us destined for great things goof- LOL! Supposedly Esmeraude is the charecter talking, thus the title.

Fie on the simple imperfections
Of the human heart for aught can happen
When, inspired by lust and trickery,
Demando hath his brother slain.
Ere the time of reckoning come
My beloved lord, sweet prince, doth weep,
For the blood of innocents on his hands.
The prince, released from an unhealthy love,
Comes to a new land, where he will reign
Over fields and flowers that sway in the breeze
His beloved brother, of his torment freed,
Will stand again by his side
Where purest hate is anathema to the spoken word
Where Saffir again is innocent
The shadows of evil shucked away from him
Adieu, adieu, the world bids us,
But we are not dead.
We remain in thought and memory
A beacon to those who see
With blinded eyes and stormy heart
The hunger for justice that is not,
Alas, meets not an end, but
Its own starvation within the dark.

The End (Thank God!)