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Written By immortalwizardpirateelf-fan

Written By immortalwizardpirateelf-fanM-Romance/Supernatural/Drama/Action/Adventure-English

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October 30th, 2005: Palo Alto, CA

Sam Winchester sighed as he walked into the apartment in Palo Alto that he and Jessica, his wife of nearly four years, shared. Since they graduated in May; Sam with a bachelor's degree in pre-law, and Jessica with a bachelor's degree as a registered nurse; Sam had taken a job as a law clerk in one of the local law firms and Jessica worked at the Children's Hospital. Sometimes the hours were long, especially when he had to help do research for an arduous case, or when Jessica was on call, but they seemed to find a way to balance their professional, personal and hunting lives.

He walked into the bedroom, smiling as he saw Jessica curled up on the bed, deep in sleep. A glance at the alarm clock told him it was quarter after eleven. Yawning, he quickly shedded his suit and climbed into bed beside his gorgeous wife. He reached over, pulled her into his arms, her head landed on his shoulder and her arm across his waist.

Opening her eyes slightly at the movement, her lips curved into a sleepy smile. "Hmmmm…welcome home honey," she said before pressing a kiss to his lips.

"I'll never get tired of being welcomed home like that," Sam whispered, his tiredness seeping into his voice.

Jessica cuddled closer to him and closed her eyes, murmuring, "You sound tired. Get some sleep."

Sam smiled, closed his eyes then fell into a deep sleep…


November 2, 1983: Lawrence, Kansas

Mary Winchester, a young blonde woman, in her mid twenties, walked into his nursery, carrying a four-year-old Dean. "Come on, let's say goodnight to your brother," she smiled as she helped Dean to lean over the bars of the crib.

Dean kissed Sam on the forehead. "Good night Sam."

Mary set Dean on the floor and leaned over the crib, "Good night, love," she whispered, as she kissed the baby's forehead.

"Hey Dean," John Winchester called form the doorway.

Dean turned around and smiled at his father. "Daddy!" he cried, running and jumping into his father's arms.

John smiled at his eldest, "Hey buddy! What do ya think? You think Sammy's ready to toss around a football yet?"

Dean shook his head smiling. "No, Daddy."

"No?" John replied, amused.

Mary smiled and walked over to two of her favorite three men. "You got him?"

"I got him," John assured her. He turned off the light, and whispered, "Sweet dreams, Sam."

Baby Sam looked up at the mobile above his head, which had started turning on its own. The clock on his wall stopped, as his nightlight flickered.

In the master bedroom, Mary, who was asleep, was suddenly awakened by the sound of static and faint crying on the baby monitor.

Turning on the light, she whispered, "John?" Looking over to John's side of the bed, she was surprised to find it empty. Shrugging to herself, she walked across the hall to Sammy's room to find a man is standing over Sam's crib. "John, is he hungry?" she questioned.

The only response she got was, "Shh."

"Okay," Mary shrugged again and started heading back to her room, but the flickering light down the hall caught her notice, so she tapped on it, in an attempt to try to get it to stop.

"Hmm," she mused for a moment.

Hearing the television on, she walked down the stairs and saw John asleep in front of the television.

"Oh my God!" Shocked, and horrified, she ran back up the stairs, towards Sam's room, crying out, "Sammy! Sammy!" As she reached Sam's room, she stopped in her tracks and screamed.

Downstairs, the blood curdling scream brought John to life. He jumped up, calling out, "Mary? Mary! Mary!"

He ran up to Sam's room, and threw open the door. Looking around, he found nothing wrong and walked up to Sam's crib. "Hey Sammy. Okay," he said, looking in on Sam. Suddenly something wet and red dripped onto the sheet in the crib by Sam's head. John stuck his finger in it, when suddenly another drop fell onto his hand. A fearful look crossed his face; he slowly looked up, and to his horror found Mary on the ceiling. Falling in shock, he cried out, "No! Mary!"

Suddenly, Mary burst into flames and Sammy started crying. John, overcoming his shock picked him up and began to run down the hall when Dean exited his room, "Daddy!"

John knelt down and handed Sam to Dean. "Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Don't look back! Now Dean, go!"

