I woke up to find myself shivering as I laid on the cold stone floor. I currently had no clothes on. The only thing protecting me from everything's view is my hair. My cold, wet hair. I concentrated extremely hard on some clothes, and low and behold it came true.

I was dressed in a black robe. There were long sleeves and the robe reached all the way down to the ground. It hugged my body in all the right places, yet still giving me enough room to move incase of an attack.

I can still feel this sharp sting on the back of my head. I don't know how I did it but it hurt like crap. I pulled back my right sleeve to reached up. I started to caress my hair when a laugh broke through the dark, dank room.

"So, how do you like my humble aboad, Sovern. I thought you should see how I've spent the last two years in this place. But now that I have you here, I think I'll torture you some." She viciously said as she glided as if on air.

She grabbed my chin and forced me to look into her eyes. I couldn't exactly see any emotion in her eyes. Only cold, hateful eyes. My hands were being restrained by her wild hair. They had crept up on me when I listened to her speech.

I could finally see something in her eyes. If was a look of malicious intent. I was bracing myself for any attack, but nothing could protect me from what she did. Her hand began to glow a dark, midnight black. She flexed her fingers a bit until plunging it right into my chest.

"AAAHHHHH!" It was as if I was giving birth, yet I had no baby. Mistress 9 was up to her elbow as she finally latched onto something. She turned her face to me to show me a smile. A cold, vengeful smile as she pulled out my heart crystal. I was drained of all energy I had in reserved. I was loosing consciousness when I heard a loud bang.

3333333333333333 Third Person Point of View 33333333333333

The scouts were racing down the left over empty space from the Heartsnatcher fight. They were running down a long hallway until the met to large doors. Amy was typing furiously on her computer as she scanned the door.

"Get in there now. Serena's energy is almost gone." Mercury yelled as she kept typing furiously. The others sprung into action and threw attacked at the door. As they hit it with everything they had , they heard a blood curdling scream emerge from the door in front of them.

This renewed their attack with such haste. They blasted it open as the Mistress was just taking out her crystal. Saturn was the first to send a spell that knocked the crystal out of her hands and pierced Mistress in her heart.

They couldn't believe it. Her heart crystal shown even brighter than before. Darien ran over to the fallen crystal and b-lined it to Serena. She shook her after a while before remembering he was to giver her the crystal He thought of himself badly as the crystal made itself back at home.

They were left to a heaving Mistress 9 and an unconscious Serena. The scouts, wantint to end all this fighting, combined their powers and pointed them straight to Mistress 9. They killed her in a final blow as Darien walked over to the door with Serena.

33333333333 At Darien's Apartment. 3333333333333333

"How long do you think she'll sleep for?" Amara whispered, trying to be respectful of her princess. Serena was incredibly pale as she laid there, unmoving.

"Shouldn't be too long now. She should wake up in a few minutes or in a day." Darien said as he turned back to see a wakeful Serena. He jumped ten feet in the air to make sure it was her.

"Serena. Serena is that really you?" Raye gasped as she went in for a hug. She received a hiss in pain ass he gripped her back, which had been bruised a good amount.

"I'm fine. There shouldn't be anybody coming back. Now go make me some of your world famous pancakes Lita, Please." Serena pleaded as she laid back down with Darien on her right.

Everyone left so that Serena and Darien were alone. Darien had a death grip on her side, thinking she was going to leave again. He didn't want to ever let go of her. They stayed that was until Darien radio alarm went off.

"Serena. Promise me you will always tell me if anything's wrong again." Darien pleaded with her as she laid there with him. She didn't answer for a second so he went to look at her face. He saw her eyes closed but was shocked when she gave him a playful squeeze.

"I'll tell you if anything ever bothers me again. I promise." Serena whispered as she snuggled into him even further. Darien had something else he wanted to say.

"Serena. Will you do me the honor in becoming my wife and mother of my children?" Darien whispered lovingly against her ear to feel her shiver as she processed the information. She snapped her head up to him. She had tears in her eyes as she kissed him deeply.

"I'll take that as a yes, then." Darien amusedly chuckled as he was snatched in another heated kiss. The scouts came in just as he proposed but they didn't let on they were there. They watched the whole scene and decided to give them a little bit of alone time.


Here's the end of The Return. Hoped all of you liked the story. I loved writing it, even if it took a while to update. Maybe more stories to come to soon.