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A/N: This touches on a matter I've always wondered about. I had originally planned it to be a skit (so don't forget to insert all the sweat drops, angry squiggles,and "..."'s) to be written in script format, but of course FF doesn't like scripts. So to protect it from deletion I've just made it a conversation. Lloyd's dialogue is normal text, Zelos' is italic, Genis' is bold and Raine's is italic and bold. Enjoy.

"Professor, I've been wondering..."

"Yes, Lloyd?"

"I was just thinking, the Chosen is supposed to be Martel's vessel, right?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Then why is Zelos a boy?"

"Yeah, I was wondering that too. Don't you think the goddess Martel would object to waking up in a guy's body?"

"Hey, I may be a guy, but no one can object to a bod this fine."

"Then again, he does look a lot like a girl, maybe she wouldn't notice."

"Quiet twerp..."

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