Listening to his father, Dean ran downstairs with Sam as John ran back into Sam's room. Hoping against hope that he'd be able to save his wife. As he entered the room, he saw Mary's body completely engulfed in flames.

"Mary! No!" he called out in anguish as flames grew angrier and the whole room practically erupts into ball of flame.


In what seemed like slow motion, two drops of blood fell from the ceiling onto the floor. Looking up, to his horror, Sam found the body of Mary Winchester is suddenly replaced by the body of Jacklyn Howard, his and Jessica's closest friend. Jacklyn had become the sister that neither he nor Jessica had when growing up; the shock of finding Jacklyn killed the same way his mother had been… he shuddered, not good. Suddenly, her body burst into flame.



"…Jackie!" Sam awoke with a start. "Oh God! What a nightmare," he muttered as he sat up.

"Sam?" Jess' voice called sleepily from beside him, "What's wrong honey?"

Sam sighed and began describing his dream to Jessica. "…that's when I woke up. I just wish I knew what it meant." He then lay back down and held Jessica in his arms. "This is the seventh time I've had that dream Jess."

"I know sweetie," Jessica yawned as she nestled closer. "I'm sure we'll figure it out tomorrow. Now let's get some sleep, all right?"

Sam nodded and closed his eyes, soon drifting off to sleep, wondering what his dream could mean.

October 31, 2005- 5pm: Palo Alto, CA- The Winchester Apartment

Jessica Winchester, dressed in a Halloween costume, as a nurse, was just finishing putting an earring in her ear, called out, "Sam! Get a move on would ya? We were supposed to be there fifteen minutes ago," she turned and faced the bedroom door, "Sam, you coming or what?"

Grinning ruefully, Sam poked his head around the doorframe. "Do I have to?"

Jessica smiled as he walked over and pulled her into his arms. "Yes, it'll be fun," she kissed his lips lightly, "And where's your costume?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Jess, you know how I feel about Halloween."

"Yes, I do know," she shot him a compassionate look, "but sweetheart, you can't let it get to you. Besides, we're celebrating your imminent admission to law school."

Reluctantly, Sam let Jess go and sighed, "All right, all right. We'll go."

The two were about to leave when there was a knock at the door. Opening the door, Sam was surprised to find Dean. "Hey Sammy," he greeted; ignoring Sam's protest to the dreaded knick name, then turned to Jessica and gave her a quick grin as he walked in, "Hey Jessica, beautiful as ever."

Jessica rolled her eyes and grinned. Having Dean as a brother-in-law was never boring. "Hi Dean. So what brings you into California?"

"Yeah, I thought you and Dad were hunting," Sam questioned curiously.

Dean nodded. "We were, but it has to deal with the family business," Sam and Jessica shared a look. "We need to talk."

"All right," Sam said as they sat down, Dean on the couch, Sam in the easy chair.

As Dean wasn't able to say what was on his mind, Sam asked, "What's going on? I know you are not here just because you and Dad got my messages about my LSAT scores and my interview into law school. Where's Dad?"

Dean sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Dad hasn't been home in a few days. He was on a hunt, but he hasn't called to check in like normal."

"What was he hunting?" Jessica asked from her seat on Sam's lap.

"All right, let's see. Where the hell did I put that thing?" Dean muttered he began searching his coat pockets.

"So when Dad left, why didn't you go with him?" Sam questioned curiously.

Dean grinned as he pulled out the tape recorder. "I was working my own gig. This voodoo thing down in New Orleans."

Sam and Jess shared an amused look. "Dad let you go on a hunting trip by yourself?" they said in unison.

Looking insulted, he continued, "Guys, I'm 26." Dean stifled a grin at Jessica and his brother; Jess had taken to calling his and Sam's father, 'Dad' as well; and he had to admit, Jessica was the perfect girl for Sammy and he was happy to call her family.

Then, grabbing a small notebook out of the inside pocket of his jacket, Dean looked them in the eye, "All right, here we go," he placed the recorder, and a file on the table, "So Dad was checking out this two-lane blacktop outside of Jericho, California. About a month ago this guy," he hands Sam the first newspaper clipping that had been with the recorder, "they found his car but he'd vanished, completely M.I.A."

Sam looked at the article then passed it to Jessica, "So maybe he was kidnapped."

