Chapter Eight

Richie looked at his costume, seeing how the paramedics had cut it off him, making it useless to wear, Great… now what am I going to wear He thought with a sigh putting it back on the bed.

"Knock! knock, anyone ordered pizza?" A familiar voiced called from the doorway knocking Richie out of his thoughts. Richie looked across and grinned seeing his best friend.

"Actually I ordered the cheeseburger with extra onions" He replied with a smile as Virgil came into the room and closed the door behind him, before lowering his hood.

"Please tell me you brought me something to wear, these are for the scrap pile at HQ" Richie said feeding his hand through the cuts and holes of what was left of his costume.

"Yeah I did, can't wait to get out of here and back home huh?" Virgil asked with a grin holding his old blue rucksack out for Richie to take.

"Love to, let me get dressed then we can get out of here" Richie said removing the horrid hospital gown and thought he heard Virgil take a sharp intake.

"What's the matter?" Richie asked wincing at the movement of searching inside Virgil's rucksack before biting back a laugh at feeling Virgil's gloved fingers trace along his ribs.

"How did this happen?" Virgil asked looking at Richie's ribs seeing the light purple bruising along his ribcage.

"It's nothing V, it happened a few days ago but they'll heal like they always will" Richie said stepping away from the uncomfortable touch of Virgil's fingers.

Virgin nodded with a sigh and backed away, looking around the room seeing how bare it was while wondering how anyone could stay in these private rooms.

"I-it was Ebon and Puff using the mall as a battle ground, so that thing at the docks had to be Hotstreak" Richie said softly as he finished getting dressed, putting his jet blades on his feet.

"Hotstreak, it would explain the fire, but getting in the middle of Ebon and Puff wasn't the smartest thing Rich" Virgil said sitting up on the bed while Richie was reunited with Backpack via his helmet interface.

"I had to V, they insulted you… insulted us, but they're not going to get out for a while," Richie said putting his glasses into a safe compartment inside Backpack. "They will have to get out of the mixed restraints I used first" He added looking at Virgil with a smile.

Virgil looked at Richie in his costume then down at his, "You mean they insulted Static and Gear…" He said softly still thinking that the hero Static and he were separate people.

"No I don't V; please I don't want to loose you like I almost did with that monster… without the masks we are still people with powers, metahumans but showing restraint" Richie said sitting up next to Virgil, swinging his legs slightly glancing at Virgil before looked back down at his feet.

"Virgil… it's not Static who I fell in love with" Richie said softly, his stomach felt full of butterflies while his heart thumped in his ears all the while his high speed mind kept thinking of hundreds of scenarios.

Virgil slid off the bed and crossed his arms tightly across his chest, he wanted to return the feelings but he feared that they were risking everything in their life and more importantly, their friendship that was almost brotherly.

Richie watched Virgil silently; he wanted to just hold him close until a reply came. He wanted to help Virgil through his trauma but dropping something like this could cause his friend to fall back into depression.

"R-rich, I-I think I love you too… not just as a close friend, brother but as someone to share the rest of my life with" Virgil replied softly turning to face Richie with a smile, he felt a bit of the burden on his shoulders and clouding his heart become clearer.

Richie smiled and got off the bed, skating over to Virgil slowly to see Virgil's reaction and was caught slightly off guard when Virgil wrapt him in a hug, which he slowly returned. "I- I was going to tell you that day but I've been putting it off for a long time now, finding different excuses or not wanting to put the extra stress on you" He said with a smile happy that Virgil felt the same way.

Virgil nodded resting his head on Richie's shoulder, "I have been thinking about it for a while too, think of the stress of this brought it up clearer to me" He said quietly resting his hands on the small of Richie's back.

Richie sighed softly and held Virgil against him, "How about we head home, you're tired and no trying to hide it as you're shaking" He said softly resting a hand amongst Virgil's hair while the other stroked Virgil's back gently.

Virgil sighed and nodded, "I am… it took a long time to give me the courage to dress up like this and rescue you but it was the thought of loosing you that gave me the courage" He said softly before stifling a yawn.

Richie caught this and reluctantly broke away from Virgil to reach back for his helmet and the now empty rucksack, before helping Virgil to pull his hood up to cover his identity until they got clear of the hospital and back to the Hawkins Residence.

