Harry Potter and the Legend of the Shinobi

A/N: Okay, I know people don't really like long author's notes so I'll make this quick. Harry Potter/Naruto crossover, expect obsessive romances on the Naruto side. Sasuke/Sakura mostly. Set during HP book 5 and AU for Naruto. And a couple of times I copy things exactly from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Things like speeches, articles. Things that would throw the story off if changed. I put the MLA citation there, but I just wanted to mention it in advance. Don't get mad. looks sheepish Anyway, I hope you like it. Happy reading!


Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Harry Potter. I'm not going to put this at the beginning of every chapter, so this one applies to the entire story.


Chapter One:

A New Mission

"Are you sure these children will be sufficient?" Albus Dumbledore inquired of the Hokage. She nodded, still distracted by a form that had been burning a hole in her desk for several days.

"They are some of our best and they will be guided by a more that qualified jounin." Dumbledore nodded. Tsunade looked up at her newest client. "Is there anything else you need?" He shook his head.

"I shall be at just outside Konoha waiting for your team." Tsunade shook the elderly man's hand.

"Always good to see you." She said with a small smile. Dumbledore bowed and disapparated. Tsunade shook her head, laughing. "Their departures are always so…big." She cleared her throat and walked to the door, calling to her assistants. "Would somebody find me Kakashi?"


As Tsunade was distractedly getting a new mission, Team 7 was lazing on the bridge, their teacher late as usual. The hour passed and after four Sakura was beginning to get worried.

"He's usually only about three hours late. Maybe something's wrong." She said to her unconcerned teammates. They stared at her.

"Come on, Kakashi sensei is probably just blowing time again. He's always late, forget it." Naruto went back to sleeping.

"Yeah, Sakura don't worry about it." Sasuke said with a small smirk. She smiled back and fell into silence. After another half an hour Kakashi 'poofed' onto the gate at the head of the bridge.

"Sorry I-"

"Got lost on the road of life?" The three answered for him. Kakashi sniggered.

"I have a good reason this time. Really." Sasuke turned to Sakura.

"See I told you everything would be okay." She smiled. Kakashi looked confused.

"What would be okay?" He asked the three.

"Sakura was worrying because you were later than usual." Naruto said loudly. "She thought something was wrong."

"Actually I was speaking to Tsunade about a new mission for us." They stared at their teacher. This was the first time one of his excuses were actually plausible. Sasuke recovered first.

"What was the mission?" He asked, breaking the silent hold on the other two.

"I was wondering when someone would ask that. It's a protection mission. We'll be traveling out of the country. Tsunade will give you all the details in a little while. I want you all to go home and pack. We could be at this for a few months so pack accordingly. Then meet me in the Hokage's office." Then Kakashi 'poofed' out and let the genin standing awestruck in the bright sunshine. They looked at each other and shrugged. It seemed that this mission would be quite unique.


An hour later the three genin met their teacher and the Hokage in her office. She looked up from her paperwork and sighed. Without waiting for a greeting she launched into a description of the mission they were to embark upon.

"The three of you get to go back to school." She smirked at their groans. "You will be guarding a Harry Potter. Apparently there is a war going on and he is in the thick of it. But he is only fifteen and cannot protect himself against the opposing force. Neither can their dwindling numbers. All you have to do is watch out for him and make sure he doesn't get himself killed. Kakashi will be near if you need any help. Good luck." Taking this as a dismissal Kakashi ushered his students out of the office and onto the bright street.

"So when are we leaving for this mission?" Naruto asked.

"Right now."

"WHAT!" The three exclaimed. Kakashi chuckled softly.

"It may seem sudden but we have to get there before the school year starts." He smiled back at his shocked students. "Come on." He said beckoning to follow him. They started moving, exchanging a glance. Sakura decided to find out more about this unusual mission.

"Where is this school that Tsunade was talking about?" She asked.

"It's far to the northwest. In Europe." Kakashi answered without turning around. Sakura frowned.

"But how are we going to get there? We can't walk." Kakashi smiled.

"You'll just have to see." He said mysteriously. Sasuke frowned. He hated it when Kakashi was trying to be all mystifying like this. It was confusing and annoying. But he didn't say anything, preferring to turn over his misconceptions in private. He knew that complaining wouldn't get anywhere, and that Kakashi would never intentionally lead them to harm, so it there was no use wondering about where they were going. The genin followed in silence, only broken when they reached an older man just outside of the forest that bordered Konoha.

"You must be Kakashi." He said affably. "And our guards." Kakashi nodded.

"I assume you're Dumbledore." Kakashi said, shaking the elderly man's hand. "This is Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke." He said, indicating his students in turn. Dumbledore smiled down at them, and polite greetings were made. The genin did not speak much, choosing to allow Kakashi to make awkward small talk with Dumbledore. After an awkward five minutes Dumbledore sighed loudly.

"We should get going. I want to return to the school before nightfall and I'm sure that the children will want to get settled as soon as possible." Dumbledore said with another smile at the kids.

"Of course." Sakura still looked confused. "Is something wrong Sakura?" Kakashi asked, upon seeing her puzzled expression.

"It's just that…well how are we going to travel thousands of miles before nightfall. We couldn't even travel that distance in a month, let alone a few hours!"

"You know how to 'poof' right?" Kakashi asked her. She nodded. "Well that's all it is. Although it is over a significantly larger distance so I will have to help you. Sasuke and Sakura will come with me. Naruto, go with Dumbledore." Sasuke and Sakura moved next to Kakashi and grasped his hands. In a second a cloud of smoke appeared and the three disappeared. Naruto turned to Dumbledore.

"This better not hurt." He said, before taking Dumbledore's outstretched hand and disappearing into the growing darkness with an audible pop.