"Or maybe he decided to skip town making it look like a kidnapping or murder," Jessica added as she skimmed through the article.

Dean shrugged and opened the file he had, filled with articles about the disappearances in Jericho. "Yeah well, there's another one in April, another one in December '04, '03, '98, '92. There's been more disappearances over the years, about 75, maybe 100 since the town was built. But it's started happening more and more: so Dad went to go dig around. That was about three weeks ago. I hadn't heard from him since, which is bad enough." He grabbed his cell phone and punched in the code for his voicemail. "Then I get this voicemail yesterday…"

Through much static, the three could make out John's voice. "Dean, something is starting to happen, I think it's serious. I need to try to figure out what's going on." The static takes over before clearing enough to hear, "Be very careful Dean, we're all in danger."

Sam looked into Dean's eyes. "EVP."

Dean nodded. "All right. I slowed the message down, and ran it through a Gold Wave, took out the hiss, and this is what I got."

Dean replayed the voicemail from the recorder. A woman's voice comes on and they hear, "You're not welcome, leave my home."

"Leave my home?" Jess repeated curiously. "I wonder what that was about." She looked over at Sam and he nodded back in response.

"We're coming with you," Jessica told him in tone that broke no argument. The two ignored Dean's comment about them having practiced speaking simultaneously that and Sam continued, "But we have to get back first thing Monday."

"What's first thing Monday?" Dean questioned curiously as his brother and Jessica got up to start packing.

"I have this…I have an interview," Sam admitted. "A law school interview."

"Law school?" Dean said in surprise. He grinned. "Wait, now I remember… your voicemail. Jess said you got 174 out of 180 on your LSAT as well. Way to go little brother."

"Thanks bro," Sam replied. "Jess and I need to pack then call Jacklyn to check on the apartment, before we can take off." Dean nodded and shut his eyes as he laid his head on the back of the couch. "Please, make yourself at home."

Dean cracked an eye open, grinning unrepentantly at Sam. "Sarcasm doesn't become you Sammy."

Shooting a glance at her husband and his brother, Jessica headed into the bedroom, to change out of her costume and begin packing, while Sam picked up the phone and dialed Jacklyn's cell. Jessica shook her head at their brotherly banter. She knew better than to get between then when they got like this, and truth be told she often found it highly amusing.

Hearing the crack Dean made, Jessica watched as Sam rolled his eyes and flipped Dean the bird, as he left a message for Jacklyn to keep an eye on the apartment and water the plants. Jessica stifled her laughter as she caught sight of the gesture Sam shot Dean and shut the door.

While Sam and Jessica got ready, Dean took the time to relax. Driving for twenty-some-odd hours from New Orleans to Palo Alto all by himself was tiring work and he needed sleep. He knew that coming to get Sam and Jess was a good idea. Not only did he need back up, but he had also wanted to see them for a while anyway and this was just a way of combining business and vacation. After all, family is family, especially when you are a Winchester, whether by blood or by marriage.

"Dean?" Dean opened his eyes and looked at Sam and Jess. "We're ready."

Dean nodded and tossed his keys to Sam. "Be careful with my baby."

Sam raised his eyebrows. "You must be tired if you're letting me drive your car," he joked as they left the apartment.

"Ha, ha," was Dean's only response.

"Can you two finish snarking at each other later," Jessica asked mock angrily, her hands on her hips. "Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm baby-sitting two eight year olds."

"Sorry 'mom'," they chorused in unison, before dissolving into laughter.

Seeing the raised eyebrow on Jessica's face, Sam and Dean looked at one another, then at Jess, giving her sheepish looks. Sam swiftly moved behind Jess and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close, "I'm sorry honey; I guess we just bring out the little kid in each other."

Jessica leaned back into her husband and chuckled slightly. "I know, but it can grate on someone's nerves after so long. You should just be lucky I love you."

Sam rolled his eyes, amused at her reply. Kissing her temple, he asked softly, "What would I do without you?"

Laughing she replied, "Crash and burn, babe. Crash and Burn."

Dean watched Sam and Jess for a moment and felt a small wave of sadness creep over him. He had wished for what Sam and Jessica had, and thought he had found it with Cassandra 'Cassie' Robinson. But she was so shocked at his revelation about the family business, she had thought he was lying and told him to leave. And he did, heartbroken.

