Author: kcutie16

Title: Revolution

Summary: When Alex is hired to look after an international celebrity, he can't say he's looking forward to it. In his opinion, all celebrities are self-obsessed, two-faced, selfish people, and he doesn't really want to mix with that crowd. But when MI6 are involved, nobody has a choice. Alex is less than pleased with his new job, but are things as he expects them to be? Is Lia really the self-obsessed celebrities that he thinks she is, or is she different? Is she different, just like Alex?

Music: Revolution - The Veronicas.

"Hold on tight, I am, I'm a revolution"

Lia Hartford bounded off stage, breathing heavily. Well, it was no surprise, considering she had just finished the first night of her sell-out tour. Or, almost finished it.

She took a deep breath as she just stood, listening to her fans, screaming her name, wanting her to do an encore. And they'd get one. As soon as she had her breath back.

"Lia! You were amazing honey!" Her mother rushed over to her, extending her arms. She swept Lia into a huge hug, nearly knocking what little breath she had left out of her.

"Thanks mom," Lia said in her American accent. It felt weird, to be around all English people, but be an American herself. Even her mother was English.

"Give it two minutes for the encore, Lia." Lia's manager walked past, and signalled to his watch. Lia nodded, to show that she understood. Two minutes would hardly be anything to her, but to her fans, it was the line between staying and leaving. Any more than two minutes, and they would begin leaving.

"I have to go and speak to your vocal coach, darling." Lia's mum smiled. "I'll be back soon to watch you shine!"

"Oh…" Lia began, but her mother was already over with Erica, discussing Lia's singing regime. "…kay."

She sighed. Sometimes, sometimes she wished that she could be back to being normal. Where life wasn't about routines, and regimes and order. It was about freedom, and being able to do whatever you wanted.

"You have to get out of here," a voice behind her said. She whipped around, to see a fair haired boy standing there. He wore all black, and had a crew pass around his neck, but something told her he wasn't part of the crew. He was too young for one thing.

"Excuse me?" Lia asked, wondering who this boy was, and why he was telling her to leave.

"You have to leave. Now," he hissed, grabbing her arm.

Lia was confused, but she assumed this was a fan. Any second now, he'd come out with some stupid speech about how they had to get married, and be together forever. It was freaky, but it happened to her regularly. And she never got used to it, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. Restraining orders didn't include everybody. "Can I ask why I have to leave now?"

"Well you can, but it'll waste time," the boy said, almost sarcastically.

Lia sighed. This one was smart. And cute. But she couldn't leave. "Why do I have to leave?"

"Because you're in danger," the boy muttered.

Lia was shocked. It hadn't been the answer she was expecting, and the boy knew that. Danger? What type of danger? "What?"

"You. Are. In. Danger. We need to leave here. Now," the boy repeated, but it was obvious he was tiring. He didn't want to repeat it again.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her manager, gesturing that she had to go back on stage.

"I'm sorry. One song and I'll come back," Lia apologised, and shook her arm from his grasp.

"No! Wait!" She heard the boy cry, but tried to ignore it. She was in no danger. She was almost sure of it.

She ran back on stage. "Did I hear an encore?"

Her fans screamed their approval, and Lia smiled. This was what kept her going. "Okay, here you are! But really, last song this time!"

The baseline cranked up.

Guitar riffs began.

The beat started.

Lia opened her mouth to sing…

And then the music stopped.

The pyrotechnics blazed, and caused a fire. The fire spread across the stage.

Lia was rooted to the floor. Danger. Was this the danger the boy had talked about?

She heard something click. She didn't know how, but she heard it over the loudness in the arena. And it chilled her. Because she knew, what it was. It was the sound of a gun getting ready to fire.

But she still couldn't move. She wanted to run. She had to run. But she just couldn't.

"Watch out!" Strong arms grabbed her, and suddenly she was flying. Or it felt like she was. "Grab the rope!"

Lia held her hand out, and finding a rope, she grabbed it. "Got it!"

The strong arms released her, and she knew that she had to hold onto the rope. She had to keep hold of it.

Then she heard the shot.

The noise was so loud, it drowned out everything else. Lia looked behind her, seeing the amplifier behind where she was standing smashing to pieces. A second longer, and she would have been in the place of the amplifier.

It was only then, that she heard the screams of the fans. But they were no longer in admiration. They were in panic.

"Let go," a voice whispered into her ear, and she did so, dropping onto the floor on the right of the stage.

"Ouch," she said, as her back hit the floor.

A hand was extended to help her up, and she took it, lifting her body off the ground.

She stood up properly, finding herself looking into the eyes of the boy. The boy who had warned her.

"You should have listened," he said, sulkily.

Lia sighed. "Well I'm sorry, but do you have any idea how insane it sounds to walk up to someone and tell them that they're in danger? An idiot wouldn't have believed it."

"Well then it's a good job you didn't." He turned away, and began scanning the room for an exit. "Otherwise your argument would have been flawed."

Lia couldn't believe how rude this boy was being. "Are you calling me an idiot now?"

"If the shoe fits," he shrugged.

"Who the heck are you?" Lia asked, putting her hands on her hips.

The boy turned and raised his eyebrows. "I'm Alex Rider. But that's all you'll ever need to know."

Lia was incredibly annoyed with Alex Rider, but she felt like she had to thank him. He had saved her life. "Well Alex Rider. Thank you. For saving my life."

"Oh, so you celebrities actually know the meaning of thank you?" Alex sighed. "Figures. You'll act all nice, but when you come to do interviews about the 'terrifying leap' you made, you'll take all the credit."

"I won't!" Lia cried. "Look, if you want thanks, then I'll thank you. If you want ignorance, than I'll be ignorant towards you. I don't care.
All I know is that I'd be dead by now if it wasn't for you."

"Glad you noticed," Alex sighed. "Look, if we don't get out of here right now, you may still be in a morgue tomorrow morning."

"Well then, lead the way," Lia offered, deciding to let him do all the work. He was probably better at it.

Alex rolled his eyes, and then tapped on the wall. "Stand back."

Lia did as she was told, and watched, as Alex performed a karate kick, knocking down the wall.

"Now go," Alex said, pushing her through the door.

Lia sighed. She'd heard of 'ladies first' but she didn't know that it involved shoving the lady out of the doorway. "Where to?"

"The car," Alex said, pointing to a black car, that hadn't been there seconds before. Lia wondered where it came from.

Alex pulled open the door, and got inside. Lia followed, scowling. If this boy wasn't going to be friendly, then she saw no reason to be friendly back. But he had saved her life…

The door was closed, and the car with black tinted windows drove away.

This is my first Alex Rider fanfic, so don't shoot me if it isn't all that good. I'm hoping it will improve, and people will like it, but if people don't like it, I may just scrap the whole thing, and carry on writing fanfics in other genres.