Where's Hammy?

Chapter 1

Hammy and the others had just finished raiding a house.

"COOKIES!" Hammy shouted, jumping into a pile of cookies.


RJ and the others pulled the wagon back to the hedge, and began eating.

Hammy then sniffed the air, and saw a truck drive by.

The side of the truck said COOKIE DELIVERIES.

"COOKIES!" Hammy shouted, and ran after the truck.

"Hammy, stop!" RJ shouted after him.

But Hammy didn't pay any attention, and jumped into the back of the truck.


Hammy saw a bunch of crates in the back, and smashed into one.

He began devouring the cookies, and then the truck stopped.

Hammy stayed still in the crate, and felt it being lifted up.

Then, after a while, the crate crashed into something.

Hammy got out, and he was in a dark chamber with other crates.

Everything around him began to shake & move, and Hammy saw a sign on a wall.



RJ & the others raced in an RC car in the direction the truck had gone.

"I should have stopped him. He's my best friend." RJ said.

RJ lied...Hammy was more than a friend...