"Is Mr H outside?" Richie asked as he put his helmet on, Virgil nodded and got a few papers out of his pocket.

"Pops signed you out, just got to show these to the nurse at reception" Virgil explained with another covered yawn.

Richie gave the rucksack to Virgil before taking the papers, "Ok V, let's get home then to bed… I'll ask Shenice to patrol later" He said retrieved the papers before securing his helmet.

Robert looked down into his oversized mug, filled with dark brown almost black coffee. His mind repeated the conversations he had had over the last few days with different people in different locations.

Here in the kitchen, the roof of the house and then the office at the community centre but then there up on the roof of Dakota General Hospital and later at the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude was when Robert learnt more about his son and how complicated his life had gotten.

Virgil had just said to Robert about how he was afraid of his powers explaining how instead of the fear and respect he use to have, it was just pure fear put into the electric hero known as Static.

Robert shook his head as he was still getting use to Virgil being the energetic superhero Static, but now after the incident that transformed him into the energy monster that had destroyed several power stations across Dakota.

Now Dakota docks is a big pile of embers while Richie and Virgil recover from what must have been a tough and terrifying fight with the monster that had appeared there Robert thought to himself sipping on his coffee.

Robert got up and looked into the lounge and saw only one figure on the couch, he frowned a little as he looked around the couch before smiling. Richie had leaned against the arm of the couch with Virgil curled up in a very strange angle that looked uncomfortable to Robert.

Richie sighed softly and held Virgil closer as he moved to rest his head on Virgil's, which was just tucked under Richie's arm with the rest of his arm down his back.

Robert shook his head with a smile before freeing a blanket from the back of the armchair and draped it over Virgil and Richie with a smile as they kept sleeping with the television flashing softly showing a black and white film.

The sun rose up over the city, greeting a new day to the city of Dakota; there was smoke rising up from the burning embers of what remained of Dakota Docks while building continued at the old sites of the power stations that were destroyed during the energy monster's attacks.

"This is Shelly Sandoval reporting to you live above the city of Dakota, as you can see from our camera's footage repairs have already begun in different places across the city." The reporter spoke calmly and loudly over the sound of the helicopter.

"With help from Alva Industries and a surprise donation from Gotham's Wayne Industries, the city is rising back up from the destruction and chaos that had filled its peaceful streets but most importantly is that the hero Static has returned" Shelly continued using her free hand to keep her hair away from her face.

"Our hero returned to us just in the nick of time to save his partner, Gear from the fierce shadow like monster which was quickly defeated and buried amongst the piles of ash and debris" The reporter continued her report on the news.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you Static and Gear for saving our city and hope that you continue to protect it together for many years to come" Shelly reported and the screen switched back over to the news room.

Virgil half watched the report through blurry eyes; he could feel the warm pillow moving as it continued to breathe in a deep sleep.

Virgil's pillow moved around a little before waking up, Richie's vision was blurred by tiredness and the absence of his glasses. "Hm, Virg?" He croaked softly, his voice cracking with a yawn.

"I'm here" Virgil replied before yawning himself.

"This is nice isn't it? Just being here, on the couch together" Richie said softly, his mind still full of sleep and groaned as he sat up a little.

Virgil moved up a little with cat like grace but slid down until he was using Richie's lap as a pillow instead of his partner's tender chest and ribs. "It is it feels better now" He replied looking up at Richie with a smile.

"I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world, well maybe a fully paid state of the art laboratory with unlimited resources" Richie said with a grin as he reached to the small table and found his glasses there, slipping them on to see Virgil pouting.

Virgil sat up untangling his legs from the blanket and looked at his friend with the full puppy dog look; watery eyes, pouting lip and his head slightly tilted.

Richie couldn't resist and attacked Virgil's vulnerable sides, making them both land on the floor with Virgil on top of him.

They looked into each other's eyes, their breathing heavy from the small laughing bout. Their confessions about their feelings for each other rose up fresh in each other's minds before they both lost themselves in sharing a long and passionate kiss.

Robert had snuck down the stairs at hearing laughter and smiled in seeing the teenagers tangled up on the floor knowing that now everything will be fine as long as they're together.

The End!