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Taste of Blood,

By Winterwing3000

The first time Sakura kissed Naruto, he was not Naruto. He was Kyuubi. Yamato-taichou was holding off Hidan and Tobi with Sai. Kakashi-sensei went head to head with Itachi, their second meeting in less than a year. It was the Akatsuki's third attempt.

Naruto's features were rough around his whiskers, eyes bleeding red and fangs sharper than usual. Bubbling fiery red-orange chakra leaked and took shape of the crazed kitsune demon, down on all fours. Five tails whipped dangerously behind him as he lashed out at her with his chakra claws, leaving deep gashes on her upper arm and outer thigh. Her pleas and calls were unheard.

Exhausted, she remained crouched on the ground panting heavily. Unable to duck to the side as he pounced on her, she remained unmoving underneath him, pinned to the dirt-blood ground. The immense chakra pummeled her weaken body into a paralyzed state. Naruto she whispered.

He tasted of ramen and fresh blood.

The first time Sakura kissed Sasuke, he was in one of the Konoha medical prison rooms. Being the S-ranked missing nin he was, the Hokage allowed the pastel hair girl to treat his most serious wounds before his trial.

She was doing most of the talking, telling him of the many changes and challenges which has happened. She told him of her training with Tsunade-sama, of defeating Sasori with Chiyo-baa-sama, of witnessing the transformation of Naruto and many other little things that happened to her.

Just as she was healing the torn muscles on his shoulder, his onyx eyes asked her why she was telling him all this, why was she doing all this. Giving him a soft smile, she just murmured because.

He tasted of tomatoes and dried blood.

Many times later Sakura tasted ramen and tomatoes.

In the end, she tasted her own blood, lapping it eagerly from the small wound which the boys had given her. Naruto, currently straddling her, asked her if she was hurt when she froze at the cut on her breast. Sasuke, from behind, placed his head on her shoulder, arresting himself at nibbling her neck, his left arm snaking around her waist.

Just fine she told them, hooking her right arm around the blonde's neck to pull him into a searing kiss before breaking it off and searched for the raven-head's lips.

Her blood was sweet, with a hint of tomatoes and ramen.

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