AN: This is a long sequel to chapter 404 "Lloyd's New Clothes" and would play if you have Presea, Sheena, and Colette all equip Maid's Hairbands. Zelos is normal, Colette is bold, Presea is italic, and Sheena is bold and italic.

Zelos' Uncanny Senses

"..." (Hearts)

"Um, Zelos? Hello?"

"Is something wrong?"

"Hey, Idiot Chosen, why are you staring at us-? Wait, no. Forget I asked." (Black squiggly)

"Heh. Don't worry, it's nothing like that, my sweet hunnies. You girls are just so cute wearing those Maid's Hairbands!"

"W-What? You can see those? How?!" (Blush)

"We do have them equipped, but they should not be visible."

"Yeah, I can't see mine even if I look in a mirror!"

"Please... I don't need to see them to know they're there. My keen senses can pick up the cute aura of a Maid's Hairband a mile away."

"You're making that up."

"Cuteness does not emit a detectable aura."

"But... If it doesn't, then how did he know we were wearing the hairbands?"



"Listen to her. My Little Angel gets it." (Hearts)

"..." (Black squiggly)


"H-hey! Don't take them off, they looked really good on you! ... Aw..." (Downcast)

AN: If Regal is Batman, then Zelos is Spider-Man with a cute-sense taking the place of his spider-sense. ... Hm... Show of hands, who would want to see that? I kind of like it. Thanks for the idea, Skywolf666!

EDIT: And thanks for the heads-up, BabyKatSnophlake!