Chapter One

Virgil jumped awake, his hair sticking to him in places from the amount of sweat pouring down his face from the nightmare that he had just had. Looking around the room he found Richie sat on the chair next to him, his book that was on his lap on the floor.

"Virg, hey its ok" Richie said with quiet voice and a hand resting on Virgil's shoulder, getting zapped from the shock of Virgil and revealed how asleep his best friend was.

"Richie? I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!" Virgil said realising that he was back in his room with his best friend sat next to him, seeing Richie shaking his hand from where he had pulled back and was getting feeling back into it from the tingling sensation.

"It's ok V, don't worry about it… just as long as you're ok" Richie said with a smile pushing his glasses back up his nose with one hand while flexing the other.

Virgil looked away from Richie and down at the sheets, gripping them tightly and kept his eyes closed to fight against the tears that were building up and threatening to leak out. "I-I k-know… I… I" He muttered with a croak as his shoulders shook from the suppressed tears.

Richie moved from his chair and sat on the bed along side Virgil, "Virgil its ok… everything is fine now" He said pulling his best friend, his brother into a comforting hug.

Letting him express the built up emotions from the shock of the nightmares Virgil had been having though most of the time his friend just fell back to sleep and not waking up for a long time.

"I-I j-just feel f-foolish" Virgil muttered into Richie's chest, his own arms around Richie's.

"It's ok Virgil, after you've been through… after what I put you through…" Richie muttered with a sigh remembering how Virgil had been turned into a monster in the first place, because of his experiment.

Virgil sniffed and coughed harshly amongst Richie's arms, "W-we didn't know… b-but it… it was j-just" He muttered before giving way to a fresh bout of tears.

"Shh V, just let the reaction out… that's the only way you're going to get better" Richie said hugging his best friend closer pushing the building headache away from his own forehead.

"I-I'm ok Rich…" Virgil croaked with a cough and started to pull away from Richie.

Richie moved away and retrieved the glass of water from the bedside cabinet before offering it to Virgil, "Here Virg" He said with a small smile and left a hand on the glass as Virgil used both of his to hold the glass as he sipped on it to sooth his throat.

Once the glass was half full, Virgil pushed it away and was taken away by Richie. "Thanks bro… I can't really remember what has happened the last few days" He said trying to remember but all he could remember was feeling trapped and lost in the energy that was the monster.

"You've been asleep for three days since I gave you the cure to what caused your… transformation" Richie said moving back to his chair and took off his glasses to rub the bridge of his nose to help with the headache. "I found out that the energy… your energy was tainted so you've been asleep or throwing up energy for the past three days" He carried on explaining to Virgil with what had happened.

"I-I r-remember… I-it was h-hungry b-but I-it couldn't feed w-without t-the pain" Virgil spoke up and remembered feeling dark and alone with nothing but the monster pushing him away into the darkness, with the monster taking away his body and making it for his own.

Richie watched as Virgil curled up on his self, his body flickered with his normal purple/white energy before coming off in pulses slightly making the lights and the stereo flicker. "Virg, take it easy please!" He called out to his best friend, trying to get through to him while he suffered a back flash.

Sharon looked up from her cup of coffee, her fifth one this afternoon as she had tried and failed to sleep so she hoped that the caffeine would keep her awake and together once her young brother woke up from his sleep.

"Sharon, are you ok? Maybe you should go into the other room and try and get some sleep" Adam said resting his hand on one of hers.

"I'm ok Adam… I'll survive but what about Virgil?" Sharon asked just as the lights flickered earning winces from everyone around the table.

"He might be awake now as this is worse than when he had his nightmares" Robert spoke up before taking a long drink from his coffee.

"I guess so Daddy" Sharon said with a sigh as the lights went out with a loud bang coming from the basement.

Adam sighed and got up from the table, "I better go and see to that" He said stretching his hand over to where the torch was before heading out of the kitchen to see to the fuse box located down in the basement.

Robert sighed and looked up towards the upper floor, "I just hope that Virgil is ok… he's been through a traumatic experience and I am worried about his other identity" He said speaking up his worries to his daughter.

"I know daddy, but all we can do is be there… for both of them" Sharon said remembering seeing Richie at breakfast while Adam sat with Virgil, seeing that the blonde young man had hardly any sleep and was worse than she was.