Shaking his head and clearing his thoughts, he quickly followed his brother and sister-in-law to the Impala.

A few minutes later, the three of them were climbing into the Impala; Dean in the back seat, stretched out, Sam and Jessica in the front. As Sam turned the key and started the car, Jessica felt her foot hit something and pulled it off the floor. To her surprise, it was filled with cassette tapes.

Fingering through them, she found Mettalica, Lynard Skynard, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Motorhead and more. She turned in the seat and raised an eyebrow at her brother-in-law. "Dean, still listening to cassette tapes? I thought I said it would be better to change over to cd's."

More wide awake after hearing the amused tone in Jessica's voice Dean asked, "What's wrong with cassette tapes?"

Sam grinned. "One they're cassette tapes and two…"

"Two," Jessica finished, "is that they're the greatest hits of Mullet Rock. Really Dean, I like classic rock as much as the next girl, but you need to upgrade."

Chuckling, Sam put the car in gear, turned on the radio and changed the station to one of the modern rock stations.

"Sammy," Dean groaned from the backseat.

An evil grin crossed Sam's face, "But Dean, you know the house rules: Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole. And since I'm the driver…" he trailed off.

Dean slapped his hand to his head. "I knew I was going to regret letting you drive."

Sam just laughed as they pulled out of the parking lot heading towards the freeway and to Jericho.

October 31, 2005- 10pm: Jericho, CA

As the 1967 Impala was driving down Highway 99 towards Jericho CA, the woods just off Breckenridge Road, leading into Jericho, CA were being used as a hunting ground. For over one hundred years men who dared step foot through the woods had disappeared only to be found later, near Sylvania Bridge, DEAD. And it seemed tonight was no different than any other night.

A young man, of about 18 or 19 years old was walking through the woods surrounding Breckenridge Road.

"Stupid car," he muttered as he walked back to town.

Half an hour earlier, the guy's phone battery had died and as he was just pulling into the edge of town, near the woods by Sylvania Bridge, his car had run out of gas. He had to pull over near the bridge and walk the rest of the way into town.

"You are not welcome in my home…" the wind seemed to sound like a voice as it whistled through the trees.

The man ignored it and held his jacket tighter to him. As he walked through the woods, trying to take a short cut through the woods to get to the town; he heard the sound of a woman singing.

"Said the King I wish to know your name, but the knight said do not bother.
For the name of a knight of the realm says he, is the same as any other.
Said the King tonight in my daughter's bed you shall take your leisure.
And she'll reward you for your deed, with a night of exhausting pleasure.
With a hey and a ho and a hey nany no, anight of exhausting pleasure.

"One daughter she had raven hair, a maiden young and chaste.
And she slept all night in the pale moonlight, naked to the waist.
The other daughter she was fair, the fairest in the town.
And she slept all night in the pale moonlight naked from her small waist down.
With a hey and a ho and a hey nany no, naked from her small waist down

Drawn by the beautiful sounding voice, the boy walked further into the woods. Suddenly, the woman's voice stopped singing and turned cold, harsh and angry, "FOR NOT LEAVING, YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH!"

A few moments later, the sound of his screams could be heard throughout the woods.

October 31, 2005- 10:15pm: Madera, CA

"Thank God we're here," Dean exclaimed as the trio climbed out of the car. Sam and Jessica looked at one another and stifled their laughter. Dean threw them a glare. "Oh very funny. You are never driving my baby ever again Sammy."

Sam rolled his eyes. "It's Sam," he replied by force of habit as he wrapped an arm around Jessica's waist. "Let's check in and get a couple of rooms."

"Fine, but this isn't over, College boy."

"Far from it, jerk."

Jessica bit her lip in an attempt to stifle the laughter at their banter, but couldn't. "Would you two just stop. You can play with each other like little kids later," she teased.

"All right, sweetheart."

"Fine, ruin my…" Dean began complain but caught himself as Jess shot him 'the look'. The trio then walked into the hotel office to get their rooms.

Nov. 1st, 2005- 11:45am: just outside Jericho, CA

The sounds of ACDC's Hells Bells blared from the speakers as they passed a road sign saying "Jericho, 7 mi" Sam hung up his cell phone and turned to look at both Dean and Jessica. "All right, so there's no one matching Dad's description at the hospital or morgue, so that's something, I guess."

