'Where am I?' "Where do you think you are Princess Serena?" 'Where do I know that voice from?' "Don't tell me you forgot about me already." I was grabbed from behind and turned around. I came face to face with the Queen Beryl. 'She's not real. She's not real. She's dead and never coming back.' "I'm hurt. You didn't want to see me. Well we'll just have to make up for lost time don't you think."

"Ahhh!" I wake up sweating bullets with a pair of red eyes staring at me. "Luna don't do that to me." I get up and walk across the room to my dresser. After getting out the essentials, I turn and go straight into the bathroom for a nice cold shower. 'Ugh. Why am i having these dreams of Beryl. Does that mean she's coming back or am i just paranoid. I'll need to go see mother about this.

"Serena? Wake up? You have been in that shower for a good hour." Luna nagged at me. 'Sometimes I just can't stand her. I wonder if anyone would be willing to take her for a few days just so I can analyze these dreams. "Serena are you even listening?" "I'm coming Luna hold your horses." I snapped at her as I turned off the shower. I come out of the bathroom with my hair in a towel and and my favorite black robe.

"I'm out, okay?" I whisper visciously. I look at my clock and see that it is 5:30. 'No point in going to bed. Might as well get going. I go back into the bathroom and grabbed her school uniform on the way in. Today is going to be a hard day.

I come back out in my uniform and my hair dried put in the traditional meatballs. I head straight over to my bed to see Luna asleep on the bed. I grabbed my bag and purse and left to the kitchen. Mom's not cooking right now, Dad and Souta are getting ready. So no disturbances for a good twenty minutes. 'Yes i can get some homework done.' With that thought i brought out my Algebra 2 book and got on the assignment.

Right on time my mother comes into the kitchen, oblivious to everything around her. She doesn't notice me as she goes and prepares coffee and when she sits down is when she sees me. "Oh Serena what are you doing up this early?"

"Felt like getting up and doing some homework. I plan on leaving in ten minutes." I tell her as she begins to feel my forehead. Obviously she's taking my temperature to see if I'm sick. Always happen when i do something not ordinary to others. Last time I arrived ten minutes early to one of our scouts meeting. They were so astounished that I made it early until Rei went to check my forehead. They went on with saying it was amazing and that they shouldn't get used to it. I've never been early again. I bet I'll never hear the end of it today.

"Mother could you please just stop. I'm fine I felt I needed a change. I have to go, can you tell Rini, Sammi and Dad that i said 'bye' " with that i left to leave my mother dumbfounded.

'Let's see it's... 6:40. Plenty of time to get to school.' On my way to scool I decided to stop by the arcade for coffee. "Hey Andrew. Could you get me some of your famous VanillaNut Cream Coffee. I'm going to need it today." I quickly stated so not to be interrupted. "Hey Serena. You're up early. You should do it more often." I flashed him a smile when he went to get my crutch for the day. When he came back i began to dig into my purse for money when he told me, "Don't worry about it Serena. Just seeing you up and giving one of your famous smile is payment enough."

"Thanks." I walked out the door to another day of school. I was almost there when I felt a hand grab my shirt. In that instance I was out of control. I flipped the person and twisted their arm threatening to break it. I was brought out of my haze to see that the person was Amara.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. It's just a natural reaction."

"Don't worry about it. I like that your this alert and resourceful when by yourself. So take it as encouragement." Amara stated with much pride while rubbing her arm.

"Thanks. At least you don't think I'm wierd or sick. Hey I gotta go to school, I'll see you later." I left before she could say anything else.


"Hello Mrs. Thomas. Is Serena ready to go yet." Amy respectfully stated.

"No she isn't. It's really strange. She was up before anybody else and left before anybody came down after me." She said still in a daze. The others just looked at her thinking she was crazy. They turned to leave when they heard a "Meow".

"Luna, what happened to Serena." Mina concerly asked

"She was mumbling in her sleep and again. I woke her up and she left to take a shower. I fell asleep while she got ready and just now woke up." Luna said sitting on Litas shoulder.

They all started on their way thinking of Serena and her changed attitude.

After School Ended

My day went just as predicted. Shocked every teacher into shock. Check. Friends and people asking me if i was alright. Check. Sent to nurse's. Check. Well maybe it will get better.' I fell this spike in energy near the park. I race my way toward the source. I'm opening up my communicator to call them but all i get is static. 'Great'.

I'm walking through the park still when i meet the pond, when the power surge disappears. "What? Where did it go?"

"Hello Princess Serena." 'I know that voice. It's ...'

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