Chapter 10

RJ, Hammy, and the kids ran to the ship, and made it onboard just before it began to move away.

Lou walked up to the kids.

"What were you all thinking?"

"We got DVDs!" They all cheered together, looking innocent.

Lou then saw RJ & Hammy.

"RJ! Hammy!"

Everyone then ran to them and had a group hug.

RJ & Hammy smiled at each other, and kissed in front of everyone.

Ozzie fainted...And Verne did too.


After the boat arrived back home, everyone got off.

"I still can't believe you two are in love," Stella said to RJ & Hammy.

"Love is an amazing thing, Stella." RJ said.

"And a weird thing," Verne said.

RJ smiled at Verne, and then grinned.

He then kissed Hammy in front of Verne, knowing he didn't approve or like it.

Verne glared at RJ.

"You're the devil."