"We'll pull through this Sharon, you just have to have hope and soon things will come back to normal" Robert said with a soft smile as Adam's head returned, the rest of his body down in the basement.

"He's blown all of the fuses… have you got any more spares somewhere?" Adam asked with a tired sigh with streaks of dirt on his face.

"Somewhere Adam, I'll give you a hand… Sharon, can you go upstairs with a cup of coffee for Richie" Robert asked his daughter before finishing his own and got up from the table.

"Sure Dad, but I don't know how to face Virgil… I know he's my brother but knowing that he's a metahuman, and he's Static! But I don't know how to talk to him…" Sharon said not moving from her place at the table.

"Boo, just because he has powers doesn't mean he hasn't changed from who he is… and at the moment he's a teenage boy that has been through a traumatic experience and needs his family" Adam said from where he waited in the doorway.

"Adam's right Sharon, at the moment he just needs us… and as the city's hero, well he needs to get trust and control of his powers back so all we can do is be there for Virgil" Robert said as he dug out the spare fuses and walked over to Adam.

"You're right Daddy, I'll get that coffee done for Richie" Sharon said with a small smile and rose up from the table to get on and make a cup of coffee for the genius metahuman upstairs.

Virgil opened his eyes and uncurled slightly, "Hey, you back with me?" A quiet familiar voice spoke up making him look up.

"Rich?" He spoke up with a small voice very much unlike his own.

"Yeah it's me, you ok now?" Richie asked moving to sit back on the bed, the bed sinking down along the edge.

"Think so… what happened?" Virgil asked seeing that the room was dark aside from the glow coming from Backpack's light.

"You had a flashback and your powers blew the fuses… but think that Mr H and Adam are working on restoring them" Richie explained and called Backpack over to run the scan of the city while they talked.

"I'm sorry… I wish these powers never came back… I'm just too afraid of them now that I've seen what they can truly do" Virgil said clenching at the sheets tightly feeling the powers tingling inside of him with a shudder down his spine.

"You don't mean that Virg, I know you! And you love your powers, you're just worried that you will become that monster again and I know you won't! You will fly the skies you love so much by my side once again behind that mask V, you'll see" Richie said slightly shocked to hear Virgil say how he wished that he never became Static.

"Rich…" Virgil muttered feeling his eyes burn again but Backpack sounded off letting them know that a metahuman attack was happening somewhere in Dakota.

"Awkward timing 'pack" Richie muttered as he got up off the bed, "You feel up to coming V?" He asked seeing that Virgil was looking at Backpack, who climbed up onto Richie's back into the normal spot he rested.

Virgil shook his head and tucked back down in the blankets, putting his back to his best friend hoping that if he went back to sleep then the pain and awkwardness would have gone.

Richie inwardly sighed and left Virgil to lie in bed, "Just hope that you will come back one day Static, for me please" He said quietly before leaving the room not noticing a pair of brown eyes watched him from under the sheets.

Sharon gave up making the cup of coffee as she quickly talked to Gear before he disappeared off to the mall in the city, where the Metabreed was up to no good.

The power came back on with a slight hum and the TV flickered back into life in time for the news report to start.

And with a attack on Dakota Hills Mall with no sign of the city's hero Static during the monster attack that had destroyed several power stations and parts of the city, which are soon being checked out and assessed for the damage repair costs.

Metahuman gangs and just normal crooks are keeping the tired police department on their toes as the city goes through this crisis without the energetic young superhero.

This reporter means no disrespect to Gear or to Rubberband Man or even to the mysterious Shebang but still, they don't have the same effect that Static has on the city.

The rumours of Static leaving the city are due to those who do not believe that the young hero has just gone to help his friends in the hero group, the Justice League but these rumours are unproved.

The question on everyone's mind is where is Static? We need him.

This is Shelly Sandoval reporting to you live from outside of Dakota Hills Mall.

Sharon sighed and looked upstairs wondering how they were going to get Virgil to get back to trusting his powers and back to the hero that he once loved to be.

To be continued

A/N: Well here it is! The beginning of the long healing process for Virgil, will he go back to becoming the hero of the city back to Static? And what about Richie? Will he blame himself for doing this to Virgil in the first place?

Stay tuned to find out!