Jessica nodded. "Thank God for small favors, right?" Sam smiled and squeezed her hand.

"Hey lovebirds," Sam and Jess looked at where Dean was pointing. They were about to drive onto a bridge leading into town, but found it quardened off by the local police. "Check it out."

Looking through the windshield they found a group of police officers surrounding the chalked outline of a dead body. As they pulled to a stop, Dean reached over and pulled out a box of fake IDs out of the glove compartment and grabbed three. "Let's go," he said, handing them their fake IDs.

Jessica raised an eyebrow, but accepted the ID and exited the car after Sam and Dean. They walked over to the policemen who were investigating the scene. They overheard one officer, who was standing near the edge; shout down below, "Did you guys find anything?"

"No, nothing!" was the only response they heard as they walked over to the car.

"No footprints, no fingerprints. Spotless, it's almost too clean," the older man sighed.

The younger African-American officer shook his head. "There's also no sign of the murder weapon either. So we have absolutely nothing to go on here," he spat, "just like the other murders."

"You know I agree with you," came the reply. "Especially as Mathias was Juli's fiancée."

"How's Julianna doing?"

"She's taking it hard," the older officer answered just now noticing the new people. Jessica filed the little bit of information about Mathias's girlfriend away to remind Sam and Dean about later. It was possible that girlfriend of this newest victim, Mathias, was worried. "Karen is with her at the park..." he trailed off as he noticed Dean, Sam and Jessica.

Dean gave the officers his usual cocky attitude. "You fellas had another one just like this last month, didn't ya?"

"Who are you?" the younger officer asked.

Dean flipped open the wallet with his fake ID and a US Marshall's badge, "Federal Marshals."

The officer raised an eyebrow. "You three are a little young for Marshals, aren't you?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Thanks, that's awfully kind of you," he said sarcastically. "You did have another one just like this correct?"

The officer nodded, "Yeah, about a mile up the road. There have been others before that."

"So this victim, you knew him?" Sam questioned, before Dean could get them into further trouble.

"In a town like this, everybody knows everybody," the officer admitted.

Dean called out as he circled the car, "Any connections between the victims? Besides that they're all men?"

"No, not so far as we can tell."

"So what's the theory?" Jess asked, as she and Sam joined Dean by the outline.

"Honestly? We don't know. Serial murder? Kidnapping ring?" the officer sighed, obviously annoyed with the lack of evidence and the lack of forward motion the case was taking.

Dean shook his head and muttered, "Well that is exactly the kind of crack police work..."

He stopped his muttering as Sam stomped on his foot.

"If you don't mind, I have one more question for you Officer," Jessica spoke curiously, "has your coroner given you any official cause of death for the murders?"

The officer thought for a moment. "You know, it's strange, but the coroner said that the only thing strange about their deaths was that they were all in good health…" he paused, "oh and that it looked like their hearts had just all of a sudden stopped. There was no sign of a heart attack or anything like that. It just quit beating, as if they had been scared to death."

"Thank you for your time," Sam said, grabbing Dean's arm and leading them away, "Gentlemen."

The trio then turned to leave, as they walked away, they could feel the policeman's eyes on the backs of their heads. Once they were out of hearing distance, Dean smacked Sam on the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Why do you have to step on my foot?" Dean griped.

"Why do you have to talk to police like that?" "You didn't have to be rude because they don't understand what was going on." Came the replies.

"Come on," Dean complained. "They don't really know what's going on. We're all alone on this. I mean if we're going to find Dad we've gotta get to the bottom of this thing ourselves."

Clearing his throat, Sam nodded his head towards someone behind Dean. Turning around he was surprised to find the sheriff and two important looking investigators.

"Can I help you folks?" The Sheriff asked, somewhat suspiciously.

"No sir, we were just leaving," Jess smiled as she, Sam and Dean quickly made their way back to the Impala.

Dean was about to make a comment about the two important looking investigators walked past them to join the sheriff, but it was quelled when Jessica said, "The less attention they pay to us, the better it'll be."

Getting back into the car, they finally made their way into town. After reminding Sam and Dean that Mathias's fiancée, Julianna, was at the park in town, they began to look around and try to find her.